SEC-1518: Tag library parsing error. #1739

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Dzmitry Barouka (Migrated from SEC-1518) said:

I have error after application start under Resin:

Caused by: jar:file:/home/odenemby/www/!/META-INF/security.tld:113: <description> is an unexpected tag (parent <attribute> starts at 112).

111:         </attribute>
112:         <attribute>
113:             <description>Set HTML escaping for this tag, as a boolean value.</description>
114:             <name>htmlEscape</name>
115:             <required>false</required>

 Check for duplicate and out-of-order tags.

<name> is expected.

<attribute> syntax: (<name>, <required>?, <rtexprvalue>?, <type>?, <description>?)
    at com.caucho.xml.DOMBuilder.error(
    at com.caucho.xml.DOMBuilder.error(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierImpl.error(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierHandlerImpl.error(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierHandlerImpl.error(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierHandlerImpl.startElement(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierFilter.startElement(
    at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.addElement(
    at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseElement(
    at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseNode(
    at com.caucho.xml.XmlParser.parseInt(
    at com.caucho.xml.AbstractParser.parse(
    at com.caucho.relaxng.VerifierFilter.parse(
    at com.caucho.config.Config.parseDocument(
    at com.caucho.config.Config.configure(
    at com.caucho.jsp.TldManager.parseTldPreload(
    at com.caucho.jsp.TldManager.parseTldPreload(
    at com.caucho.jsp.TldManager.loadJarTlds(
    ... 93 more

If modify security.tld (put tag after tag ) than there is no this error.
Сould you please change these tags places. There is no big effort.


Luke Taylor said:

Thanks for spotting this. We should probably switch to using an xsd at some point, but I've corrected the order for now.

spring-issuemaster added this to the 3.1.0.M1 milestone Feb 5, 2016

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