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Changes (1.3.2 to 2.0)
1. Protected fields were changed to private. Access is now allowed via public/protected property member.
2. Most of members marked as Obsolete before 2.0 release were removed.
3. DbProvider automatically sets BindByName to true for Oracle's ODP.NET OracleCommand instances when created
Changes (1.3.1 to 1.3.2)
1. Changed AbstractPlatformTransactionManager to set default Transaction Synchronizcation to TransactionSynchronization.NeverChange from TransactionSynchronizationState.Never. Use the setter 'TransactionSynchonization' to change. This was changed so as to avoid an issue with NHibernate Open Session In View functionality and some nested declarative transaction management settings. See for more details.
Note: This functionality is an advanced feature of Spring, so if you are using it, you probably know all about it, otherwise you can safely ignore this message.
Changes (1.3 RC1 to 1.3 GA or greater)
1. The namespace for MultiDelegatingDbProvider was changed from Spring.Data to Spring.Data.Common as that is consistent with all the other implementations of IDbProvider.
Changes (1.2.0 to 1.3 or greater)
1. within an ValidationGroup element (<v:group>,<v:exclusive>,..), nested validator elements now must occur after any
<v:message>, <v:action> or <v:property> elements. The following was allowed previously, but now will raise a schema
validation error:
<v:group ..>
<v:validator ...>
<v:action ...>
change this to
<v:group ..>
<v:action ...>
<v:validator ...>
2. XmlReaderContext constructor now requires an IObjectDefinitionFactory to be specified. Thus XmlReaderContext.ObjectDefinitionFactory
is read only now.
3. Changes to the Apache NMS API, which was not yet a public release when included in Spring 1.2.0 made breaking API changes.
On NmsTemlate,
1) The property 'byte Priority' was changed to 'MsgPriority Priority'
2) The property 'bool Persistent' is no longer part of the NMS API but is still supported in a backward compatible
manner by Spring by translation to standard MsgDeliveryMode enumeration values of Persistent and NonPersistent.
A new property MsgDelivery has been added. The class, CachedMessageProducer, which is unlikely to be use by
end users, was directly upgraded to the latest API without any backwards compatibility support.
4. AbstractApplicationContext.CaseSensitive renamed to AbstractApplicationContext.IsCaseSensitive
5. Spring.Validation: Base class BaseValidator changed to BaseSimpleValidator for single validators as compared to group validators
which now commonly derive from BaseGroupValidator instead of ValidatorGroup
6. IVariableSource implementations now must also implement CanResolveVariable(string variableName) and may throw exceptions in
ResolveVariable() in case the variable cannot resolved by this particular variable source.
In order to distinguish between an existing variable having a null value and a non-existing variable, variable sources
need to be changed to this new contract.
7. a) Signature of CollectionUtils.Contains(ICollection collection, object element) changed to CollectionUtils.Contains(IEnumerable collection, object element)
b) returns 'null' in case of collection==null instead of throwing an exception
8. dropped Spring.Expressions.DateLiteralNode
1. AbstractAutoProxyCreator.FindEligibleAdvisors(Type) changed to
AbstractAutoProxyCreator.FindEligibleAdvisors(Type, Name)
2. It is not possible to change a ProxyFactoryObject's product configuration at runtime
if IsSingleton==true since factory object singleton products get cached now.
Changes (1.2 RC1 to 1.2.0 or greater)
Changes (1.1.2 to 1.2 RC1 or greater)
1. ContextRegistry.GetContext(string name) now throws an exception if no context has been registered under that name instead of returning null.
2. Removed getter property of IApplicationContext in IApplicationContextAware
3. Removed getter property of IResourceLoader in IResourceLoaderAware
4. AbstractBinding.IsValid property changed to method AbstractBinding.IsValid( IValidationErrors )
1. The provider name System.Data.SqlServerCe is now aliased to SqlServerCe-3.5.1 (was SqlServerCe-3.1)
2. Removed setter property RollbackOnly on ITransactionStatus, now use the method SetRollbackOnly() to 'doom' a transaction to always rollback.
1. Removed WebServiceProxyFactory.ClientProtocolType property (obsolete)
2. WebServiceExporter generates WebServiceBinding attribute with WSI basic profile 1.1 by default.
1. Moved Spring.Web.Support.ISharedStateAware to Spring.Objects.ISharedStateAware
2. Dropped IProcess support
3. IHttpHandler instance dependencies won't be injected until PreRequestHandlerExecute stage (to support "session"-scoped deps)