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Project and Community

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Try it Out

Follow our Getting Started Guide to kick the tires of Spring XD.


We encourage contributions to Spring XD. Please see the Contribution Guide for details. If you want to contribute/fix this project’s documentation, be sure to read our guidelines.

Ask Questions

Please use the tag spring-xd to ask questions on StackOverflow.

Improve Spring XD

Submit issue and feature requests on JIRA or GitHub Issues

When creating new JIRA/GitHub issues, it’d be beneficial if the following details (as applicable) were included in the issue description.

  • Version

    • Spring XD Version

    • OS & Version

    • Java Version

  • Describe The Problem

    • If it appears to be a bug, list the steps to reproduce the problem.

    • In general, problem description should match this pattern: "I expected behavior A, but, I observed behavior B instead"

  • Describe XD Deployment

    • SingleNode or Distributed?

    • If Distributed:

      • How it is deployed? (your own deployment, YARN, Docker, or other?)

      • Number of xd-admin’s and xd-container’s?

  • Describe Other Components

    • Transport: Rabbit, Redis, or Kafka

    • ZooKeeper deployment

    • Hadoop deployment

    • RDBMS

  • Attachments

    • Stack trace or error messages

    • Test cases or prototypes

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