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+Spring XD Samples
-Sample starter applications and code for use with the SpringXD project
+This repository provides sample starter applications and code for use with the [Spring XD][] project. The following samples are available:
+### analytics-dashboard
+Standalone project which shows how you can use the [D3 Javascript library][] to create visualizations for Spring XD counters.
+### batch-basic
+Shows how to deploy a simple [Spring Batch][] process in [Spring XD][], without having to compile any code or install any jars.
+### batch-hashtag-count
+This sample will take an input file with Twitter JSON data and count the occurrences of hashtags.
+### batch-notifications
+This sample will take an input file containing payment data, and import the data into a database using [Spring XD][]'s batch job support. During import, various notification events are triggered and printed to the console.
+### batch-simple
+This is the quintessential *Hello World* example for [Spring XD][]. It consists of only one [Spring Batch] *Tasklet* which prints out `Hello Spring XD!`.
+### batch-wordcount
+This is the [Spring Batch word-count sample for Hadoop][] adapted for [Spring XD][]. This sample will take an input file and count the occurrences of each word within that document.
+### payload-conversion
+This sample project implements a *custom processor* and demonstrates the use of the Tuple data type.
+### pivotal-hd-demo
+Demo using [Spring XD][] with [Pivotal HD][].
+[Spring XD]:
+[Spring Batch]:
+[Spring Batch word-count sample for Hadoop]:
+[D3 Javascript library]:
+[Pivotal HD]:

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