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Spring Social 1.0.0 Milestone 2 (Apr 27, 2011)
New Features
- * Many improvements to service provider "connect" framework
+ * The ability to test a connection and refresh an expired connection
+ * The ability to update status across connections in a uniform way
+ * The ability to access user profile data on a connection in a uniform way
+ and use it to pre-populate application registration forms
+ * New query operations for finding connections by provider ID, API binding type,
+ a provider user ID, a combination of provider ID and provider user ID, or
+ a combination of provider ID and API binding type
+ * Enhanced support for extending the framework, including documentation that walks
+ you through the process of adding support for a new service provider
* New ProviderSignInController for signing into an application by first
- signing into a provider such as Twitter or Facebook.
+ signing into a provider such as Twitter or Facebook
+ * Android-ready with the ability to use Android's HttpComponents client when
+ in an Android runtime. Also, see SQLiteConnectionRepository in Spring Android
+ 1.0.0.M3 for persisting connections in Android.
* A more complete Twitter API binding, including...
* Reading, sending, and deleting direct messages
* Retrieving a user's friends and followers and (un)following other users
@@ -24,6 +35,7 @@ New Features
* Liking and unliking
* Retrieving photo albums, photos, and video data
* Facebook Places checkins
+ * Many design and architectural improvements driven by community feedback
* Updated Spring Social showcase sample
* Updated documentation

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