SEC-2090: LDAP dependencies (3.1.3) #2324

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Flavio Donzé (Migrated from SEC-2090) said:

Trying to update the spring framework and spring security from 3.0.5 to 3.1.3.
I encountered this OSGi problem:

The 3.1.3 bundle has the following dependencies:

Well the org.springframework.ldap 1.3.1 bundle than has the following dependencies:
org.springframework.beans [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.beans.factory [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.beans.factory.config [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.context [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) true
org.springframework.core [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.dao [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) true
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) true
org.springframework.transaction [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false
org.springframework.util [3.0.5.RELEASE, 3.1.0) false

So I can not update the spring framework and spring security to 3.1.3 since o.s.ldap excludes he 3.1.x releases.

Greg Turnquist said: shows fixes made to the EBR, indicating the version range from Spring LDAP should work correctly now.

Greg Turnquist said:

The fix for this was completed in No need to patch Spring Security.

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