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exception type should be parametric #6

zdila opened this Issue · 1 comment

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public final <T> T execute(RetryCallback<T> retryCallback) throws Exception

should be changed to

public final <T, E extends Exception> T execute(RetryCallback<T, E> retryCallback) throws E

This would allow to use RuntimeException as type argument and so not forcing checked exceptions to be handled.


It's a bit late for that I think (would break backwards compatibility), and I'm not sure it would be easy anyway. If you have a proposed change, make sure it works with pre-compiled code against an older spring-retry.

@dsyer dsyer closed this issue from a commit
@dsyer dsyer Parameterize exception type in RetryCallback
So RetryCallback<T, E extends Throwable> and the E parameter appears
in RetryOperations too, making it possible to call it with an unchecked
exception type in the parameter and not catch exceptions.

Users should beware: it's just syntactic sugar, and the actual runtime
type of the exception is never checked at runtime. So, for instance,
declaring a RetryCallback<Object,IllegalArgumentException> doesn't
mean that other Exceptions won't be retried, just that you won't be
able to explicitly throw them if they are checked.

A project using Spring Batch 2.2 was used to test that this works
with user code that uses a library compiled agains Spring Retry 1.0.

Fixes gh-6
@dsyer dsyer closed this in 5fc484d
@dsyer dsyer added this to the 1.1.0 milestone
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