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Spring Mobile Sample Applications

Spring Mobile Samples

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Spring Mobile is an extension to the popular Spring Web MVC web framework that aims to simplify the development of mobile web applications. This repository contains sample projects illustrating usage of Spring Mobile. See Spring Mobile on GitHub for more information about building from source.

Sample Applications

The following sample applications demonstrate the capabilities of Spring Mobile for server-side device detection and handling. See the README within each sample project for more information and additional instructions.

Build and Deploy with Gradle

Most of the sample apps can be built and run using the following Gradle commands from within the sample's folder.

  1. Build the app:

    $ ./gradlew build
  2. Deploy the .war to a Servlet 3 ServletContainer using Gradle:

    $ ./gradlew tomcatRun

Build and Deploy with Maven

Maven configurations are also available for most of the sample apps.

  1. Build the app:

    $ mvn clean package
  2. Deploy the .war to a Servlet 3 ServletContainer using Maven:

    $ mvn tomcat7:run


Pull requests are welcome. See the contributor guidelines for details.


Spring Mobile is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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