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ROO-47: Complete 1.0.0.M1 release

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1 parent dff8980 commit 65b03654bbabf7383b3c0cd50c9e26bb243f6824 Ben Alex committed May 27, 2009
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@@ -238,12 +238,29 @@ RELEASING
Roo is released on a regular basis by the Roo project team. To build a
-release, the following command is used from the root SVN location:
+release, ensure you perform an "svn update" first and then run
+"svnversion" to verify a standard Subversion revision number is given.
+the following command is used from the root SVN location:
mvn clean install assembly:assembly
This will create a ZIP in the "target" directory.
+The org.springframework.roo.annotations JAR should be uploaded to
+roo/org.springframework.roo/org.sfw.roo.annotations/<version>. Ensure
+SHA1/MD5 files, plus the POM and JAR is uploaded. Set public read ACL.
+The target/spring-roo-<version>.zip should be uploaded to
+/ Also upload an SHA1 file.
+The following S3 properties must be set on the upload release ZIP:
+x-amz-meta-release.type:milestone Roo
In addition, a SVN branch should be created using the copy command:
svn copy \

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