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Spring Mobile Samples


This repository contains sample projects illustrating usage of the Spring Mobile project.

Sample Apps

The following "lite" sample apps demonstrate the capabilities of the Spring Mobile LiteDeviceResolver for server-side device detection. See the README in each directory for more information on the sample project and additional instructions.

  • lite-device-resolver - illustrates DeviceResolver functionality and usage.

  • lite-site-preference-handler - illustrates SitePreferenceHandler functionality.

  • lite-site-switcher-handler - illustrates SiteSwitcherHandler functionality.

  • lite-showcase - combines all features of Spring Mobile to showcase the use of the "urlPath" site switching.

  • thorax-lumbar-client - showcases the use of Spring Mobile with JavaScript libraries

Contributor Guidelines

Please follow the contributor guidelines from Spring Mobile when submitting pull requests for the sample projects.

Additional Resources

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