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# This repository
rts Spring engine source code
rts/build Project files / build scripts
rts/build/cmake CMake build files (for Linux, Windows, OS X)
rts/build/vstudio8 Visual Studio 8 project files
rts/build/vstudio9 Visual Studio 9 project files
rts/builds build scripts for different builds of the engine (CMake)
rts/builds/default default engine (single threaded) build scripts (CMake)
rts/builds/GML MT graphics engine (GML) build scripts (CMake)
rts/builds/DS Dedicated Server build scripts (CMake)
rts/builds/HL Headless client (no graphics, no sound) build scripts (CMake)
rts/ExternalAI engine side AI interface
rts/ExternalAI/Interface AI side AI interface (also used by the engine)
rts/Game General game code
rts/Game/Camera different camera implementations
rts/Game/Server server part of the game (communication heart of all engine builds)
rts/Game/StartScripts Hardcoded startscripts
rts/Game/UI Game controls including current gui
rts/lib Third party libraries
rts/lib/7z 7zip library
rts/lib/assimp Open Asset Import Library (short name: Assimp)
rts/lib/gml graphics MT assistance library
rts/lib/headlessStubs stub libraries for OpenGL, GLEW & SDL
rts/lib/lobby library that allows communication with a lobby server (used by LuaUI's LuaLobby API)
rts/lib/lua lua interpreter library
rts/lib/md5 MD5 & base64 en-/de-cription library (used by lobby library)
rts/lib/minizip zip library
rts/lib/oscpack Open Sound Control library (used for statistics broadcasting)
rts/lib/streflop/libm Math libary (long double, double and float implementations)
rts/lib/streflop/softfloat Emulated FP library
rts/lib/streflop STandalone REproducable FLOating Point lib
rts/Lua Spring Lua libraries
rts/Map Map loading & rendering
rts/Map/SM3 SM3 map support
rts/Map/SMF SMF map support
rts/Menu Menu shown when the engine executable is launched without parameters
rts/aGui engine internal, OpenGL based simple GUI framework
rts/Rendering/Env Sky(box), trees, water, grass
rts/Rendering/GL OpenGL extension loading, vertex arrays and utility code
rts/Rendering/Textures Texture management / texture filtering code
rts/Rendering/UnitModels S3O and 3DO rendering
rts/Sim Simulation code
rts/Sim/Misc Radar, LOS, damage array, quadfield, features, categories
rts/Sim/MoveTypes Unit move types and move math
rts/Sim/Objects SolidObject, WorldObject
rts/Sim/Path Pathfinding
rts/Sim/Projectiles ProjectileHandler & all projectiles
rts/Sim/Units Unit handling code
rts/Sim/Units/COB COB scripts VM
rts/Sim/Units/CommandAI Unit AI
rts/Sim/Units/UnitTypes CUnit implementations
rts/Sim/Weapons Weapon code
rts/System/creg Class register system (reflection)
rts/System/FileSystem Virtual File System
rts/System/Input Mouse & joystick handling
rts/System/LoadSave Demo & SaveGame handling
rts/System/Net Network/Socket handling
rts/System/Platform Code handling differences between OSes/processors
rts/System/Platform/Linux Linux/Unix specific code
rts/System/Platform/Mac Mac specific code
rts/System/Platform/Win Windows specific code
rts/System/Sound Sound output implementation (<Null> & OpenAL)
rts/System/Sync Sync debuggers

AI AI sourcecode...
AI/Interfaces ...for interfaceing with Skirmish and Group AIs (Interfaces/impls)
AI/Wrappers meta AI interfaces (consist only of code that will be integrated into AI binaries)
AI/Wrappers/LegacyCpp ...for letting Legacy C++ AIs interface with the C AI Interface
AI/Wrappers/LegacyCpp/Event ...and Event classes needed for that
AI/Skirmish ...for SkirmishAIs (Skirmish/impls)

include direct, unaltered copies of headers required by headless, non-MinGW builds
buildbot used by the official build-bot (uninteresting for most users)
installer used to create the official windows engine installer (uninteresting for most users)
cont content that is used by the engine as is
cont/base base-files content
cont/freedesktop desktop shortcuts and similar stuff for Linux
cont/LuaUI engine supplied default Lua Gadgets & Widgets
tools source code for spring related tools

# When installed
dist/AI Files related to AI
dist/AI/Interfaces Output directory for AI Interface plugins
dist/AI/Skirmish Output directory for Skirmish AI plugins
dist/base Output directory for springcontent.sdz & bitmaps.sdz
dist/maps Map archives (sd7,sdz,sdd)
dist/games Game archives (sd7,sdz,sdd)
dist Output directory for binaries / data directory
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