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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Jun 14, 2019 · 56 commits to master since this release

Change log:

693afce Revert new file added by mistake
db787fa Upgrade to Spring Data Moore RC1
27630d9 Reactor to stable versions in prep for M3
9fb778c Add ConsumerSeekAware Example
c7a7829 GH-1121: Fix KTU.getSingleRecord()
786c551 GH-1118: Add RecordInterceptor
a7a4df7 Add nohttp Gradle plugin (#1116)
b582291 Doc: Change SIK What's New? to Newest First
32f5aa0 Fix Javadoc Typo
133514b GH-1111 Propagate the CMLC paused state on start
369ffa6 GH-1111 Fix commit latch count
bdd89b6 Fix re-pausing consumer after a rebalance
7641bb5 GH-1109: Remove deprecated KafkaEmbedded
c906d0e Fix Sonar smells in EmbeddedKafkaCondition
6f4bb62 GH-1107: Improved JUnit5 Support
0cf87be Upgrade Jackson
88fa8fa Fix Sonar issue
a30fe05 Fix Sonar issue
8876c97 Revert "Fix Sonar smell for possible NPE"
22859b7 Fix Sonar smell for possible NPE
2fef0fc GH-1101: Overide transactionIdPrefix
02dc029 GH-1102: Fix KLEndpointRegistry SmartLifecycle
05d5891 Fix typos in Docs
97003ed Doc: Add Tx Synchronization Example
db8a86f GH-1095: Add thread-bound producers
d78a0ea Fix deprecations and warnings
2ace8bf Add Tip for Assigning All Partitions Manually

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