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# Spring RTS game engine
Spring (formerly TASpring) was originally written by the Swedish clan SY,
and later extended by a bunch of other people, some of whom are listed
here (in alphabetical order):
* Auswaschbar (Karl-Robert Ernst <>)
* hoijui (Robin Vobruba <>)
* imbaczek (Marek Baczynski <>)
* jcnossen (Jelmer Cnossen <>)
* jk
* kloot (<>)
* tim blokdijk
* tobi (Tobi Vollebregt <>)
* trepan (Dave Rodgers)
* victor
* xiphux (Christopher Han <>)
* zerver (<>)
### Notes
NEVER send bug reports, help- and feature-requests directly to the
persons in this list, but visit <> instead.
Of course you are free to write mails about donating.
For additions/corrections to the list, please post in the community forum.
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