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Commits on Jun 27, 2012
  1. @spring-buildmaster
  2. @rstoyanchev

    Add builder-style methods to ResponseCreators

    rstoyanchev authored
    Before this change client-side tests prepared a response using
    overloaded methods withResponse(..) accepting arguments for the
    response status, headers, and body.
    .andRespond(withResponse("foo", headers, HttpStatus.OK, ""))
    This change deprecates those methods and introduces a builder-style
    approach for providing the same information supporting common use
    cases. A few examples:
    .andRespond(withSuccess("foo", MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN))
    .andRespond(withCreatedEntity(new URI("/foo")))
    The withRespones(..) methods have been deprecated.
  3. @rstoyanchev

    Update deployment options in pom.xml

    rstoyanchev authored
    This change removed the current settings for deploying artifacts to S3
    and replaced the repository with the SpringSource Artifactory
    repository. More details at the SpringSource Repository FAQ:
  4. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
  1. @joergrathlev @rstoyanchev

    Add support for setting the query string

    joergrathlev authored rstoyanchev committed
Commits on Jun 12, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Derive rather than specify pathInfo

    rstoyanchev authored
    The DefaultRequestBuilder no longer allows setting the pathInfo.
    Instead it is derived from the request URI minus the context and
    servlet paths. If the context and servlet paths are not specified,
    the pathInfo should be the same as the request URI.
Commits on May 11, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Add secure parameter to DefaultRequestBuilder

    Matthew Reid authored rstoyanchev committed
Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Merge pull request #35 from youngm/master

    rstoyanchev authored
    Support creation of a source jar
Commits on May 3, 2012
  1. @youngm
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. Add methods to verify field errors

    Scott Frederick authored
    New methods in ModelRequestMatcher can be used to verify that an
    attribute has errors on one ore more specific fields.
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
  2. @rstoyanchev
  3. @rstoyanchev
  4. @rstoyanchev
  5. @rstoyanchev


    rstoyanchev authored
Commits on Apr 6, 2012
  1. Added the ability to pass a HttpHeaders object to a RequestBuilder, a…

    Scott Frederick authored
    …s an alternative to specifying header values individually. Added the ability to verify headers in a ReqestMatcher using a HttpHeaders object. This adds some consistency to the process of providing and verifying headers.
     Added a requestToContains matcher to RequestMatchers. This is useful when you only want to verify that the path part of a URI is correct, and ignore the host.
Commits on Apr 5, 2012
  1. Added model matcher to verify field errors in the model.

    Scott Frederick authored
Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. Add sample for loading a context from Java config.

    Scott Frederick authored
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
  2. @rstoyanchev
  3. @tbruyelle

    Fix #28 Add isArray to jsonPath

    tbruyelle authored
    Assert that a json path is an array.
    Also add corresponding tests.
  4. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Mar 17, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev


    rstoyanchev authored
  2. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
  1. @tbruyelle

    Extend CookieResultMatchers

    tbruyelle authored
    Add following result matchers : exists, doesNotExist, maxAge, domain,
    version, path, comment, and secure.
    Add corresponding tests in CookieResultMatherTests.
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. @tbruyelle

    Add ContextMockMvcBuilder.setParentContext()

    tbruyelle authored
    Allows to inject an initialized application context to the MockMvc
    context as a parent, during its initialization.
    Also add an example ParentContextTest in the samples.
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
  2. @rstoyanchev

    Whitespace changes

    rstoyanchev authored
  3. @rstoyanchev

    Fix bug setting Accept header

    rstoyanchev authored
    When providing multiple MediaTypes for the Accept header we were
    creating one Accept header with multiple values rather than a
    single value with multiple media types in it. As a result only
    the first media type was used.
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Feb 10, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Internal refactoring around MvcSetup and MockDispatcher

    rstoyanchev authored
    The main goal of the refactoring is to use the actual DispatcherServlet
    instead of the custom MockDispatcher used till now. This was done
    by introducing a DispatcherServlet sub-class, which creates
    an MvcResult instance at the start of a request, stores it in a request
    attribute, and populates it as the request gets executed.
    The only way to initialize the DispatcherServlet is to provide it with
    a WebApplicationContext containing Spring MVC infrastructure
    components and controllers. As a result of this, the MvcSetup contract,
    previously prepared by MockMvcBuilders and used in the MockDispatcher,
    can no longer be used.
    Removing the MvcSetup simplifies WebApplicationContext-based
    MockMvcBuilders. However, the StandaloneMockMvcBuilder needed to be
    refactored. After the refactoring it "borrows" infrastructure set up by
    the MVC Java conifg WebMvcConfigurationSupport and uses it to populate
    a "stub" WebApplicationContext that accepts registrations of
    singletons. Hence the StandaloneMockMvcBuilder can continue to
    exist and to provide an option for manual, unit test style testing
    where controllers can be instantiated and configured manually with
    dependencies (e.g. mock objects).
    Fortunately there are no backwards compatibility issues in this change
    that is unless tests did any advanced extensions of MockMvcBuilders in
    which case some adjustments may be necessary.
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev
Commits on Dec 23, 2011
  1. @rstoyanchev
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