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Commits on Dec 03, 2010
@hoijui hoijui revert persistent member rename [fix] b554e67
@hoijui hoijui unify source-code encoding (UTF-8) [maven] 1c94d4e
@hoijui hoijui introduce custom Checkstyle conventions (roughly following the SUN co…
@hoijui hoijui fix lots of Checkstyle reported errors [fix] 53bb963
@hoijui hoijui fix some JavaDoc errors [fix] [minor] 3257567
@hoijui hoijui do not use wild-card imports [minor] 50cc3f8
@hoijui hoijui init maven project for old old account format converter f628014
Commits on Dec 06, 2010
@hoijui hoijui cleanup ChanServ project file [Maven]
* set source code encoding globally
* add some meta info
* add checkstyle config file (copy from TASServer)
* misc
@hoijui hoijui ChanServ cleanup [minor] 3161923
@hoijui hoijui ChanServ: fix some Checkstyle errors 12721e9
@hoijui hoijui ChanServ: fix Misc.timeToDHM(long) method [fix] 13d6509
Commits on Jan 05, 2011
@hoijui hoijui split command line arguments handling into a separate class (Main) c542597
@hoijui hoijui add license headers to new files [minor] 42b6717
@hoijui hoijui fix var name typo b5d8e80
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
@hoijui hoijui differentiate command processing exceptions 597aa1c
@hoijui hoijui introduce CreateAccountCommandProcessor 9abd951
@hoijui hoijui officially disable IP white-listing for registration c12c439
@hoijui hoijui move registrationEnabled property from TASServer to AccountsService 3f1ea04
@hoijui hoijui introduce RegisterCommandProcessor c3d30e4
@hoijui hoijui introduce KickUserCommandProcessor a81d9fc
@hoijui hoijui introduce UpTimeCommandProcessor 4b18bf1
@hoijui hoijui modularize flood-protection 1d66aad
@hoijui hoijui introduce FloodLevelCommandProcessor 17fce6b
@hoijui hoijui introduce KillCommandProcessor 4f0e39f
@hoijui hoijui introduce KillIpCommandProcessor 2fa53ce
@hoijui hoijui move loginEnabled property from TASServer to Server aa7ccac
@hoijui hoijui introduce EnableLoginCommandProcessor 52978aa
@hoijui hoijui introduce EnableRegisterCommandProcessor 24900ca
@hoijui hoijui move time-out checking from TASServer to Server 4cd652c
@hoijui hoijui introduce SetTimeOutCommandProcessor 49531fd
@hoijui hoijui introduce RemoveAccountCommandProcessor c839e4d
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForceStopServerCommandProcessor & SaveAccountsServerCommand…
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChangeAccountPasswordCommandProcessor ab70f1d
@hoijui hoijui introduce GetAccountAccessCommandProcessor & ChangeAccountAccessComma…
@hoijui hoijui move redirect(IP) stuff from TASServer to Server c985cfc
@hoijui hoijui introduce RedirectCommandProcessor & RedirectOffCommandProcessor 0400ff8
@hoijui hoijui introduce AdminBroadcast, Broadcast, BroadcastExtended & GetAccountCo…
…unt command-processors
@hoijui hoijui introduce FindIp, GetLastIp & GetAccountInfo command-processors b46fd6f
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForgeMessageCommandProcessor 63f5c50
@hoijui hoijui introduce GetInGameTimeCommandProcessor & GetIpCommandProcessor 32e60a7
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForceCloseBattleCommandProcessor 77f69d8
@hoijui hoijui introduce Mute, Unmute & MuteList command-processors 088be50
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChannelMessageCommandProcessor 4d3ccd6
@hoijui hoijui introduce Ip2Country, ReInitializeIp2Country & UpdateIp2Country comma…
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChangeCharset, GetLobbyVersion & UpdateStatistics command-p…
@hoijui hoijui factor out "message of the day" handling into a separate class 1802f7a
@hoijui hoijui introduce UpdateMotdCommandProcessor 1f0f505
@hoijui hoijui introduce LongTimeToDate & GetLastLogin command-processors 224155b
@hoijui hoijui introduce SetChannelKeyCommandProcessor 5212911
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForceLeaveChannelCommandProcessor 5766bd2
@hoijui hoijui introduce GetSendBufferSize, MemoryAvailable & GarbageCollector comma…
@hoijui hoijui introduce AddNotificationCommandProcessor f6cec32
@hoijui hoijui move verifyLogin() from TASServer to AccountsService cb83b54
@hoijui hoijui introduce TestLoginCommandProcessor b7ad65b
@hoijui hoijui introduce SetBotModeCommandProcessor & GetRegistrationDateCommandProc…
@hoijui hoijui introduce SetLatestSpringVersionCommandProcessor 9b82b20
@hoijui hoijui introduce GetUserId, GenerateUserId & KillAll command-processors 9b195ca
@hoijui hoijui move agreement handling from TASServer to new class Agreement 6474186
@hoijui hoijui introduce LoginCommandProcessor 2a12f9d
@hoijui hoijui minor cleanup of LoginCommandProcessor 10d6684
@hoijui hoijui introduce ConfirmAgreementCommandProcessor 8f6d8c5
@hoijui hoijui introduce UserIdCommandProcessor 97f2bd2
@hoijui hoijui introduce RenameAccountCommandProcessor 3004508
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChangePasswordCommandProcessor 52d4b0d
@hoijui hoijui introduce Join & Leave command-processors 696605e
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChannelTopicCommandProcessor 815515a
@hoijui hoijui introduce all Say* command-processors 361ab39
@hoijui hoijui introduce JoinBattleCommandProcessor & JoinBattleAcceptCommandProcessor 8965ff2
@hoijui hoijui introduce JoinBattle & LeaveBattle command-processors 3e95a13
@hoijui hoijui minor cleanup 9be954a
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
@hoijui hoijui introduce MyStatusCommandProcessor & MyBattleStatusCommandProcessor 3df7fa3
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
@hoijui hoijui introduce UpdateBattleInfo- & Handicap-CommandProcessor db3360a
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForceTeamNumber- & ForceAllyNumber-CommandProcessor e62274b
@hoijui hoijui introduce ForceTeamColor- & ForceSpectatorMode-CommandProcessor 8cbfdf8
@hoijui hoijui introduce AddBot-, RemoveBot- & UpdateBot-CommandProcessor 1514c45
@hoijui hoijui introduce EnableUnits-, EnableAllUnits- & DisableUnits-CommandProcessor a81e816
@hoijui hoijui introduce RingCommandProcessor dfee39a
@hoijui hoijui introduce AddStartRect- & RemoveStartRect-CommandProcessor ba04ac5
@hoijui hoijui introduce start-script related command-processors da29e47
@hoijui hoijui introduce ChannelsCommandProcessor b7f8d8d
@hoijui hoijui introduce ReloadUpdateProperties- & RequestUpdateFile-CommandProcessor 0f1c12d
@hoijui hoijui re-facture & introduce KickFromBattle- and ForgeReverseMessage-Comman…
@hoijui hoijui introduce StopServerCommandProcessor 9566895
@hoijui hoijui introduce special handling for deprecated commands 540f8b1
@hoijui hoijui remove unnecessary import [minor] c4b9455
@hoijui hoijui introduce utility methods for Access a45dd53
@hoijui hoijui cleanup [minor] 6337fd0
@hoijui hoijui move FloodProtection from Server to Context ca54cc6
@hoijui hoijui introduce the Updateable interface, and make use of it 3d1507e
@hoijui hoijui refacture startup and shutdown a bit b0c9925
@hoijui hoijui replace _Apache Commons Logging_ and _log4j_ with _SLF4J_ and _logback_ 508ecf6
@hoijui hoijui make ServerThread implement Updateable d4ad1fd
@hoijui hoijui move a comment [minor] e22964d
@hoijui hoijui fracture out the software name ("TASServer") ec0eca9
@hoijui hoijui cleanup Statistics a bit 3f7a14a
@hoijui hoijui fix JavaDoc comments [minor] b01fce6
@hoijui hoijui stream-line some method names in Battle 2d11382
@hoijui hoijui Maven PMD report plugin configuration [fix] feb9f4c
@hoijui hoijui resolve 3 TODO's 7a89522
@hoijui hoijui solve some PMD & CheckStyle problems a08fb73
@hoijui hoijui properly name static versions of loggers 83c3912
@hoijui hoijui resolve some more CheckStyle reports 3e384b9
@hoijui hoijui move WebServer into a separate sub-package and give eahc class its ow…
…n file
@hoijui hoijui change to new spring site URL [fix] [minor] 5bc72a5
@hoijui hoijui refracture SetScriptTagsCommandProcessor e0977cc
@hoijui hoijui convert lobby protocol colors to java.util.Color 34f45e8
@hoijui hoijui refractor internal battle-status handling a bit f585675
@hoijui hoijui factor teamColor and battleStatus from Client and Bot into a common b…
…ase class
@hoijui hoijui save battle-status as separate fields internally, instead of as a bit…
@hoijui hoijui save status as separate fields internally, instead of as a bit-field 127eddb
@hoijui hoijui solve some issues reported by FindBugs d029a12
@hoijui hoijui MyBattleStatusCommandProcessor: first parse all arguments, then start…
… to apply them
@hoijui hoijui re-fracture clients handling in Battle & privatization & deprecation
less code duplication and easier to multithread
@hoijui hoijui re-fracture ADDBOT and REMOVEBOT (less code duplication) f2578c9
@hoijui hoijui minor cleanup in Misc 8f2c8a2
@hoijui hoijui factor out zip file handling from Misc into a new class ZipUtil f9b000c
@hoijui hoijui refactor IP address handling
* use InetAddress internaly, instead of String
* fix camel casing (localIP -> localIp)
* fix some comments
* fix some doc comments
@hoijui hoijui cleanup Client#sendLine & Client#leaveChannel e806a49
@hoijui hoijui cleanup some comments [minor] f21ec76
@hoijui hoijui cleanup Channel#topic & Channel#key and related stuff afc5317
@hoijui hoijui cleanup Channel log-file opening 14113cf
@hoijui hoijui refactor end-of-line handling c2566ee
@hoijui hoijui globally use "\n" for end-of-line
changes Statistics and ServerNotifications line end-of-line from "\r\n" to "\n"
@hoijui hoijui re-factor "parsing" of clients receive-buffer
* more modularized
* more documented
* marginal performance improvements
Commits on Jan 23, 2011
@hoijui hoijui resolve some FindBugs reports fc9da18
@hoijui hoijui introduce a new Account ctor: Account(username, password) dc520ab
@hoijui hoijui re-fracture country from String to Locale("", country) dd6d21f
@hoijui hoijui Clients: cleanup & speedup 1b2a800
@hoijui hoijui cleanup lots of code, mostly independent stuff d209948
@hoijui hoijui white-space fixes [minor] cef7dec
@hoijui hoijui more cleanup, partly assisted by FindBugs and PMD reports cf42e75
@hoijui hoijui factor out duplicate code related to Battle handling in command-proce…
…ssors & misc. cleanup
@hoijui hoijui do not potentially use host-name instead of IP [fix] ce51472
@hoijui hoijui white-space adjustments (80 chars limit) [minor] d9cbef1
Commits on Jan 24, 2011
@hoijui hoijui stick to the 80 chars length limit per line in some more places [minor] 1db3e6e
@hoijui hoijui fix copyright year [minor] 5f248c6
@hoijui hoijui adjust email address in copyright headers [minor] 4914fe3
@hoijui hoijui all source files use a common copyright comment header & adjusted aut…
…hor info [minor]

The author info (@author tag in class java-doc comments) is meant to be
used in case of questions about the code, and is currently split among
Betalord and hoijui.

The name and email in the copyright header is more a legal thing,
and is now pointing to hoijui in all files. If anyone (likely Betalord)
wants this changed, tell me please.
The FSF recommends having a real name and an email, and i do not have
that from Betalord.
Commits on Jan 25, 2011
@hoijui hoijui move the basic web-server into a separate project e113b9e
@hoijui hoijui cleanup FSSaveAccountsThread b56b323
@hoijui hoijui small refactor of `Misc.parseIp()` 0a714bf
@hoijui hoijui add the first two small unit tests for Misc 6e6c296
@hoijui hoijui create the surefire test results report 1dab39f
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
@hoijui hoijui small refactor of the MYSTATUS command processor and `Client#setStatu…
…s(int status)`
@hoijui hoijui remove members from Client that were copies of members in Account
Rank and bot had equivalents in Account, while access was a
simplified version of Account#access.
Commits on Jan 27, 2011
@hoijui hoijui white-space, comments and strings adjustments [minor] 2c4b42f
@hoijui hoijui Client#isAccess() [fix] 53dda4f
@hoijui hoijui on Account rename, rename mutes only after successful merge of the ch…
…ange to the backing storage
@hoijui hoijui introduce LanAccountsService to be able to slowly abstract LAN mode s…
…pecial cases away
@hoijui hoijui init command-processors later 7077e42
@hoijui hoijui handle command-line parsing with Apache Common CLI b32f826
@hoijui hoijui add cobertura report (unit test coverage) [maven] fbe73b1
@hoijui hoijui add jdepend report (interdependence between packages) [maven] 364eb50
@hoijui hoijui really implement `testMakeSentence()` a63f943
@hoijui hoijui add two more reports (commented out, because expensive or littel usef…
…ul) [minor] [maven]
@hoijui hoijui move ChanServ into its own git sub-module 1fd7821
Commits on Feb 26, 2011
@hoijui hoijui fix incorrect usage of Collections.copy(List, List) da16441
@hoijui hoijui fix JPA related Account stuff 9aa06cc
@hoijui hoijui replace StringBuilder with String.format in most places
This reduces code-size, enhances readability and will
come handy if stuff gets internationalized one day.
@hoijui hoijui re-fracture strToBool and boolToStr e23fa6e
@hoijui hoijui get rid of deprecated stuff 01e67ae
@hoijui hoijui fix java-doc comments [minor] 43a6dcc
@hoijui hoijui get rid of code duplication in Say*CommandProcessor's f234c21
@hoijui hoijui add some more CheckStyle checks [minor] cfd7fc9
@hoijui hoijui get rid of a FindBugs reported problem [minor] 21ec24d
@hoijui hoijui update the main README & add a basic one for TransferOldAccounts [minor] d2413e0
@hoijui hoijui remove TransferOldAccounts
It is no longer of practical use (since 2006).
@hoijui hoijui remove WebServer
It is (no longer) of practical use.
I do not even know what it was used for in the past.
@hoijui hoijui keep note of TransferOldAccounts and WebServer in the README [minor] 526e8d2
@hoijui hoijui adjust a doc comment [minor] 390bed0
@hoijui hoijui use a more sophisticated singleton implementation in IP2Country 3cebcc2
@hoijui hoijui make TASServer an utility class 860c4cd
@hoijui hoijui add an OSGi framework instance to the context
It is using the Apache Felix container, but that can be changed
very easily by editing the Maven project file only.
@hoijui hoijui require at least Maven 2.1 d08a034
@hoijui hoijui maven: minor reorganizing of encoding formats f7e9f4d
@hoijui hoijui OSGi-ify the command-processors
All the default command processors are now services, installed
through a single bundle. This first bundle is still part of the
main project, but it is all contained in the package
@hoijui hoijui Statistics cleanup 6867593
@hoijui hoijui Misc: cleanup and add comments 136f1b7
@hoijui hoijui Misc.*color*: do not support alpha values for colors in the lobby pro…
@hoijui hoijui add a new method: Misc.getAppVersionNonNull() d568e4d
@hoijui hoijui CheckStyle: mark TODO, FIXME and XXX in comments (Sun JavaDoc standard) d829ec5
@hoijui hoijui fix CheckStyle, spell and comment errors, and add new comments 6694e4a
@hoijui hoijui add more Misc unit-tests 625bf5a
@hoijui hoijui CheckStyle: only restrict number of parameters for methods, not for c…
@hoijui hoijui LoginCommandProcessor: use list-iterator 95a0f6b
@hoijui hoijui rename the project: TASServer -> SpringLS (LS stands for LobbyServer) 8216f9a
@hoijui hoijui fix template XML syntax highlighting [minor] 5317eac
@hoijui hoijui move some stuff from Misc into a the new class ProtocolUtil 38f21a6
@hoijui hoijui move Misc to package util ea2ea81
Commits on Mar 01, 2011
@hoijui hoijui move IP2Country stuff into its own package, and make it an OSGi bundle 5a9c506
@hoijui hoijui fix JavaDoc referencing System.currentTimeMillis() [minor] d582de4
@hoijui hoijui move ban-service stuff into the package bans, and make it an OSGi bundle a31704f
@hoijui hoijui move AccountService stuff to package accounts, and make it an OSGi bu…
@hoijui hoijui doc-comment adjustment [minor] 5758342
@hoijui hoijui allow command-processors to get an OSGi service directly by class 718d8b9
@hoijui hoijui move UpdateProperties and related commands to package updatepropertie…
…s, and make it an OSGi module
@hoijui hoijui fix two typos [minor] 3255699
@hoijui hoijui move Agreement into package agreement, and make it na OSGi bundle f23e14b
@hoijui hoijui move MessageOfTheDay and related command to package motd, and make it…
… an OSGi bundle
@hoijui hoijui move FloodProtection and related command-processor to package floodpr…
…otection, and make it an OSGi bundle (incomplete)
@hoijui hoijui fix white-space [minor]
* use Sun JavaDoc standard of 2 spaces for indent
* replace 4-space indents with tabs
@hoijui hoijui fix a logic bug, where only admins would ever be accused of flooding c2c4577
Commits on Mar 02, 2011
@hoijui hoijui facture out some more flood-protection specific stuff from Client and…
… ServerThread
@hoijui hoijui implement flood-protection in a nicer way 38f0043
@hoijui hoijui remove unneeded "= null" feecfc9
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
@hoijui hoijui use Apache commons configuration
This makes it possible to decouple parts much more easily from now on.
@hoijui hoijui set version of default plugins too, for better reproducibility across…
… systems [Maven]

This was suggested by Maven 3
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
@hoijui hoijui make better use of the `Updateable` interface
This enhances modularity/decoupling.
@hoijui hoijui move NatHelpServer to package nat, and make it an OSGi bundle 323df5a
@hoijui hoijui show deprecation warnings when compiling [Maven] [minor] 01bf293
@hoijui hoijui move Statistics to package statistics, and make it an OSGi bundle 2feddb5
@hoijui hoijui remove BanService from Context 546b38b
@hoijui hoijui cleanup, mostly CheckStyle and FindBugs reported stuff ecea482
@hoijui hoijui fix JavaDoc warnings [minor] 277f43a
Commits on May 01, 2011
@hoijui hoijui make the linux start script more stable (thanks to koshi) e0ba4bf
@hoijui hoijui if switch `--daemon` is given to the linux start script, run as daemo…
…n (thanks to koshi)

This also writes the PID to file
Commits on Oct 02, 2011
@hoijui hoijui add koshi as a contributor d32814a
@hoijui hoijui use latest ChanServ 415208a
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
@hoijui hoijui Protocol: reference latest master f1d638e
Robin Vobruba remove the Web-Interface (web-part) c1f27b9
Robin Vobruba cleanup & fix the README (TASServer -> SpringLS) 5f52ed9
Commits on Dec 16, 2011
@hoijui hoijui Maven: Use github-web as main project URL b10f262
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update report plugin versions 4813b19
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update main dependencies versions 5f0d6e3
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update transaction dependencies versions & get rid of 3rd part…
… repository dependency
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update JPA dependencies versions b62cece
Commits on Dec 17, 2011
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update make site generation plugins (`mvn site` now works unde…
…r Maven 3 aswell)
@hoijui hoijui Maven: use Sonatype parent
To be able to deploy there, and sync to Maven central later on.
@hoijui hoijui Maven: use github plugins to deploy site and release downloads on github d385c10
@hoijui hoijui Maven: move some heavy-output reports into an optional profile _Exten…
@hoijui hoijui Maven: introduce property project.mainClass 750c546
@hoijui hoijui Maven: update postgreSQL JDBC driver version 8fbb74a
@hoijui hoijui Maven: create a jar-with-dependencies assembly d7bfa32
Commits on Dec 18, 2011
@hoijui hoijui Maven: GPG-sign release artifacts bd1df30
@hoijui hoijui Maven: allow to run the server with `mvn exec:java`
Due to bugs in exec-maven-plugin,
we are not yet able to include the local _conf_ directory
in the classpath.

The bugs are filed within these issues:
@hoijui hoijui Maven: make shaded jar an additional artifact & add full shaded jar 85b57ae
@hoijui hoijui Maven: use single `<project ...>` line in pom
This is done by `mvn release:prepare`.
@hoijui hoijui Maven: remove the jar-with-dependencies assembly
As we now have the shaded stand-alone-full artifact,
which is functionally equivalent, this is no longer required.
@hoijui hoijui git-ignore certain files generated during the release process 5bd9750
@hoijui hoijui fix some typos in the README 2eece46
@hoijui hoijui make the `` script _dash_ shell compatible af9a140
@hoijui hoijui use the (minimal) stand-alone jar as basis in the `` script 9984ac7
@hoijui hoijui Make LAN-mode the default
Require cmd-line switches for file- or DB-storage,
either of which disables LAN-mode.
@hoijui hoijui remove the one-char version of most cmd-line args
Their meaning is unclear, and there are only so much chars.
Additionally, most of them should be used in special cases only.
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
@hoijui hoijui update logback to version 1.0.0
This fixes an issue with the logging config file not being found.

Related logback issue:
@hoijui hoijui minor refactor in ReloadUpdatePropertiesCommandProcessor 7c05090
@hoijui hoijui send context to UpdateProperties [fix] 0112966
@hoijui hoijui nicer warning message when no update properties are present 6d8c199
@hoijui hoijui Maven: set correct SCM push URL [fix] 013ebea
@hoijui hoijui [maven-release-plugin] prepare release springls-0.36 d48f9c8