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SPRNET-1508 convenience batch file to push all nupkgs to nuget

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1 parent 204001a commit af61949a6423836bb5d55381332ad09f3cb59cda @sbohlen sbohlen committed May 9, 2012
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+@echo off
+echo *** Pushing all packages in this folder to ***
+echo Note: this assumes the APIKey has already been set on this computer.
+echo If not, run the following command to set the ApiKey:
+echo Nuget.exe setApiKey [API_KEY]
+echo .
+for /f %%F in ('dir /b *.nupkg') DO CALL :INVOKE %%F
+echo .
+echo Processing file %1 ...
+echo .
+..\build-support\tools\NuGet\NuGet.exe push %1"
+echo .
+echo ...complete!

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