Api Providers

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The web is full of APIs that Spring Social can provide connection support and API bindings for. What follows is a list of known APIs, what authorization scheme they use, and (if available) a link to an existing Spring Social extension for that API.

If there is an API you're interested in that does not yet have a Spring Social extension associated with it, consider it an opportunity to contribute to the Spring Social community by creating one. Be sure to let us know where your project resides and give us a heads up on the Spring Social Forum.

Provider Authorization Spring Social Project
500px OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/sachin-handiekar/spring-social-500px
AllPlayers.com OAuth 1.0
App.net OAuth 2 https://github.com/arikg/spring-social-appdotnet
Basecamp/37 Signals OAuth 2
Bebo OAuth-like
Bitbucket OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/ericbottard/spring-social-bitbucket
bit.ly OAuth 2
Box.net OAuth 2 https://github.com/silanis/spring-social-box
Crowdtilt HTTP Basic
CrunchBase API Key
del.icio.us HTTP Basic
Digg OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/gnp/spring-social-digg
Dropbox OAuth 1.0 https://github.com/vbfischer/spring-social-dropbox
E*Trade OAuth 1.0a
Etsy OAuth 1.0a
Evernote OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/ttddyy/spring-social-evernote
Facebook OAuth 2 https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-social-facebook
Flattr OAuth 2 http://developers.flattr.net/api/
Flickr OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/ranjan-rk/spring-social-flickr
Formstack OAuth 2
Foursquare OAuth 2 https://github.com/mattupstate/spring-social-foursquare
Friendster Custom
GeekList OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/robhinds/spring-social-geeklist
GetGlue OAuth 1.0
Geoloqi OAuth 2
GitHub OAuth 2 https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-social-github
Gliffy OAuth 1.0
Google OAuth 2 https://github.com/GabiAxel/spring-social-google
HootSuite OAuth 2
Instagram OAuth 2 https://github.com/mattupstate/spring-social-instagram
Instapaper xAuth
Intuit Quickbooks Online OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/jeffxor/spring-social-intuit
Khan Academy OAuth 2 https://github.com/nerdability/spring-social-khan-academy
Klout API Key
last.fm OAuth-like https://github.com/michaellavelle/spring-social-lastfm
LinkedIn OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-social-linkedin
Lockerz HTTP Basic
MapMyFitness OAuth 1.0
Meetup API Key, OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2 https://github.com/yarli4u/spring-social-meetup
MerchantCircle xAuth
Miso OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/mfirry/spring-social-miso
Mixcloud OAuth 2 https://github.com/michaellavelle/spring-social-mixcloud
MySpace OAuth 1.0a
NetFlix OAuth 1.0a
Nk OAuth 2 https://github.com/karpaczio/spring-social-nk
Office365 OAuth 2 https://github.com/silanis/spring-social-office365
OpenID (OpenID) https://github.com/molindo/spring-social-openid/
OpenTable 1.0a
ORCID OAuth 2 https://github.com/yucigou/spring-social-orcid
Pastebin API Key
Photobucket OAuth 1.0
Pinterest OAuth 2
Plurk OAuth 1.0a
Posterous HTTP Basic
renren.com OAuth 2
Rotten Tomatoes API Key
Salesforce Chatter OAuth 1.0a / OAuth 2
Salesforce Force.com OAuth 2 https://github.com/umut/spring-social-salesforce
SlideShare API Key https://github.com/ttddyy/spring-social-slideshare
SmugMug OAuth 1.0
SmartCloud OAuth 2 https://github.com/silanis/spring-social-smartcloud
SoundCloud OAuth 2 https://github.com/michaellavelle/spring-social-soundcloud
Springpad OAuth 1.0
StatusNet OAuth 1.0a
Stripe.com OAuth 2
StumbleUpon Badge API No Auth/Unsecured API
TripIt OAuth 1.0 https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-social-tripit
Tumblr OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/sdouglass/spring-social-tumblr
Twitter OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-social-twitter
Urban Airship HTTP Basic https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-mobile-urbanairship
Veevop OAuth 2
Viadeo OAuth 2 https://github.com/Treydone/spring-social-viadeo
Vimeo OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/soldierkam/spring-social-vimeo
Vkontakte OAuth 2 https://github.com/vkolodrevskiy/spring-social-vkontakte
Weibo OAuth 1.0a https://github.com/vergnes/spring-social-weibo
Windows Live/Microsoft (Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox) OAuth 2 https://github.com/sachin-handiekar/spring-social-live
Xero OAuth 1.0a
Yahoo! OAuth 1.0a
Yammer OAuth 2 https://github.com/magott/spring-social-yammer
Yelp OAuth 1.0a