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@artembilan artembilan released this Apr 11, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release

Change log:

e2f8346 (HEAD -> master) Upgrade dependencies and Gradle plugins
01154a9 GH-1008: Use config as a prefix (#1065)
b00f542 GH-1059: Add SpEL support for
535c573 (GH-928) Fix close producers after a rebalance
0d5495f Upgrade dependencies; prepare for release
691b9ab Fix Sonar issue
1ae44da Doc update for scala 2.12
a4c48a1 Upgrade Scala to 2.12
596df20 Pull isTransactional() up to KafkaOperations
3d451fd Add getter for template producer factory
6d2bffa GH-1055: Add TypeReference support to JsonDeser
f76b5e9 Fix new Sonar smells
c2a4c1e GH-680: Use enhanced ObjectMapper by default
9909bf6 Fix typo in reference
94845f3 Fix method complexity and NPE dereference
8dcc7e7 Fix new Sonar smell
c53c68e GH-1026: Support KafkaHeaders.GROUP_ID
4f1c90e Fix new Sonar issues
9a21bcc GH-1027: Set ackOnError to false by default
dc28e2f Fix JavaDocs for constants
95ccdcb Doc updates for 2.2.0 clients
3f88693 Add to container info logs
4d4eb80 Bump kafka-clients to 2.2.0
06c34c5 GH-1014: Fix setSyncCommits Javadocs
6acd21e Fix license URL in SimpleKafkaHeaderMapperTests
b0dbea8 (polish-urls-apache-license-master) URL Cleanup
7122c40 GH-1012 Allow raw Strings in default header mapper
1ea3d05 Fix URL to SI Docs
b4d51b1 URL Cleanup
4c6c407 Add gateway links in SIK chapter
b7b830b (polish-urls-xml-master) URL Cleanup
15750b9 GH-990: Polishing
1a41ac6 Polishing for coverage commit
53f5667 Fix Sonar smell for consumerPaused property
27a7690 Improve container test coverage
764509d GH-995: Close ObjectOutputStream in EHD2
f5b6927 More FailedRecordTracker tests
7d1e540 GH-992: Fix SeekToCurrent zero retries
6ac6d24 GH-990: Run AfterRollbackProcessor in Tx
9763e63 (reactive-kafka-operations) GH-43: Add reactive operations for Kafka
0270df1 URL Cleanup
6e702f2 (spring-operator/master) GH-987: DeserializationException and dead-letters
d31e4d6 GH-983: Seek remaining records
495e53b Fix Sonar smell for unnecessarily local variable
642db10 GH-983: Add exception classifier to the Seeking EH
9e86163 GH-981: Add StreamsBuilderFactoryBeanCustomizer
814ce54 Fix hidden field in KMLC
4b1ed05 Add TopicBuilder
637738b (GH-945) GH-945: by default
1eead9d Fix new Sonar issues
fe170ee GH-974 Batch listeners replace KafkaNull with null
dbbc958 GH-781: Add commitSyncTimeout container property
5d0081b Fix Consumer Property Overrides
53f357d GH-970: Add getGroupId() to containers
dfd7c7a GH-897 Docs: wiring Producer/Consumer interceptors
9dccd38 Fix some typos.
b5f2272 Upgrade kafka-clients to 2.1.1
47397fc Ignore sync warning in SBFB
c476a75 Fix JavaDoc & Sonar in StreamsBuilderFactoryBean
0858fae Fix constant vlaue reference in JavaDocs
2dd2265 GH-950: Always wrap listener exception in LEFE
64cff66 Remove uses of deprec. Extended(Des|S)erializer
acdc268 Upgrades and doc fixes

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