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@garyrussell garyrussell released this May 13, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Change log:

da29bd2 Upgrade to SF 5.2.0.M2, SD Moore.M4
6de3747 Check for null in ErrHandlingDeserializer2.close()
fc5d433 ConsumerSeekAware default implementations
80388da KafkaStreams <-> Spring Messaging
85fad6b Add missingTopicsFatal to container factory
17e2e80 Fix unused import
3953aa6 GH-1082: Dead Letter Streams Deserialization
f2d07ed Doc: Fix duplicate anchor
b55683e HeaderEnricher: Fix doc link
78853ba HeaderEnricher: Add test using stream test utils
69a6ac3 Add Streams HeaderEnricher
fe21442 Add streams and streams test utils as test deps
16d3e73 Fix docs for batch error handler
2c5914b Minor fixes and improvements
b10b068 Fix JavaDoc issue in SeekUtils
5c0f150 Use LogAccessor for logging
acc53af Doc Polishing
84b6f29 Fix typos in the AbstractKafkaHeaderMapper (#1077)
831521a Fix new Sonar issues
f20f0d6 GH-1074: Use AdminClient to check topic presence
f27a3ae GH-998: AggregatingReplyingKafkaTemplate
959b695 JsonMessageConverter Polishing
8f69de9 Polishing
5155fca SIK 3.2 Docs
97c081b Fix @SInCE in Javadoc
a3a17c3 Use empty array in toArray call.
2446056 GH-1066: Protect against null Headers

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