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Roo is copyright (C) 2008-2010 SpringSource Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Roo is licensed under the GPLv3:
The contents of roo-annotations-*.jar are dual licensed under both the
GPLv3 and also the Apache License, Version 2.0:
You may apply your choice of GPLv3 or ASLv2 to your use of the
roo-annotations-*.jar file.
Ensuring an ASLv2 license is provided for the roo-annotations-*.jar
file is SpringSource's reassurance that we do not intend for GPLv3
obligations to extend to people simply using Roo to build software.
In connection with the annotations, we further note:
1. The annotations are source level retention only. As such there is
no requirement for the roo-annotations-*.jar file to be present
in your classpath at runtime. The annotations are not even
referred to in your compiled .class files.
2. Roo itself is a development time only tool. No Roo JARs whatsoever
are required by your project at runtime.
We trust the above clarifies our application of GPLv3 to Roo and that it
is not intended to cause people simply wishing to use Roo any unexpected
GPLv3-related implications. We only intend that GPLv3 impacts those
wishing to improve, build on, redistribute, extend etc Roo itself.
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