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remove nota from news

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1 parent 0672dfb commit faed7943b7432162f11322ddcbd363c5ad93a715 @abma abma committed Apr 8, 2013
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  1. +5 −2 wwwroot/includes/news.php
@@ -48,14 +48,17 @@ function get_news_from_feed($feedurl)
if ($xml)
- $count = 1;
+ $count = 0;
foreach ($xml->xpath('/rss/channel/item') as $item)
if (strlen($item->title)<=0)
+ if ((stripos($item->title, 'nota') !== false)
+ || (stripos($item->link, '') !== false))
+ continue;
$newsdata = array((string) $item->title, (string) $item->link);
$cnews .= str_replace($cnewskeys, $newsdata, $cnewstemplate);
- if($count>=20) break; //limit to 20 news items
+ if($count>20) break; //limit to 20 news items

1 comment on commit faed794

abma commented on faed794 May 4, 2013

as note: this was done because the notalobby developers ignored this: (there is no response yet).

The NOTA website and project site hosts notalobby, this is why the news of NOTA is filtered out at the start page of I've already answered this in private before they started to make personal attacks to me.

I've also said in a pm, that if the NOTA devs remove Notalobby from their website, this filter will be removed.

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