SEC-1820: NPE in OpenID4JavaConsumer.fetchAxAttributes #2050

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Kees de Kooter (Migrated from SEC-1820) said:

I am not sure what more details I need to provide - please let me know.


Luke Taylor said:

Looks like a problem with attribute fetching (I'm guessing you aren't specifying any attributes?)

I've added a null check which should cater for this case. Please try with a nightly build.

Kees de Kooter said:

These are the ones I am trying to fetch:

            <openid-attribute name="email" type="" required="true" count="1"/>
            <openid-attribute name="firstname" type="" required="true" />
            <openid-attribute name="lastname" type="" required="true" />
            <openid-attribute name="language" type="" required="true" />
            <openid-attribute name="gender" type="" required="true" />
            <openid-attribute name="image" type="" required="true" />

Kees de Kooter said:

Would setting required to false make a difference?

Luke Taylor said:

No. Please explain whether the problem is intermittent or reproducible. And please try with the latest release (RC3) so that the stacktrace matches the current source.

Kees de Kooter said:

Looks like it is intermittent. With RC3 I am bumping into SEC-1815.
Will try to find some time to test with the nightlies.

Luke Taylor said:

You can easily workaround SEC-1815 by using the 4.1.1 HttpClient jar file.

Luke Taylor said:

Could you clarify whether this is still a problem with the current snapshots?

Luke Taylor said:

No further input, so assuming that the null check fixed the issue.

spring-issuemaster added this to the 3.1.0 milestone Feb 5, 2016

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