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Contained in this directory are the Spring Web Flow (SWF) related project sources.


1. build-spring-webflow - Contains the metadata needed to build the SWF projects using spring-build.
                          To build all projects, simply run 'ant' (version 1.7 or >) in this directory.

2. spring-build - A linked in SVN external to Spring's master build system. 
                  Used to power the build for all Spring projects.

3. spring-binding - the data binding and mapping project, a Spring Web Flow driven internal library.

4. spring-webflow - The Spring Web Flow project.  Contains the Web Flow engine.

5. spring-js - Spring's JavaScript abstraction framework, which includes Dojo integration.

6. spring-faces - Spring's JavaServerFaces integration module, which includes Web Flow & JavaScript support.

7. spring-webflow-samples - The Spring Web Flow sample applications, illustrating the framework in action.
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