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cd `dirname $0`
cat <<EOM
Spring Web Flow Eclipse/STS project import guide
This script will guide you through the process of importing the
Spring Web Flow sources into Eclipse/STS. It is recommended that you
have a recent version of the SpringSource Tool Suite (this script has
been tested against STS $STS_TEST_VERSION), but at the minimum you will
need Eclipse + AJDT.
If you need to download and install STS, please do that now by
Otherwise, press enter and we'll begin.
# this command:
# - wipes out any existing Eclipse metadata
# - generates metadata for all subprojects
# - skips metadata gen for the root project (-x :eclipse) to work
# around Eclipse's inability to import hierarchical project structures
COMMAND="./gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse -x :eclipse"
cat <<EOM
STEP 1: Generate subproject Eclipse metadata
The first step will be to generate Eclipse project metadata for each
of the spring-* subprojects. This happens via the built-in
"Gradle wrapper" script (./gradlew in this directory). If this is your
first time using the Gradle wrapper, this step may take a few minutes
while a Gradle distribution is downloaded for you.
The command run will be:
Press enter when ready.
$COMMAND || exit
cat <<EOM
STEP 2: Import subprojects into Eclipse/STS
Within Eclipse/STS, do the following:
File > Import... > Existing Projects into Workspace
> When prompted for the 'root directory', provide $PWD
> Press enter. You will see the modules show up under "Projects"
> All projects should be selected/checked. Click Finish.
> When the project import is complete, you should have no errors.
When the above is complete, return here and press the enter key.
cat <<EOM
STEP 3: Enable Git support for all projects
- In the Eclipse/STS Package Explorer, select all spring* projects.
- Right-click to open the context menu and select Team > Share Project...
- In the Share Project dialog that appears, select Git and press Next
- Check "Use or create repository in parent folder of project"
- Click Finish
When complete, you'll have Git support enabled for all projects.
You're ready to code! Goodbye!