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-Spring Social Facebook 1.1.0.M1 (TBD)
+Spring Social Facebook 1.1.0.M1 (October 15, 2012)
Bug Fixes
* Handle HTTP 404 from Graph API by throwing ResourceNotFoundException
* Handle error where Facebook says that status is duplicate or similar
to a recent post to Twitter by throwing DuplicateStatusException
+ * Fixed handling of errors to throw an InsufficientPermissionException
+ when an OperationNotPermittedException was being thrown. (SOCIALFB-80)
+ * Fixed problem with Facebook image sizes after Facebook started sending
+ additional image sizes in the Graph API. (SOCIALFB-76)
+ * Fixed NullPointerException thrown in FqlResult.getList() when field value
+ is null. (SOCIALFB-75)
+ * Fixed duplicate invocation of FacebookTemplate.initialize() in constructor.
+ * Added XML configuration support for Facebook connection factory and API
+ binding beans. (SOCIAL-292)
+ * Added a sharesCount attribute to Post. (SOCIALFB-56)
+ * Added a commentCount property to Post. (SOCIALFB-51)
+ * Added coverPhotoId property to Album class that can be used to retrieve
+ a Photo object. (SOCIALFB-68)
+ * Added support for getting the signed_request as a Spring MVC controller
+ argument. (SOCIALFB-23)
+ * Support for OpenGraph operations in API Binding (SOCIALFB-64)
+ * Added questions operations in API binding (SOCIALFB-37)
+ * New DisconnectController to handle deauthorization callback from Facebook
+ * Facebook Query Language (FQL) support in API binding. (SOCIALFB-8)
+ * Added getSubscribers() and getSubscribedTo() methods to FriendOperations
+ to read a user's subscribers/subscriptions. (SOCIALFB-58)
+ * Added getFamily() to FriendOperations to allow for fetching a list of a user's
+ family members. (SOCIALFB-61)
+ * Added getMutualFriends() method to FriendOperations to allow for fetching
+ of a list of friends that the authenticated user has in common with another
+ user. (SOCIALFB-62)
+ * Added getGames() to LikeOperations to retrieve a list of games that the
+ user has connections to. (SOCIALFB-35)
+ * Fetch list of users who have liked a post instead of just a count. (SOCIALFB-41)
+ * Added ability to configure the application namespace on the Facebook connection
+ factory. This makes it possible to use OpenGraph operations when working with
+ a FacebookTemplate provided via the connection factory. (SOCIALFB-96)
Spring Social Facebook 1.0.2 (September 3, 2012)

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