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rts/build/kdevelop Kdevelop project files
rts/build Project files / build scripts
rts/build/scons Scons build files (for Linux & MinGW)
rts/build/vstudio7 Visual Studio 7 project files
rts/build/vstudio8 Visual Studio 8 project files
rts/build/xcode xcode project file
rts/ExternalAI AI interfaces
rts/Game General game code
rts/Game/StartScripts Hardcoded startscripts
rts/Game/UI Game controls including current gui
rts/lib/7zip 7zip library
rts/lib/hpiutil2 TA archive loading
rts/lib/libhpi Unused (old version of hpiutil2?)
rts/lib/lua lua interpreter library
rts/lib/minizip zip library
rts/lib/streflop/libm Math libary (long double, double and float implementations)
rts/lib/streflop/softfloat Emulated FP library
rts/lib/streflop STandalone REproducable FLOating Point lib
rts/lib Third party libraries
rts/Lua Spring Lua libraries
rts/Map Map loading & rendering
rts/Map/SM3 SM3 map support
rts/Map/SMF SMF map support
rts/Rendering/Env Sky(box), trees, water, grass
rts/Rendering/GL OpenGL extension loading, vertex arrays and utility code
rts/Rendering/Textures Texture management / texture filtering code
rts/Rendering/UnitModels S3O and 3DO rendering
rts/Sim/Misc Radar, LOS, damage array, quadfield, features, categories
rts/Sim/MoveTypes Unit move types and move math
rts/Sim/Objects SolidObject, WorldObject
rts/Sim/Path Pathfinding
rts/Sim/Projectiles ProjectileHandler & all projectiles
rts/Sim Simulation code
rts/Sim/Units/COB COB scripts VM
rts/Sim/Units/CommandAI Unit AI
rts/Sim/Units Unit handling code
rts/Sim/Units/UnitTypes CUnit implementations
rts/Sim/Weapons Weapon code
rts Spring engine source code
rts/System/creg Class register system (reflection)
rts/System/FileSystem Virtual File System
rts/System/Platform Code handling differences between OSes/processors
rts/System/Platform/Linux Linux/Unix specific code
rts/System/Platform/Mac Mac specific code
rts/System/Platform/Win Windows specific code
rts/System/Script LUA bindings for scripts
rts/System/Sync Sync debuggers
AI AI sourcecode..
AI/Global ..for GlobalAIs (Bot-libs)
AI/Group ..for GroupAIs (Helper-libs)
game/AI/Bot-libs Output directory for global AI binaries
game/AI Files related to AI
game/AI/Helper-libs Output directory for group AI binaries
game/base Output directory for springcontent.sdz & bitmaps.sdz
game/maps Map archives (sd7,sdz,sdd)
game/mods Mod archives (sd7,sdz,sdd)
game Output directory for binaries / data directory
game/startscripts LUA startscripts
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