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Spring XD Batch Simple Sample

The purpose of this sample is to show how to deploy a simple batch process in Spring XD, without having to compile any code or install any jars. This example batch job will read a csv file, replace the commas with spaces and output the result to another file.


In order for the sample to run you will need to have installed:

Running the Sample

In the batch-simple directory

	$mkdir -p $XD_HOME/custom-modules/job/simple_example/config
    $ cp simple_example.xml $XD_HOME/modules/job/simple_example/config
    $ cp sample.txt /tmp

Now your Sample is ready to be executed. Start your Spring XD singlenode server:

    xd/bin>$ ./xd-singlenode

Now start the Spring XD Shell in a separate window:

    shell/bin>$ ./xd-shell

You will now create a new Batch Job Stream using the Spring XD Shell (and deploy it immediately):

    xd:>job create --name myBatchJob --definition "simple_example" --deploy

and launch it using the command:

    xd:>job launch myBatchJob

You should see a message:

    Successfully created and deployed job 'myBatchJob'

Verify the result

The simple_example batch job reads the contents /tmp/sample.txt and outputs its result to /tmp/sample1out.txt.

So lets look at the contents /tmp/sample.txt (input) file:

     h,e,l,l,o, ,w,o,r,l,d

The /tmp/sample1out.txt (output) file will look like:

     h e l l o   w o r l d