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Add spring-build 2.2.3 and ensure build succeeds.

spring-build was previously included via an svn:external. Adding
directly to the source tree under Git to avoid the need for a git

In order to build from any earlier commit, it is recommended to
export spring-build or symlink an existing copy into the root
of the spring-framework project and then build normally.

$ svn export spring-build
latest commit b13da5fa0e
@rstoyanchev rstoyanchev authored
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spring-binding Add spring-build 2.2.3 and ensure build succeeds.
spring-build Add spring-build 2.2.3 and ensure build succeeds.
spring-faces SWF-1407 Update mvc.JsfView to re-use FacesContext if available such …
spring-webflow-library SWF-1374 Updated documentation for 2.2.0, deprecated ResourceServlet.
spring-webflow-reference Add spring-build 2.2.3 and ensure build succeeds.
spring-webflow-samples Add spring-build 2.2.3 and ensure build succeeds.
spring-webflow SWF-360 Back out flow managed persistence changes from 2.2.x branch
.gitignore Update version number from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1
readme.txt Update changelog for 2.2.1 release


Contained in this directory are the Spring Web Flow (SWF) related project sources.


1. build-spring-webflow - Contains the metadata needed to build the SWF projects using spring-build.
                          To build all projects, simply run 'ant' (version 1.7 or >) in this directory.

2. spring-build - A linked in SVN external to Spring's master build system. 
                  Used to power the build for all Spring projects.

3. spring-binding - the data binding and mapping project, a Spring Web Flow driven internal library.

4. spring-webflow - The Spring Web Flow project.  Contains the Web Flow engine.

5. spring-js - Server side support for Spring's JavaScript abstraction framework.

6. spring-js-resources - Client-side resources for Spring's JavaScript abstraction framework including the Dojo Toolkit.

7. spring-faces - Spring's JavaServerFaces integration module, which includes Web Flow & JavaScript support.

8. spring-webflow-samples - The Spring Web Flow sample applications, illustrating the framework in action.
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