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2  analytics-pmml/README.adoc
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ Save the following PMML code as a file with the name link:iris-flower-classifica
Next, start the XD container and the XD admin process, either single-node, or distributed. And start the XD shell. Create a stream
- xd:>stream create --name pmml1 --definition "http --outputType=application/x-xd-tuple | analytic-pmml --modelName=iris-flower-classifier-1 --location=/data/iris-flower-classification-naive-bayes-1.pmml.xml --inputFieldMapping='sepalLength:Sepal.Length,sepalWidth:Sepal.Width,petalLength:Petal.Length,petalWidth:Petal.Width' --outputFieldMapping='Predicted_Species:predictedSpecies' | log"
+ xd:>stream create --name pmml1 --definition "http --outputType=application/x-xd-tuple | analytic-pmml --modelName=iris-flower-classifier-1 --location=/data/iris-flower-classification-naive-bayes-1.pmml.xml --inputFieldMapping='sepalLength:Sepal.Length,sepalWidth:Sepal.Width,petalLength:Petal.Length,petalWidth:Petal.Width' --outputFieldMapping='Predicted_Species:predictedSpecies' | log" --deploy
Post some JSON content to the stream's http source

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