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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Feb 22, 2018 · 326 commits to master since this release

Change Log:

09fa5c4 Dependencies upgrade
1540092 SIKGH-198: Add pause/resume to Listener Containers
6a41127 GH-561: Use different header for JSON key
60f92c8 Add ChainedKafkaTransactionManager
b25e144 GH-563: Add default @KafkaHandler
56db7ea GH-582: Use a truly random port in KafkaEmbedded
655cbee Embedded Kafka SeekToBeginning if needed
74e5956 More tracing and debug logging
9d3e326 Expose KafkaTemplate.transactional accessor
114f409 GH-566: Use ConcurrentMaps for offset management
3716111 GH-568: S-I-K Gateways Documentation
31431fa More Spring Integration Kafka Support
5944e17 Replying template - add getter for reply topic(s)
94d4fce GH-555: Resolve PPs in EmbeddedKafka topics
fc6ae37 Fix sample code in javadoc of EnableKafkaStreams
5adf2d1 Add KafkaTemplate Request/Reply support
0d09e8d Support stateful retry
4505874 GH-548: StreamsBuilderFactoryBean enhancements
3771e2a Fix @sendto Runtime SpEL Detection

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