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-Samples demonstrating interop scenarios leveraging vFabric components
+Samples demonstrating interop scenarios leveraging vFabric components
+The following vFabric components (Windows releases) are required to run this sample:
+-RabbitMQ (2.6.1)
+-GemFire (v6.6)
+-SQLFire (1.0 BETA)
+Rabbit Setup Steps
+1. install RabbitMQ service as per the RabbitMQ installation/getting-started instructions (recommended but not necessary: add the admin plugin, see
+2. start RabbitMQ service (windows Services control panel or command-line as preferred)
+3. verify RabbitMQ service is running via the following command-line (switch to <rabbitDir>\sbin\):
+ rabbitmqctl status
+4. If mgt plugin added, nav to RabbitMQ web admin portal (http://localhost:55672 [default creds: username=guest, password=guest)
+GemFire Setup Steps
+1. Install GemFire as per the GemFire installation/getting-started instructions
+2. copy the cache.xml file from <prj-source>\net\StockTraderSample\gemfire-config to the GemFire \bin\ folder
+3. start GemFire via the following command-line (switch to <gemfireDir>\bin\): cacheserver start
+4. verify GemFire started via the following command-line: cacheserver status
+SQLFire Setup Steps
+1. Install SQLFire as per the SQLFire installation/getting-started instructions
+2. start the server via the following command-line (switch to <sqlfireDir>\bin\) : sqlf server start -dir=<path to data dir> [can be an empty folder to start, but *must* exist]
+3. start sqlf> prompt via the following command-line: sqlf
+4. connect to the running server via the following command-line: connect client 'localhost:1527'
+5. run the script to create the SQLFire table and sequence via the following command-line (NOTE: path delimiters MUST be passed as "/" instead of "\"): run '<prj-source>/net/StockTraderSample/sqlfire_setup_scripts/sqlfire_create_schema.sql'
+6. run the script to populate the SEQUENCE with the initial value via the following command-line: run '<prj-source>/net/StockTraderSample/sqlfire_setup_scripts/sqlfire_populate_data.sql'

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