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The Facebook API now supports sending notifications from your app to a user. This commit adds a postNotifcation method to userOperations to allow this from within Spring Social. It includes the new interface method, the implementation and some tests.

You can find details from Facebook here:


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Doug: Thanks for the contribution. I'll try to take a deeper look at this, review it, and merge it in the next couple of weeks.

The one thing that I notice is that it requires an App access token, thus FacebookTemplate would have to be constructed with the app access token instead of a user access token (which is not common or even ideal). I've got some thoughts on how to construct (or be given from the connect framework) a FacebookTemplate that has both a user access token for most operations and an app access token for those operations that need it. I've created to track this. I may attack SOCIALFB-101 and your pull request together, thus there may be some changes to your code to account for whatever I come up with for app access tokens.

Also, just to make sure: Have you signed the contribute agreement at yet? If not, the legal-minded people here would be happy if you did. Thanks.

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Correction: THe link for the contributor agreement is at


Thanks @habuma ! I signed the agreement.


What is the status of this?


Any update since 2012?

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