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2018-11-30 (4.0.2 RELEASE)

  • (Spring Boot) Make CTRL-CLICK navigation from to Java work
  • (Spring Boot) Make CTRL-CLICK navigation from application.yml to Java work
  • (Spring Boot) Made content-assist for values in lists more consistent across .yml and .properties editors.
  • (Spring Boot) Bugfix: Adding eureka client starter to classpath breaks requestmapping live hovers.
  • (Spring Boot) More precise autowiring live hovers for @Bean method parameters.
  • (Spring Boot) server.servlet.context-path now supported for Request Mapping live hover links.
  • (Spring Boot) Improved 'Goto Symbol' support for functional style WebFlux requestmappings.
  • (Spring Boot) Improved 'Live Hover' support for functional style WebFlux requestmappings.
  • (Spring Boot) Bugfix: Insertion of mapping templates now takes into account leading @ in editor.
  • (Spring Boot) Added support for Spring Boot log groups in properties and yaml editor.
  • (Spring Boot) (Concourse) Bugfix: Quickfix not working (anymore?) in LSP editors.
  • (Spring Boot) After adding Spring Boot configuration processor editor automatically becomes aware of new properties metadata.
  • (Eclipse) Boot launch config editor 'override properties' now uses full-featured embedded properties editor. It provides content-assist and validation of property names and types.
  • (Eclipse) Convert properties to yaml action now available from editor context menu.
  • (Eclipse) Bugfix: Toggle comment CTRL+/ not working in generic .properties editor
  • (General) Various bugfixes for bugs causing language servers to hang and become unresponsive.

2018-10-31 (4.0.1 RELEASE)

  • (Spring Boot) fixed NPE from SpringIndexer (#105)
  • (Spring Boot) filed: Spring Boot configuration property auto-completion does not offer properties on super classes (#116)
  • (Spring Boot) fixed: Lots of NPE noise in language server (#90)
  • (Spring Boot) fixed: Live Boot Hint Decorators not working when app ObjectMapper configured with NON_DEFAULT inclusion (#80)
  • (Spring Boot) fixed: property support now understand nested project structure
  • (Eclipse) added support for Buildship 3.0
  • (Eclipse) distribution includes server adapters for Apache Tomcat again
  • (Concourse) added support for new attributes for S3 resource

2018-09-25 (4.0.0 RELEASE)

  • (Spring Boot) Cmd-6 in Eclipse shows Go To Symbols in Workspace first, second Cmd-6 switches to Go To Symbols in File
  • (Spring Boot) various bug fixes
  • (Eclipse) allow Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse to run on JDK11
  • (Eclipse) action added to convert application property files to YAML format
  • (Eclipse) preference pages consolidated

2018-08-30 (M15)

  • (Spring Boot) improved the overall content of bean wiring live hovers
  • (Spring Boot) live hover information for bean wirings now show up more precisely on autowired fields and constructors as well as at @Bean definitions, including more complete information about the wirings
  • (Spring Boot) improved performance of live hovers for remote boot apps
  • (Spring Boot) added experimental option to show code lenses for live hover information, including bean wiring and request mapping URLs (use the preferences to switch that on)
  • (Spring Boot) added detailed information to the boot dashboard property view about JMX tunnels over SSH to boot apps running on CloudFoundry
  • (Spring Boot) added action to enable/disable JMX tunneling through SSH for already deployed and running apps
  • (Spring Boot) improved performance and reduced footprint of live hover update mechanism
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: fixed missing line break in live hover for request mappings
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: resource links in live hovers for remote boot apps now working
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: make the overall classpath detection mechanism more reliable in case of project deletions (#69)
  • (Eclipse) updated versions of the Spring Boot CLI and Spring Cloud CLI that is being used for local cloud services in the boot dashboard
  • (Eclipse) added preference to manually define JMX connections for remote apps (as a fallback)
  • (Eclipse) fixed tabs setting in YAML editors, now use spaces for tabs automatically
  • (Eclipse) fixed a NPE when trying to apply quick fixes in property editors
  • (VSCode) updated extension pack definition to use new extension dependency declarations (#68)
  • (VSCode) fixed warning about missing scheme in document selector

2018-08-09 (M14)

  • (Spring Boot) added support for showing live hovers for Spring Boot apps running remotely (on Cloud Foundry)
  • (Spring Boot) improved and simplified content for live hovers showing bean wiring information
  • (Spring Boot) improved look of live hover highlights
  • (Spring Boot) improved error handling when source code parsing goes wrong
  • (Spring Boot) added specific bean wiring live hovers for @Autowired fields and constructors
  • (Spring Boot) user-defined values in property files showing up as suggestions for @Value completions
  • (Spring Boot) bean symbols now directly contain additional annotations (like @Conditional... or @Profile)
  • (Spring Boot) added option to match running process directly to specific project in the workspace (for live hovers) via system property (set<project-name-in-workspace> to show live hovers of that running process exclusively on the project with that name).
  • (Spring Boot) fixed bug that prevented property editing support to work on Windows (#59)
  • (Concourse) added support for tags property in resources (#66)
  • (Eclipse) removed old property editors

2018-07-23 (M13)

  • (Spring Boot) early prototype for detecting changed bean definitions in live-running (and restarted) boot applications
  • (Spring Boot) @Inject annotation now supported for live hovers
  • (Spring Boot) added option to match live running apps and workspace projects manually
  • (Spring Boot) improved JMX connector reuse (internal optimization)
  • (Concourse) Added support for missing attributes to GitGetParams, GitPutParams, Job and Step schemas (#64), (#65)
  • (Concourse) fixed: Concourse VSCode Extension: Does not recognize GCS buckets in semver resource (#60)
  • (Eclipse) distribution updated to final Eclipse Photon release
  • (Eclipse) added action to close language server log console
  • (Eclipse) single non-signed bundle is now signed as well
  • (Eclipse) New Spring Starter wizard and Edit Spring Starters wizard both now display information for disabled starter modules (explains why they are disabled)
  • (Eclipse) fixed: Edit Starters doesn't properly handle removal of all dependencies (#52)
  • (Eclipse) fixed: Edit Starters doesn't handle cross selections well (#52)
  • (Eclipse) fixed: old language server starts up again even if not directly used
  • (Atom) fixed: Function.extractParams is deprecated (#61)
  • (Atom) fallback project resolution works now when running on JDK9 and beyond

2018-06-14 (M12)

  • (Spring Boot) live hovers now updated in all open editors, not just the active one
  • (Spring Boot) more detailed context shown in hover documentation when editing property files (#265)
  • (Spring Boot) performance improvement: project symbols now show up a lot faster for the open editors/projects (in a multi-root folder workspace)
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: JDK9 and JDK10 projects supported now even if main editor and/or language server runs on JDK8
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: various NPEs in Spring indexer fixed
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix: webflux route document highlights message show up for property files
  • (Concourse) add support for new attributes of DockerImageSource (aws_session_token, max_concurrent_downloads, max_concurrent_uploads) and DockerImagePutParams (additional_tags, cache_from, load_bases, target_name) (#56)
  • (Concourse) bugfix: quick fixes work again
  • (Eclipse) default editors for Boot properties ( and application.yml files) now based on the generic editor and the language server support - the old editors are still around, but will be removed in future versions of STS4
  • (Eclipse) bugfix: filter in wizard to import Spring guides works again
  • (Eclipse) bugfix: fixed change event with bad version exception

2018-05-14 (M11)

  • (Spring Boot) major performance improvements and footprint reductions (due to a groundbreaking change to how projects are being resolved, this is now delegated to the surrounding Java tooling)
  • (Spring Boot) support for JDK10 added
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix - custom JMX domains now supported for live hovers (#44)
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix - live hovers now show up for all open editors (not limited to the one with focus anymore)
  • (Eclipse) STS4 builds on Eclipse are now based on the latest Eclipse Photon (4.8) milestone builds only, there are no 4.7-compatible builds available anymore
  • (Eclipse) code lenses for webflux handler methods for mapped route visualization work now in Eclipse
  • (Eclipse) keybindings added to Sprig Boot Dashboard
  • (Eclipse) property editors now show line/column numbers in status bar
  • (Eclipse) bugfix - debugging apps on Cloud Foundry via Boot Dashboard works again
  • (all) JVM used to run the language servers can now be specified via custom settings (#51)

2018-03-15 (M10)

  • (Spring Boot) support added for request-mapping-like symbols for webflux router definitions
  • (Spring Boot) code lenses for webflux handler methods implemented that visualize the mapped route (VSCode only at the moment)
  • (Spring Boot) document highlight support added for webflux router definitions that highlight parts of the routes that belong together
  • (Spring Boot) request mapping symbols now include accept and content type defintions
  • (Spring Boot) support for direct navigation from live injection reports to source code added for Eclipse
  • (Spring Boot) abstract @Bean-annotated methods are now ignored when creating symbols for bean definitions
  • (Spring Boot) URLs from hovers (like request mapping URLs from running boot apps) now open in an internal browser that has a navigation and an address bar
  • (Spring Boot) bugfix for NPE that happened occasionally when creating a new Java file
  • (Concourse) added support for symbols for groups
  • (Concourse) updated URLs in documentation to point to new Concourse domain
  • (Atom integration) improved JDK/JRE identification mechanism
  • (all) language server processes now show up with their real name when using jps instead of just JarLauncher

2018-02-23 (M9)

Attention: We merged the two different extensions for Spring Boot (for Java code and for properties) into a single extension for the various platforms (Eclipse, VSCode, Atom). This might require that you manually uninstall the old extensions and install the new ones. Automatic updates don't work here. For the Eclipse case, you might want to start with a fresh STS4 M9 distribution and go from there to avoid manual uninstall/install steps.

  • (Spring Boot) support added for Spring Data repositories, they show up as bean symbols now
  • (Spring Boot) fixed a bug that caused an exception when using content-assist for a non-Spring-Boot java project
  • (Spring Boot, VSCode) support for navigation added to live injection reports, they allow you to directly navigate to the source code of the bean type and the resource where the bean got defined. Limitation: this works for VSCode only at the moment, support for Eclipse and Atom still in progress
  • (Spring Boot, Eclipse integration) fixed a bug that caused content-assist to be turned off in the java editor
  • (Concourse) Concourse CI Pipeline Editor reports errors on valid pipeline.yml fixed ((#41))
  • (Eclipse integration) log output from language server processes are now streamed to the Console view, this can be disabled via the Language Servers STS4 preference page
  • (Eclipse integration) individual language servers can now be easily enabled/disabled (via the Language Servers preference page)
  • (Eclipse integration) bug fix to avoid multiple language server processes being started
  • (Eclipse integration) bug fix to not block the Java editor from opening while starting up the language server process
  • (Eclipse integration) bug fix to prevent exception in the IDE when initial project got deleted
  • improved the way the JDK to run the language server is found together with an improved error message if no JDK can be found

2018-01-30 (M8)

  • (Spring Boot Java) function declarations are now being parsed into symbols for functions that directly inherit from java.util.Function (#18)
  • (Spring Boot Java) updated live hover mechanics to work with latest Spring Boot 2.0 snapshot versions
  • (Spring Boot Java) improved the way the JDK (to run the language server) is found
  • (Spring Boot Java) improved warning message about missing tools.jar
  • (Spring Boot Java) live hovers now show up on class flies that are displayed as source
  • (Spring Boot Java) fixed a problem with outdated symbols showing up after file deletion/rename
  • (Spring Boot Java) fixed a deadlock issue
  • (Spring Boot Java) reduced number of threads used behind the scenes
  • (Spring Boot Java) reduced number of CPU cycles used by live hover mechanism
  • (Spring Boot Java, Spring Boot Properties) reduced memory footprint
  • (Spring Boot Properties) fixed an issue with wrong indentation after inserting property node
  • (Eclipse Integration) updated distribution to be based on early milestones of Eclipse Photon
  • (Eclipse Integration) improved goto symbol in file/workspace dialog
  • (Eclipse Integration) validation and quickfix support for ConfigurationProperties from STS3 added to STS4
  • (Eclipse Integration) fixed an issue with the Spring Starter wizard on Eclipse Photon
  • (Concourse) added support for cache attribute in tasks
  • (Concourse) added missing version attribute in image_resource

2017-12-15 (M7)

  • (all) issues solved when running on Windows (#25, #26, #29)
  • (Spring Boot Java) live hover information now works for inner classes
  • (Spring Boot Properties) boot property editing now activated for bootstrap*.yml files in VSCode automatically
  • (Concourse) getstep.version property in concourse pipeline now accepts a Map<String,String> (#24) as well as special values 'every' and 'latest' (#28).


  • initial public beta launch
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