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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Aug 5, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

Change log:

4f0f1d0 Upgrade versions to stable from snapshots
0c3ff71 GH-1171: Custom headers for ReplyingKafkaTemplate
2837fb2 Update assert messages to supplier messages
1415774 ReplyingKafkaTemplate Polishing
6f8127a GH-1176 Add to trusted packages (headers)
159619d Use @Configuration(proxyBeanMethods=false) (#1174)
0286e66 Set bootstrap servers property in @embeddedkafka
2ed8985 Bump to the latest BUILD-SNAPSHOTs (#1172)
3950995 Fix new Sonar smells
654d3bf GH-1168: Fix sendOffsets in local transaction
990d27d Fix new Sonar smells
2a05612 GH-1158: Fix TopicPartitionInitialOff Deprecation
a68d508 KMLC: Avoid many casts to ConsumerSeekAware
cb8cc1a Add seek helper abstract class
56ab074 Sonar: processSeeks() reduce complexity
fe6ee5e ConsumerSeekAware: Add seek to time stamp
f4adf1e Streams config - remove unused conversion service
4f67c23 Fix Sonar issue - large anonymous class
a08f1b3 GH-1158: Deprecate TopicPartitionInitialOffset
d8afe76 GH-1159: SBFB: Fully deprecate StreamsConfig
4832907 Add relative seek to ConsumerSeekCallback
750f10e Fix new Sonar smell
2144178 Use StreamsBuilder#build(Properties)
9342e19 testing.adoc example fix
868b696 Fix link in whats-new.adoc
47cba21 Fix JavaDocs issues
7d0b110 Add RetryingDeserializer
bd6b791 Upgrade to JUnit 5.5.0
74468cf GH-1151: Doc: Clarify Stateful Retry Recovery
762cd5e AckMode.MANUAL_IMMEDIATE - wake Consumer
4e5185c Upgrade Kafka to 2.3.0; SF to Snapshots
fb53181 Fix Sonar smells in the FailedDeserializationInfo
6a3b899 GH-1125: Add FailedDeserializationInfo
a770f7f GH-1144: Fix @embeddedkafka with @SpringBootTest
50c737e GH-1144: Doc. @embeddedkafka property limitation
a808a56 GH-1142: Add CompositeRecordInterceptor (#1143)
d85040a GH-1080: Add supplier for (De)Serializers
1d0ea10 GH-1139: Json Serialization: Add Fluent API
5ce4df9 GH-1137: Fix Json Type Headers for KStream
fee1206 GH-1134: Fix stop(Runnable) usage
7d79406 GH-1129: Add JacksonMimeTypeModule (#1130)
4ac551d GH-1126: Add delegating Serializer/Deserializer

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