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Acegi Security System for Spring
-What is Acegi Security?
+Spring Security 2.0.0 Released
+ Acegi Security is now {{{}Spring Security}},
+ the official security project of the {{{}Spring Portfolio}}.
+ If you are planning a new project, we'd recommend you consider using Spring Security.
+ Acegi Security 1.0.7 will be the last non-critical release of the 1.0.x series.
+ Spring Security 2.0.0 builds on Acegi Security's solid foundations, adding many new features:
- Acegi Security is a powerful, flexible security solution for enterprise software,
- with a particular emphasis on applications that use
- {{{}Spring}}. Using Acegi Security provides your
- applications with comprehensive authentication, authorization, instance-based access control,
- channel security and human user detection capabilities.
+ * Simplified namespace-based configuration syntax. Old configurations
+ could require hundreds of lines of XML but our new convention over configuration
+ approach ensures that many deployments will now require less than 10 lines.
-Key Features
+ * OpenID integration, which is the web's emerging single sign on
+ standard (supported by Google, IBM, Sun, Yahoo and others)
+ * Windows NTLM support, providing easy enterprise-wide single sign on
+ against Windows corporate networks
+ * Support for JSR 250 ("EJB 3") security annotations, delivering a
+ standards-based model for authorization metadata
+ * AspectJ pointcut expression language support, allowing developers to
+ apply cross-cutting security logic across their Spring managed objects
+ * Substantial improvements to the high-performance domain object
+ instance security ("ACL") capabilities
+ * Comprehensive support for RESTful web request authorization, which
+ works well with Spring 2.5's @MVC model for building RESTful systems
+ * Long-requested support for groups, hierarchical roles and a user
+ management API, which all combine to reduce development time and
+ significantly improve system administration
+ * An improved, database-backed "remember me" implementation
+ * Support for portlet authentication out-of-the-box
+ * Support for additional languages
+ * Numerous other general improvements, documentation and new samples
+ * New support for web state and flow transition authorization through
+ the Spring Web Flow 2.0 release
+ * New support for visualizing secured methods, plus configuration
+ auto-completion support in Spring IDE
+ * Enhanced WSS (formerly WS-Security) support through the Spring Web
+ Services 1.5 release
+ Please visit {{{}}}
+ to download the latest release and access the change log.
+Acegi Security - Key Features
* <<Stable and mature:>> Acegi Security 1.0.0 was released in May 2006 after
more than two and a half years of use in large production software projects, 70,000+ downloads
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