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Spring changelog
(since 85.0: "!" prefix indicate backward compability broke)
-- 88.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
! showing collision volumes has now its own command (`/debugcolvol` & `alt+v`)
! use footprint (not model) radii for obstacle avoidance
- improve reconnecting sim/draw balance
- disable line/point smoothing in safemode
- time profiler updates now even when paused
! MoveInfo read "avoidMobilesOnPath" from correct table and disable it by default (before it was default enabled)
! allow to list files with unsolveable depends
- warn about usage of deprecated functions in unitsync
- added new Spring.TestMoveOrder(unitDefID, worldx, worldy, worldz) -> boolean
- added new Spring.Log()
- same as Spring.Echo, but passes metadata to the logsystem
! to be able to use LOG.XYZ you need to update your system.lua
- Spring.Log(string logsection, int loglevel, ...) (with loglevel either: LOG.DEBUG, LOG.INFO, LOG.WARNING, LOG.ERROR, LOG.FATAL)
- Spring.Log(string logsection, string loglevel, ...) (with either: "debug", "info", "warning", "error", "fatal" [lower-/uppercase doesn't matter])
- fixed WeaponDefs[123].pairs()
- added myGravity tag to WeaponDefs[] table (thx DeadnightWarrior)
! distinguish water-damage in Unit{Pre}Damaged
- water damage has index -5
! kill damage was -5 before and is now -6
- fixed multiple crashes
- fixed gcc i686 march flag
- fixed an aircraft refueling bug
- fixed multiple pathing bugs/issues
- fixed crash at startup when DynamicSun=1
- fixed 'Nanoframe targeting and water' (3017)
- fixed desync _warning_ between 32- & 64-bit systems
- fixed FarTextures with GPU/drivers that don't support FBOs
- fixed spring-mt & spring-safemode links in window's startmenu
- fixed incorrect drawMidPos (e.g. used for command line drawing)
! add vcredist_x86.exe to the installer / remove MSVCR71.dll from mingwlibs
- fixed safemode shortcuts
-- 87.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
! restore pre86.0 maxAngleDif arcs
! remove the following Lua consts: wdef[id].areaOfEffect, wdef[id].maxVelocity & wdef[id].onlyTargetCategories
- fix "LuaUI didn't got unprocessed /xyz commands" (mantis 2982)
- fix shield rendering
- support for zlib 1.2.6 (thx sirmaverick)
- fix crash on start when invalid ai is in script.txt
- fix multiple pathing & collision issues
- some Maven (Java) updates
! removed ArchiveMover
- fix compile for "make tests" on win32
-- 86.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
- new commandline argument "--safemode": It turns off all features that are known to cause problems on some system.
! ignore features with `blocking=false` in all RayTracing/Aiming functions (other code still checks them!!!)
- enable ROAM in spring-mt
- IsolationMode: scan ENV{SPRING_DATADIR} & config's SpringData as readonly datadirs
- using now OS functions to expand special paths in spring's include dirs (config's SpringData, ENV{SPRING_DATADIR}, ...)
! Windows: now uses windows syntax ("$HOME/foo/bar" is now "%HOME%/foo/bar") (see msdn's ExpandEnvironmentStrings documentation)
- Linux: now supports full bash path syntax ("~/", "${HOME}/.spring/", "/foo/../bar/", etc.) (see manpage of wordexp)
- remove "Start SpringSettings" and "Start the Lobby" from the test/develop menu
! remove support for selectionkeys.txt
- add internal_pthread_backtrace for freebsd
- update mingwlibs (fixes rotated textures)
- make globalLOS a per-allyteam variable
/globallos <n> --> toggle for allyteam <n>, no argument --> toggle for all
fix several minor issues and corner cases
support partial searches, allow search to start from blocked nodes
tweak heuristic so it overestimates less on non-flat terrain
do not let units move before path-request is processed
- UnitDef: add turnInPlaceAngleLimit tag
for a unit with turnInPlace=true, defines the
maximum angle of a turn above which it starts
to brake (defaults to 0.0, values in degrees)
- MoveDef:
unhardcode default pathfinder cost-adjustment and
speed-multipliers for squares blocked by *mobile*
avoidMobilesOnPath = boolean,
speedModMults = {
mobileBusyMult = number,
mobileIdleMult = number,
mobileMoveMult = number,
unhardcode the DepthMod equation:
depthModParams = {
minHeight = number,
maxHeight = number,
maxScale = number,
quadraticCoeff = number,
linearCoeff = number, -- deprecates "depthMod"
constantCoeff = number,
new formula is given by
if h < depthModParams.minHeight: 1.0
if h > depthModParams.maxHeight: 0.0
depthScale = MAX(0.01, MIN(depthModParams.maxScale, (a * h * h) + (b * h) + c))
depthMod = 1 / depthScale
h = unit's absolute height below water surface
a = depthModParams.quadraticCoeff
b = depthModParams.linearCoeff
c = depthModParams.constantCoeff
- reload IsolatedMode & Dir via the EnvVar on Init() calls
- warn about invalid version numbers
- add python bindings for unitsync
- fix signal handling
- use native DialogBoxes
- cleanup and extend SSMF shader, now includes a parallax-mapping stage
- add LuaRules callin `DrawShield(number unitID, number weaponID) --> boolean`
(true skips Spring's own drawing of shield <weaponID> owned by unit <unitID>)
- make LuaUnsyncedCtrl::SendSkirmishAIMessage return a table, not N loose strings
(but note there is nothing in this table due to "limitations" of the AI interface)
- add weaponDefID parameter to ProjectileCreated
- add facing parameter to AllowUnitCreation
- remove most range-checks in default gadget-handler for registering commands (2930+2952)
- distinguish damage-types for Unit{Pre}Damaged when weaponDefID < 0 (2966)
weaponDefID -1 --> debris collision
weaponDefID -2 --> ground collision
weaponDefID -3 --> object collision
weaponDefID -4 --> fire damage
weaponDefID -5 --> kill damage
- fixed Intel GPU detection under Windows
- fixed handling of duplicated used hotkeys (i.e. unit groups & specteam switching)
- fixed minor issues with ground collision RayTracing
- fixed compilation with boost >=1.48
- fixed Spring.Restart
- open logfiles on win32 with commit flag set
! don't allow spring to start when a depend file is missing
- "Rapid unit ejection from factory" (2864)
- "Units walk in circles on their way to a far awar move goal" (2866)
- "Excessive movement bouncing off buildings and wreckages" (2865)
- "armpw stuck in air while pathing around solars" (2854)
- "Enemied units can get stuck in each other with movectrl" (2832)
- "A factory set to wait continues the queue" (2868)
- "Change in Factory Behaviour wrt AllowUnitCreation" (2873)
- "Building with Meta-Key pressed does not work" (2764)
- "'Move at slowest speed of group' move order (ctrl+alt) semi-permanently changes unit maxvelocity." (2880)
- BeamLasers could hit but not damage units using per-piece colvols
- heap corruption in UnitDrawer::ShowUnitBuildSquare (2903)
- heap corruption in TransportCAI::UnloadDrop (2911)
- mismatched feature colvol matrices
- MoveCtrl.SetRelativeVelocity
- bug in TestTrajectoryCone for ballistic weapons
- transported units being unhittable (2875, 2934)
- SetUnitCrashing inconsistency, caused "Aircraft crashing while landed results in irregular behavior" (2924)
- obscure targetting bug, caused "Gunship jams when on hold fire" (2406)
- deprecate / remove the 'toAirWeapon' WeaponDef tag
(use "onlyTargetCategory = VTOL" for the same effect)
- 'airmesh is 0 at x >= width or z >= height' (2938)
- GuiHandler crash when unit has no valid selfDExplosion (2852)
- <canSubmerge=false, floater=true> aircraft landing on sea floor (2856)
- 'waterweapon=false BeamLaser can fire into water' (2857)
- the units-humping-obstacles syndrome (forward and reverse)
- silly aircraft refueling bugs
- 'Warning message on SetGroundMoveTypeData(unitID, "maxSpeed", 0)' (and some related possible div0's)
- weird inability of weapons with a non-default onlyTargetCategory to attack the ground
- 'Unit LOD billboards are too dark' (2948)
- rare antinuke bug (2956)
- typo in setting of default turnInPlaceSpeedLimit
- "All terrain units move commands are removed when climbing cliffs" (2958)
- 'Landed gunships do not follow height reduction' (2823)
-- 85.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
Major Changes:
- ROAM \o/
- QTPFS (disabled by default)
- updated man-pages
- added new argument `--sync-version` (i.e. prints "85" for a 85.0 build or "84.0.1-567-g69ef7a3 develop" for a dev build)
- allow to build proper release builds without being on branch master
- added a full set of new arguments to spring-dedicated (see `spring-dedicated --help`)
- added --isolation & --isolation-dir arguments
- optionally, you may supply a path with SPRING_ISOLATED=<isolation-mode-dir>
- added ROAM. Kudos go to B. Turner (the original author of the code) and Beherith (for integrating it into Spring).
- set SmoothLines & SmoothPoints by default on DONT_CARE (so your gfx driver settings decide if it is enabled or not)
- dynamic viewrange handling, so even a 32x32 map can be rendered w/o clipping in low camera angles
- log available video memory on NVidia/ATi gfx drivers
- disable GLSL shaders on Mesa/Intel drivers
- re-added forced log file flushing when handling crashes
- made the (new) C++ AI Wrapper VS compatible
- name threads so you can identify them in `htop` (Linux only)
- some additional time-profilers in rendering code
! hide "(Headless)" in dedicated's returned version name
- fixed stacktrace translation with some Linux setups
- fix crash when specs are cheating in via /team
- fix transport loading failure
- fix keyshortcuts (handle F3 OR any+F3 but not both at once!)
- fix EndGameBox
- make F2 colors less ambiguous
- the ManualFire action now expects a cursor "cursormanfire"
- make units crushable like features
- implement avoidFeature for Cannons and MissileLaunchers
- fix extremely fast unit rotations after being hit
- fix FPS-mode range exploit
- fix teleport-to-smooth-mesh after unloading
- fix units sometimes moving onto impassable squares
- fix the mass-clumping unit movement bug
- properly restore MoveType::maxSpeed after a guard-order
- prevent units getting stuck when turning around the corner of other units
- give warning when textures used in SimpleParticles don't exists
- really fix default projectile colors
MultiThreaded (GML):
- fix hang/runtime error during pathing
- fix Creating unit in gadget:Initialize()
- lots of other fixes
- limit UnitReplies to max one concurrent playback
- play most unit sounds (activate, ...) only if unit is in LOS
! removed "commander" tag (The Commander selectkeys filter is now defunct (ctrl+c hotkey). Lua it, or add a new one that looks for any canManualFire units.)
- added new "blocking" bool tag
! "canDGun" is now a synonym for "canManualFire"
- added new tag "crushResistance" (defaults to unit's mass)
! make the default cloakCost* values 0 instead of -1,
! added new "canCloak" bool tag (If an unit can receive user cloak commands. Before, canCloak was auto set to true if cloakCost >= 0.)
- added new tag "crushResistance" (defaults to feature's mass)
- added new "craterAreaOfEffect" float tag (defaults to the value of areaOfEffect)
- added "movement.allowCrushingAlliedUnits" (default false)
- added "movement.allowUnitCollisionDamage" (default false)
- added "system.pathFinderSystem" (defaults to 0, 1 is QTPFS)
! UnitDef[].isCommander returns now false
- fixed Spring.GetTimer/DiffTimers
- fixed Spring.SetMouseCursor when using hw cursor
- handle Lua code crashes in some events correctly, so they don't crash the whole Lua enviroment (fixes: "LuaRules::CheckStack top = -1")
! call UnitMoveFailed event only for via Script.SetWatchUnit registered UnitDefs
! added new WeaponDefs[].craterAreaOfEffect
- extend Spring.SetUnitBlocking with an optional 4th "crashable" bool argument
- added new Spring.GetUnitBlocking(unitid) -> blocking, crushable
demo widgets:
- minimap_startbox.lua: play sound when start-positions are placed
- create spring_${VERSION}
- if Init() is called, but we are already initialzied, do a re-initialization
-- 84.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
Bugfixes & Improvements:
- reduced 'Got invalid Select' message spam
- hide framNums from chat console
- fixed command queue bug (zombie builders)
- always flush stdout/stderr
- workaround a SDL bug with X11 & fullscreen that broke MiddleClickScrolling
- changed target behavior of enemies outside of LOS
- fixed BumpWater with DepthBufferBits=16
- fixed aircraft landing on repairpads
- reset aircraft state after starting from repairpad (`ground hover bug`)
- make UHM available before the gamestart (fixes Spring.GetGroundHeight in :Initialize() etc.)
- workaround 'Bertha' issue (UHM related)
- make C++ AI Wrapper compile with VS
- fixed fog in some shaders
- fixed F2 view
- improve weapon interceptors (anti nukes can now intercept nukes that fly over them)
- fixed free resources by NanoFrameDecay
- handle resigned players (:= /spectator) in game_end.lua gadget
- Lua Spring.KillTeam: disallow killing of Gaia (engine doesn't support so atm)
- fixed lasers not hitting targets at edge of range
- fixed stutter with low-reloadtime weapons
- Lua: removed WeaponDefs[i].graphicsType & renamed WeaponDefs[i].hardStop -> WeaponDefs[i].laserHardStop
-- 83.0 ---------------------------------------------------------
Major Changes:
- EFX/EAX support (sound reverb)
- ASSIMP support (not 100% finished yet)
- AI Interface pure-ification
- many speedups and double as much slowdowns
- use a new engine versioning scheme (RC12)
- use more smooth algorithm for wind updates
- fixed a few focus lost issues (keyboard & mouse)
- DebugMode now draws feature collision volumes too
- made ShadowSpace linear
- multithreaded loadingscreen
- hide out-of-LOS heightmap changes
- replace engine start point marker with lua-widget
- use "game" instead of "mod" in many places
- add "isolation" mode (do not use global data-dirs)
- change lobbyserver main address to ""
- use everywhere (deprecate clan-sy links)
- ArchiveMover uses unitsync to detect the writable data dir
- improve version logging on non-Windows OSs
- include player-name in log message when resingning
- add `../` as data-dir if it contains `maps/`, `games/` and `engines/`
- allow to define the default config- nad data-dir on windows, using env var PROGRAMDATA
- refuse to load too heavily compressed archives (see 0.82.3-1043-g2c15040 commit message for details)
- better IP v6 and v4/v6 mixed mode support
- lots of error messages improved and new ones added
- add the first few unit-tests
- add a validation-test
- add network bandwidth limits per player to prevent malicious command spam
- add optional high-loss network modes to make spring playable on very lossy connections (NetworkLossFactor = 0|1|2)
Engine / bugfixes:
- too many to list, see (incomplete!)
- calculate the team unit-limit without ancient hacks
- stop the maxunits team restriction from applying to Gaia (#2435)
- fix ray-ground intersections when camera is outside map
- fix spring on MacOSX
- CMake configure and make build are much more stable now (no more failure due to wrong order of actions)
- fix DamageArray related sync error
- fix a lot of memory-leaks
- fix unit does sometimes not reach target position when given a restore command
- prevent build time-out when builder or other units are blocking the build pos
- fix "cheat" status disparity between server and client after watching demo
- fix captured unit still getting shot at
- fix repeat commands remain even if the target object is destroyed
- fix unwanted error spam when disconnecting from server
- fix reconnect failure (incorrect password)
- fix rare desync and keyframe mismatch after reconnect
- fix two crashes related to audio channels
- eliminate some false hang detections on load
- fix multithreaded crash in lua material rendering
- fix hang after crash
- fix memory corruption in bitmap handling
- fix desync in PieceProjectile (#2591)
- fix a certain /take exploit
- fix hover aircraft may become unresponsive in conjunction with command chains and repeat enabled
Engine / misc defs:
- replace UnitDef::pieceTrailCEG* by a Lua subtable of sfxTypes
- deprecate several *Def tags and their Lua*Defs copies (type/maxSlope/isBuilder/canDGun/transportableBuilding/dropped/canCrash/...)
- make a missing UnitDef::humanName non-fatal
- UnitDef: remove hardcoded: if ((waterline >= 5.0f) && canmove) { waterline += 10.0f; }
- make UnitDef::losHeight configurable instead of an unused hardcoded value
- add collide{Enemy, Ground} as weapondef tags
- use a more reasonable default for FeatureDef.autoreclaimable (== reclaimable)
- scan in 'effects/' as well as 'gamedata/explosions' for CEG definitions
Engine / misc commands:
- add a /clearmapmarks command
- rename /advshading to /advmodelshading; add an /advmapshading analogue
- add '/reloadCEGs [cegtag]'; reloads all CEGs or one specific CEG by tag
- add '/dumpstate <minFrame> <maxFrame> [frameInt]'
- add '/CommandList'
- add '/CommandHelp <commandName>'
- more complete word completion for game-commands
- make auto-host command `paused` use a parameter (0|1)
- add scrollbars for player list in "quit" and "share" dialogs
Engine / Userconfigs:
- removed the "FSAA" config tag (FSAALevel is enough)
- removed default 1024x768 res and use desktop one now instead (done when X/YResolution <= 0)
- added a new 3rd state for AtiHacks: -1 (autodetect each run, so you can switch GPUs)
Engine / Simulation:
- never allow zero-area feature footprints
- remove radius halving for default aircraft collision-volumes
- close down another out-of-map attack exploit route
- rewrite collision detection/resolution between ground units
- skip path-estimating for unused MoveDefs
- use the full resolution of the blocking object map in pathestimator
- invoke higher resolution pathfinder if needed
- always add the "geovent" FeatureDef (#2402)
- only send UnitLoaded events for units that were not already being transported (when Attach'ing them)
- fix bizarre skidding behavior for ground units with non-zero slideTolerance
- higher priority for nano particles when capturing and reclaiming other teams units
- print error message for select commands referencing invalid object IDs
- make TorpedoLauncher weapons able to target any in-water unit
- make pushing of enemy units during collisions a ModInfo option ("allowPushingEnemyUnits")
- remove hardcoded enter-crashing-state-on-death behavior for aircraft (now delegated to Lua or COB)
Engine / Map:
- merged both mapinfo.lua's! before there were two, one in the base-dir (-> ArchiveScanner) and one in "maphelper/mapinfo.lua" (-> MapParser/MapInfo)
engine now always tries to read the base-dir one
- new mapinfo.lua tags:
- "specularExponent" (moved from userconfig)
- "fogEnd"
- "bladeColor"
- check for the smt _next to_ the smf (which can already freely placed in the archive!)
- allow resources_map.lua to specify GroundFX textures for CEGs (that use CSimpleGroundFlash)
Engine / Rendering:
- Lua-scriptable dynamic lighting of models and terrain (
- WIP DynamicSun option for moving shadows
- add optional SSMF normal-mapping and self-illumination stages
- fix holes in shadows cast by non-closed S3O/OBJ models icw. face culling
- always cull (non-3DO) model backfaces for the shadow pass
- squeeze some extra precision out of the shadow-map
- make map/model/tree/projectile shadows individually configurable
- allow weapons to not leave any explosion scars (add "explosionScar=true|false" to a WeaponDef)
- render all SMF maps through GLSL if it is available
- make depth-testing and -masking configurable for CSimpleGroundFlash
- fix mixed up textures in the multithreaded version
- fix awkward performance with multithreaded engine in games using custom model formats
- add peak display for time profiler
- don't display /mtinfo if the value is near zero
- properly fade out features
- make underwater shadows darker in deeper water
- significantly reduced performance impact for Lua rendering widgets in the multithreaded version
- enable creation of OpenGL objects such as display lists in the sim thread in the multithreaded version
- fix BumpWater on ATI cards when atiHacks=false
Engine / Sound:
- added EFX/EAX support (reverb)
- /tset UseEFX [0|1]
- /tset snd_filter %gainlf %gainhf
- /tset snd_eaxpreset "bathroom" (see EFXPresets.cpp for alternatives)
- fixed a bug when runtime changing the volume
- added a warning when trying to play a non-mono sound in 3d (OpenAL doesn't support this!)
Engine / COB&LUS:
- fixed bug in WaitFor... [mantis #2499]
- minor animation-handler optimizations
Engine / Lua:
- fixed "/luagaia xyz" cmds
- added EAX/EFX funcs: Spring.[Get|Set]SoundEffectParams
- totally remove following args of SetUnitPieceCollisionVolumeData: affectLocal, affectGlobal, enableGlobal (it's now always local!)
- fixed gl.PushAttrib(GL.ALL_ATTRIB_BITS)
- added a new channel argument to Spring.PlaySoundFile(). it is always the last argument (independent if you defined pos/speed)
it can either be:
"battle", "sfx", 1
"unitreply", "voice", 2
"userinterface", "ui", 3
anything else defaults to "general"
- removed teamcolors.lua (redundant since Spring.SetTeamColor)
- add optional flattenGround parameter to Spring.CreateUnit
- remove the "n" field from array-like tables returned by API functions
- added Spring.GetProjectilesInRectangle
- linked Projectile{Created, Destroyed} to the Spring.SetWatchWeapon state
- added Spring.SetWatchUnit(unitDefID) and Spring.SetWatchFeature(featureDefID) analogues of SetWatchWeapon
- extend LuaPathFinder with support for setting node cost overlays
- extend SyncedRead::Pos2BuildPos: add support for additional param "facing"
- added Spring.{Get, Set}MapSquareTexture (these allow complete dynamic run-time retexturing of SMF maps)
- added Spring.GetMetalMapSize (returns size in metal map coordinates)
- added Spring.GetMetalExtraction (note: uses metal map coordinates)
- added Spring.{Get, Set}MetalAmount (note: uses metal map coordinates)
- added Spring.GetFeaturesInCylinder
- added Spring.GetFeaturesInSphere
- added Spring.GetFeatureCollisionVolumeData
- added Spring.SetWMIcon
- added Spring.SetWMCaption
- added Spring.ClearWatchDogTimer
- added widget call-in GamePaused
- added widget call-in PlayerAdded
- added widget call-in PlayerRemoved
- added callins for collision events
UnitUnitCollision(colliderID, collideeID) -- needs SetWatchUnit enabled for both parties
UnitFeatureCollision(colliderID, collideeID, crushKilled) -- needs SetWatchFeature enabled for both parties
- added Spring.SetUnitCrashing
- add All/None buttons for widget selector
- fix multithreaded crashes in Spring.Get{Full,Real}BuildQueue
- fix Immobilebuilder fails near the map edge
- fix Spring.SetUnitWeaponState "range" for cannon weapons
- add control over airStrafe via MoveCtrl.SetGunshipMoveTypeData
- migrate MoveCtrl.SetLeaveTracks to (LuaUnsynced) Spring.SetUnitLeaveTracks
- removed all widgets (moved to examples/Widgets)
Engine / Internal:
- added limited OpenMP support
- added multithreaded OpenGL support via offscreen contexts
- added LinkingTimeOptimization (currently fails with GCC4.5/6)
- more/better error reporting
- new logging system:
frontend is leightweight
frontend is C compatible
is more modular
supports log levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL
"sub-systems" renamed to "sections"
more section then before
is compatible with unit-testing
write DEBUG and INFO to stdout, the rest to stderr
disable console logging for unitsync
disable console output for dedicated server shared library
turn off flushing to log-file completely
- added GL_ARB_debug_output support (callback-based opengl error reporting)
NOTE: this doesn't work yet, because most drivers export this ext only for so called debug contexts.
Creating those is impossible with near all current GL frameworks (SDL, SFML, ...).
- fixed unnecessary memory allocation in Archive7Zip
- promote the CrashHandler hang-detector thread to a WatchDog
- use a SafeVector for the Command parameter array
- lots of cleanup and refactoring
- get rid of goto
- modularized chat-/game-commands (for example /cheat)
- no more use of AUX_SOURCE_DIRECTORY in CMake (as recommended by CMake team)
- Remove the obsolete SCons build system
- reduces constantly allocated memory for drawing stuff for AIs from ~130MB to ~ 2KB
- add a new build-target "generateSources"
- allow to use a system-supplied minizip library
- allow to disable each build type individually at configure stage
- generate version from git-describe (git tags), instead of hardcoding them into a source-file
- unsynced deletion of synced projectiles
- watchdog monitoring for some additional threads
- AI Interface pure-ification, see Forum: Development - AI - <sticky-thread>
- add full two-way communications between AI's and unsyced Lua
- let AI's send textual commands (like "/cheat")
- allow AI Interface plugins to provide info about available Skirmish AIs
- install Java-AIInterface and JavaOO-AIWrapper as maven artifacts into the local repository
- Legacy C++ AI: allow fetching the maximum number of units in a game
- fix source generation occasionally failing for Java-AIInterface
- treat allied units as always in LOS
- fetch the correct UnitDef for decoy units, if the unit is allied
- Java AI Interface: pack native sources too
- Maven-ize NullOOJavaAI
- Java AI: allow AIs to support compiling only through Maven
- generally improved Maven support
- make source generation compatible with BWK and GAWK 4.0.0
- E2323AI: bump to latest version
- KAIK: mid-game init fix
- AAI: prevent stack corruption in the case of file paths longer then 500 chars
- RAI: do not use a single/static team-instance callback in a place used by all RAI instances
- implemented GetDataDirectoryCount() and GetDataDirectory(int index)
- add support for retrieving non-string info value types (string, integer, float, bool)
- introduce GetPrimaryModInfoCount
- fix OpenArchiveFile
- create minimal-portable .7z version of engine and reuse it in installer
- ai's are now installed always (removed individual sections)
- add registry key to unitsync.dll HKLM\Software\Spring\SpringEngineHelper
- replace readme.html with
-- ---------------------------------------------------------
Engine / General:
- disable frame number prefix in messages to the console by default
- add temporary hack to not crash on HostIP=localhost
Engine / Lua:
- change parameter `useOverlay` from type number to bool in config access functions
Engine / Auto-Hosts:
- gracefully exit if the autohost is not reachable
- if the local socket supports IP v6, but AutohostIP is specified as IP v4, use v4 to connect
- stop server on config problem
Engine / Dedicated-Server:
- fix crash when game ends prematurely
- add new function GetSpringVersionPatchset() (return "1" for a spring version of ""
- remove accidentially added third paramter to Init()
- fix: do not check for running .exe in silent-mode
- Zero-K: desktop-shortcut: rename & add icon
- KAIK: add missing initialization checks
Engine / General:
- fix crash due to invalid lastAttacker
- do not bind a UDP socket for local games -> allows multiple local instances again sans hassle)
- clamp minimum mapHardness to 0.001 to prevent div/0
- fix dangling CUnit* (crash for everyone in-game)
- fix crash in 3DO Parser
- fix bug in CGround::TrajectoryGroundCol with outside map coordinations
- prevent memory-leak in LoadGrayscale() if there already was pixel-data
- fix some more memory-leaks
- prevent equal unsynced random seeds
- fix SetUnitRotation
- fix enemy units responding to bugger off
- apply damage wrt. impacted piece if usePieceCollisionVolumes == 1
- make CBitmap::ReverseYAxis() more efficient
- remove excess elements from BasicMapDamage::craterTable
- rename "mod" to "game" in default menu & add "games/" to mod scanDirs
- implement host-definable IP's
- do not save/restore minimized windows state on win32
- convert some crashes because of invalid CEGs into warnings
- properly ignore non-blocking objects during collisions
- change minimum for UnitDef.buildDistance from 128 to 38 (default stays 128)
- broadcast team died events to all players, so it is stored in the demo file
Engine / Logging:
- give S3O model name in error message when a texture is missing
- print name of widget to infolog.txt before it starts to load
- prevent empty content_error messages
- catch model content_error exceptions ASAP
- unify stdout/infolog output
Engine / Lua:
- fix global enviroment pollution in luaui.lua
- allow Spring.AssignMouseCursor & Spring.ReplaceMouseCursor from LuaRules, too
- Allow loading from subfolders for weapon-def files (tdf and lua)
- implement Lua's GameFrame event via the EventHandler
- added parameter includeSky to TraceScreenRay
- correct `AllowResourceTransfer` params in default gadget handler
- new parameter for LuaSyncedCtrl::SetUnitArmored allows setting of the armor multiple
Engine / Path-Finder:
- fix units-stuck-behind-terrain
- fix Godde-III
- do not assign extra waypoints to aircraft
- decrease ETA-failure response time
- keep speed above UnitDef::turnInPlaceSpeedLimit when turning (if turnInPlace==0)
- fix units slowing down on negative slopes
- set a more reasonable default turnInPlaceSpeedLimit
- PFS: remove circular constraint from run-time searches
- set a more reasonable turnInPlaceSpeedLimit
Engine / Rendering:
- fix cannon visuals
- fix rendering of tri-stripped S3O's
- require GLEW 1.5.1+ because 1.5.0 does not have `glMapBufferRange`
- do not crash on shader compilation error
- fix build-order drawing for OBJ models
- replace 63x63 icons with 64x64 ones in LuaUI/Icons/ (prevents glitches on some older GFX cards)
- fix occasionally strange wake SFX
Engine / Auto-Hosts:
- builds other then dedicated-server now also support commands "kill" and "pause"
- make command `paused` support a parameter (0|1)
Engine / Dedicated-Server:
- fix binary name
Engine / Head-Less:
- crash fix
- remove of "jump depending on uninitialized value"
- LegacyCpp-AIWrapper: fix some memory leaks
- KAIK: fix memory corruption (one-character-typo...)
- KAIK: clamp costs to 1.0, not to 0.0
- KAIK: compile fix for 64bit
- KAIK: fix infinite loop
- KAIK: do not access invalidated pointer
- KAIK: init value before use
- KAIK: prevent accessing of array at position -1
- KAIK: prevent a crash when enemy unit is out of map bounds
- KAIK: fix mid-game init
- AAI: add version independent config file (by azaremoth) for _The Cursed_ game
- RAI: made compatible with MSVC
- RAI: fix cache file names
- RAI: fix AI considering water as harmful
- RAI: fix building non suitable buildings on certain maps
- RAI: fix a crash at end of game
- E323AI: pump to version 3.25.0
- fixed for main binary (.exe, windows)
- do not check for .Net when installing Zero-K
- delete all files that were installed
- add Tobis rapid client
Engine / General:
- prevent false hang detection trigger
Engine / Rendering:
- fix occasional ATI crash
- rename SpringDownloader to Zero-K Lobby
- re-add MSVCR71.dll
Engine / General:
- fix various bugs related to mid-game join
- fix LosHandler ignoring units with losRadius <= 0 but airLosRadius > 0
- fix a leftover icon bug
- fix BFGroundDrawer crash at extreme view-distances
- fix death-wait
- allow death-wait in games with more then 2 ally teams
- reduce risk for deadlock during stack trace
- allow to specify game-start-delay in the start script (GameStartDelay)
Engine / Simulation:
- prevent SEGV when updating skidding units
- improve turnInPlace=0 path-following (#2072)
- units ignored ETA failures when <= 200 elmos from goal, even if goal unreachable
- make pushResistant (allied) units still move out of the way of constructions
Engine / Rendering:
- update the displayed resource production for inbuilt units too
- fix spectators see ghosted buildings
- do not draw icons for noDraw units
- do not cast shadows for noDraw units
- do not draw healthbars for noDraw units either
Engine / AI:
- add feature-ID trace-ray command
- allow fetching of other teams resources (current, income, usage, storage)
- EnableCheatEvents() was a no-op because it did not enable cheats temporarily
- IsUnitInLosOrRadarOfAllyTeam() now considers gs->globalLOS
-> UnitCreated now may trigger EnemyCreated for non-cheating AI's
- E323AI: new version: 3.22.4
- Python AI Interface: removed a few memory leaks
- fix mapname/mapfilename conflicts
- add portable install option (default: disabled)
- add Python AI Interface to the windows installer
- remove SelectionEditor
Engine / General:
- fix FPS/direct controlling crash
Engine / multi-threaded:
- fix unit icons/healthbars crash
Engine / AI:
- E323AI: NOTA and XTA support enhanced & lots of improvements
Engine / General:
- draw icons for cloaked units again
- fix NaNs if map hardness is zero
- fix UnitPreDamaged Lua CallIn
Engine / AI:
- AAI: do not crash on game end if mod did not spawn a commander in the first 450 frames
- E323AI: lots of fixes & support for NOTA & Conflict Terra and AI options
Engine / General:
- fix demo desyncs if commands were issued during pause
- fix abnormal demo speed (during reconnect and temporary lags)
- fix demo runs away from local user
- fix mid-game join
- fix FullScreen mode under Linux
- fix KDE/GNOME detection for error message box
- fix another FPU reset in LuaLobby
- don't reload defaults each time /ctrlpanel command is used (behaves now the same way as /cmdcolors)
- speed up reflection pass a little
- disable heatmapping by default
- fix COB's KILL_UNIT for self-kills
- fix bugged default-argument passing in path-follower
- fix broken return-value handling for UnitPreDamaged
- OBJParser: deal with carriage returns
- fix holdSteady (and sweeping beamlaser) rotations
- fix SEGV when /give'ing features
- fix crash when linking grass shaders on non GLSL system
- fix specs do not see all features
- fix Projectiles do not show up for missile weapons or torpedoes
- fix crash on bad playername message
- disable team highlighting for spectators by default
- fix incorrect ClipPlanes in DrawInMinimap if gl.SlaveMiniMap is used
- fix metal-maker widget
Engine / AI:
- fix crash on capture from/by AI
- fix Python AI Interface
- AAI support version independent mod config files, for example BA.cfg
Engine / Dedicated server:
- fix/re-add sync-check
- possibly fix crash when sending data to improperly-connected autohost socket
- add support for more then 16 start positions
- fix checks for installed .Net version
- add SpringDownloader desktop shortcut
- fix _make install-spring_ to work after initial configure
- fix windows linking (related to -lws2_32)
- updated man pages: spring & spring-dedicated
- new man pages: spring-headless & spring-multithreaded
Engine / General:
- rebuild because of stale base content packages
(different checksums between windows and linux)
- fix NullAI installing into /
Engine / General:
- miscellaneous OS X compile/link fixes
- fixed incorrect handling of negative references in OBJParser
- fixed misinterpretation of the OBJ spec
- reorganized WindowState saving on exit on X
- fixed source package build
- always print crash errors to infolog
- added to OGL driver crash detection on Linux
Engine / Simulation:
- fixed autosharing resources to dead teams
- fixed units disappearing from quadfield after load-unload in transport
Engine / Lua:
- fixed invalid FPU flags after LuaLobby connection is made
- fixed DrawFeature event
- Spring.UnitScript.GetScriptEnv returns nil if the unit does not run a Lua script
- Spring.GetCOBScriptID returns nil if the unit does not run a COB script
- fixed typo in mapdefaults.lua
- possibly fixed GetPlayerInfo
Engine / AI:
- updated E323AI to latest version
Engine / General:
- fixed source package build
- fixed MT crash in DrawCommands
- fixed radar blips seen by spectators
- fixed dark metal spots in watert
- reduced default value of max particles
- increased default LOD/icon distances
- glFont::GetTextHeight & glFont::GetTextNumLines return now 0 lines for empty strings
- fixed 3do shadows
- fixed minimap rendering in dualscreen modes
- fixed laggy camera update with UnitTracker
- fixed seismic pings with incorrect size
- fixed incorrect highlight on end game screen
Engine / Simulation:
- prevent units from becoming immobile zombies while maneuvering
- base etaFailures limit on a unit's full-circle turning time
- decrease etaFailures every frame we are not standing still
- fixed vibrating planes
- fixed nanoframe being spawned while game is paused
- fixed slow response when releasing wait command
- fixed the silly unit spinning ad-infinitum bug
- fixed unit occasionally not taking damage when it just left a transport
- fixed some awkward transport behaviour
- properly deal with radars/jammers being transported
- fixed unit returning to pick up point when it dropped out of transport
- skip waypoints that are behind a unit but within its turning circle
Engine / Lua:
- added a LuaRules DrawFeature call-in
- fixed LuaUnsyncedCtrl::SetWaterParams
- fixed Spring.Restart with Win 2k and OpenAL-soft
- LuaSyncedRead::GetUnitExperience: also returns limExperience now
- removed obsolete engine options from EngineOptions.lua
Engine / Dedicated server:
- use default visibility (hidden) for spring-dedicated under non-windows
- RAI: log files are now under _log/_ sub-dir
- AAI: added config for BA 7.14
- E323AI: added config for BA 7.14
- made main part mandatory
Engine / General:
- added HeadLess version of the engine (no graphics, no sound) by hughperkins
- better overall handling of connection problems, with highlighting of uncontrolled units
- players in startscript may reconnect to a running game, even with changed IP address
- players can choose server speed throttling algorithm by voting (/speedcontrol)
- do not crash on AI Interface error
- MT/GML: now a separate build target: make spring-multithreaded
- fix linking under Fedora 13
- allow choosing between available sound devices through config (snd_device)
- add missing /skip variants to word completion
- use new dependency system for maphelper.sdz (by Beherith)
- OS X fixes
- hardcoded startscripts removed (Air Test, etc.)
- more default intercept types added
EmgCannon -> 1, AircraftBomb -> 8, Flame -> 16, TorpedoLauncher -> 32
LightningCannon -> 64, Rifle -> 128, Melee -> 256
- engine does not spawn start unit anymore
- engine does not use StartUnit tag in sidedata.lua anymore (but still passes it to Spring.GetSideData)
- engine does not read `Script' map tag anymore
- engine does not read `ScriptName' modoption anymore
- engine does not deal with `StartMetal' and `StartEnergy' modoptions anymore
- pathfinder debugging views can be rendered now when spectating (and not cheating)
- dropped modinfo.tdf support (only modinfo.lua is supported now)
- clients now compare their path-cache CRCs and warn about differences instead of updating their running checksums with them
- Spring's CPU affinity can now also be set on non-win32 platforms, use the SetCoreAffinity ~/.springrc parameter as a bitmask
Engine / Simulation:
- new unit tag: cloakTimeout, int, default 128 frames
- fixed the featureVisibility mod-option
- fixed calls to the engine path-finder to be sync-safe when run in unsynced context
- reduced frequency of units ending up in "can't reach destination" situations
- fixed units not inheriting orders from factories and piling up (due to having their paths aborted)
- removed the TEDclassString UnitDef parameter (side-effect: hub-like units will break if they have a yardmap)
- removed diminishing metal makers option
- changed the semantics of the holdSteady UnitDef tag
true ==> slave transportees to orientation of transporter attachment piece
false ==> slave transportees to orientation of transporter body (default)
- fixed canDGun+commandfire to properly reproduce commander-like DGun behavior without script hacks
Engine / Rendering:
- fixed alpha-masked shadows for S3O models
- fixed ATI alpha masked shadows (trees, features)
- fixed far-textures (caused changing teamcolors and disappearing units)
- support the OBJ model format (
- support specular lighting, multiple blendable detail textures, and sky reflections on SMF maps ("SSMF") (slightly outdated wrt. the SMD parameters)
- converted all shadow, tree, grass, model, and map shaders to GLSL
- vertex-animated grass; maps can specify the grass blade- and shading-textures and the dimensions/angle for blades
- refactored and abstracted unit/feature/projectile drawing to be format-agnostic
- increased global decoupling between simulation and rendering code
- fixed model specular lighting (most visible on units)
- S3O model normals are now auto-scaled to unit-length
- maps with mis-specified skybox textures will now load (without crashing Spring)
- use OpenAL Soft 1.11 under windows (was Creative)
- air-absorpion: absorb high frequencies when sound effects are far away (config-key & default value: snd_airAbsorption=0.1)
- no-sound support through NO_SOUND compile time define or NoSound config-key
- list of data-dirs for engine & unitsync are now always equal
- API cleaned: no more void*, all structs deprecated
- data dirs read from /etc/spring/datadir (separator is now ":" instead of " ")
- added a new inline ctrl command '\008' which resets the TextColor to the
color that was active when Print() got called, as in the following example:
font:SetTextColor(0, 0, 1); -- blue
- LuaLobby:
- Script.CreateLobby() -> userdata lobCon
- lobCon:Connect(string url, int port)
- lobCon:Disconnect()
- lobCon:Login(string username, string password)
- lobCon:Rename(string newname)
- lobCon:ChangePass(string oldpassword, string newpassword)
- lobCon:Register(string username, string password)
- lobCon:ConfirmAggreement()
- lobCon:JoinChannel(string chan_name [,string password])
- lobCon:LeaveChannel(string chan_name)
- lobCon:Say(string chan_name, string message)
- lobCon:SayEx(string chan_name, string message)
- lobCon:SayPrivate(string user_name, string message)
- lobCon:StatusUpdate(bool ingame, bool away)
- lobCon:Channels()
- lobCon:KickChannelMember(string chan_name, string user_name, string reason)
- lobCon:ChangeTopic(string chan_name, string topic)
- lobCon:Poll()
- lobCon.DoneConnecting(bool sucess, string error_message)
- lobCon.ServerGreeting(string server_version, string spring_version, int udp_port, int mode)
- lobCon.RegisterDenied(string reason)
- lobCon.RegisterAccepted()
- lobCon.LoginDenied(string reason)
- lobCon.LoginEnd()
- lobCon.Aggreement(string text)
- lobCon.Motd(string text)
- lobCon.ServerMessage(string text)
- lobCon.ServerMessageBox(string text, string url)
- lobCon.AddUser(string user_name, string country, number cpu)
- lobCon.RemoveUser(string user_name)
- lobCon.UserStatusUpdate(string user_name, bool away, bool bot, bool ingame, bool moderator, int rank)
- lobCon.ChannelInfo(string chan_name, int num_users)
- lobCon.ChannelInfoEnd()
- lobCon.RequestMutelist(string chan_name)
- lobCon.Mutelist(string chan_name, table {"userABC","userXYZ",...})
- lobCon.Joined(string chan_name)
- lobCon.JoinFailed(string chan_name, string reason)
- lobCon.ChannelMember(string chan_name, string user_name, bool joined)
- lobCon.ChannelMemberLeft(string chan_name, string user_name, string reason)
- lobCon.ChannelMemberKicked(string chan_name, string user_name, string reason)
- lobCon.ChannelTopic(string chan_name, string author, int time, string topic)
- lobCon.ChannelMessage(string chan_name, string text)
- lobCon.Said(string chan_name, string user_name, string text)
- lobCon.SaidEx(string chan_name, string user_name, string text)
- lobCon.SaidPrivate(string user_name, string text)
- lobCon.Disconnected()
- lobCon.NetworkError(string message)
- added a new los checking argument to Set..RulesParam()
e.g. new syntax is SetUnitRulesParam(int unitID, string paramName, float paramValue, { public = true } )
possible values for the table are:
`private` : only readable by the ally (default)
`allied` : readable by ally + ingame allied
`inlos` : readable if the unit is in LOS
`inradar` : readable if the unit is in AirLOS
`public` : readable by all
note: if one condition is fulfilled all beneath it are too (e.g. if an unit is in LOS it can read params with `inradar=true` even if the param has `inlos=false`)
note2: all GameRulesParam are public, TeamRulesParams can just be `private`,`allied` and/or `public`
- new Spring.GetUnitMetalExtraction(unitID) -> nil | number
- new synced Spring.ShareTeamResource(teamID_src, teamID_dst, type = ["metal"|"energy"], amount) -> nil
- new Spring.GetTeamResourceStats(teamID, resourcetype = ["metal"|"energy"]) -> nil | used, produced, excess, recv, sent
- added Spring.SetProjectileMoveControl(number pid, boolean b) --> nil callout; if <b>, makes all piece/weapon projectile movement fully Lua-controllable
- improved Spring.GetTeamStatsHistory. It retuns now also the most recent data, not just the data of the cached stats which get updated only all 16 seconds.
- fixed incorrect scaling in Spring.SetUnitResourceParam
- fixed Spring.GetAIInfo, it returned incorrectly the given teamID as first argument
- fixed a bug in Script.RemoveSyncedActionFallback
- added missing `coroutines` module and missing `select` function to unsynced LuaGadgets
- added os.setlocale to LuaUI
- added Save/Load callins, both get a userdatum representing a save file as single argument
Save is unsynced, Load is synced (both gadget only)
Should allow implementing savegames mod side with less hacks
/reloadgame chat command added for development purposes, this fires the Load event again
- modified base {armordefs|movedefs|sidedata}.lua to follow pattern of icontypes.lua
- added a ShieldPreDamaged call-in to LuaRules, triggered before any engine shield-vs-projectile logic executes
- UnitDefs[i].model.textures now actually contains the names of the model textures for unit-type i
- script.txt: Engine ignores GAME\\ModOptions\\LuaRules & interprets GAME\\ModOptions\\LuaGaia just as a boolean now
- fixed GetScreenGeometry on win32 platforms to return the proper screenSizeY, not screenSizeY - taskbarSizeY
- moved Spring.SetUnitRulesParam, Spring.SetTeamRulesParam, Spring.SetGameRulesParam from LuaRules-only to LuaSyncedCtrl
- removed evaluator functions from LuaOpengl
- removed Spring.MakeFont
- removed Spring.SetRulesInfoMap, Spring.GetRulesInfoMap, Script.GetConfigString
- removed Spring.CreateUnitRulesParams, Spring.CreateTeamRulesParams, Spring.CreateGameRulesParams
- removed AllowUnsafeChanges("USE AT YOUR OWN PERIL"), it's always enabled now
Engine / Unit Scripts:
- LUS: SetSignalMask raises error now when called outside thread
- LUS: Signal/SetSignalMask support arbitrary objects as `signal names' now, bitwise logic is still applied to numbers
- LUS: _G in a Lua Unit Script points to the environment of that Lua Unit Script now
- LUS: TargetWeight and BlockShot are actually called now
- COB: Added KSIN (135, 1024*sin(x)), KCOS (136), KTAN (137) and SQRT (138) get constants.
- LUS: Fixed a desync bug.
- fixed middle click scroll speed on linux
- added new MiddleClickScrollSpeed option
- more responsive mouse movement
- made it easier to select units in factories
- added new command "/buildwarnings [0|1]", analogous to "/movewarnings [0|1]"
- improved unit type mix in front moves
- new middle click scroll icon
- added various new debug-draw callouts for profiling, state visualization, etc.
- make sure the Release event always reaches dieing-state AI's
- added a GetUnitVel callback, returns a unit's velocity vector
- new Python AI Interface by theGeorge & abma
- E323AI bug-fixes, logic- and performance enhancements
- AAI: fix some crashes (one on death) & a logic error
- RAI, KAIK and AAI: support unit captured&given from&to them
- RAI, KAIK and AAI: config-, log- & cache-files now compatible with pool archived mods
- KAIK: switched to .lua config-file format, added a basic mod whitelisting mechanism
- KAIK: event-based TM updates
- fix a crash on Skirmish AI death
- fix Java AI Interface loading on Debian
- fix Java compilation on some systems
- fix Java crash: increase initial java heap size (by cranphin)
- send an Update event before the first UnitCreated (when initializing mid-game)
- LightingCannon (sic) finally isn't supported anymore, use LightningCannon instead (default weapondef_post.lua includes backward compability)
- fixed a bug in LuaParser, so you can now use booleans in lua CEG configfiles (before it just accepted "1"/"0" for some tags)
- fixed occasional bug where countdown time went into negative numbers and game never started
- fixed impactOnly ignored features
- improved error handling on network packet level
- Fixed incorrect projection matrix (i.e. tiny build menu)
- Fixed some Mac and MSVC compile errors
- Switched to OpenAL-soft, that should fix volume escalation
- Slightly improved detection of ATI/Nvidia OpenGL driver crashes
- Fixed team-color bug for both units and flying pieces
- AAI: removed obsolete map config files
- AAI: added BA 7.12 config file
- KAIK: removed dependence on TEDClass
- Removed OpenGL 1.4 version check
- Fixed sync with GCC 4.3 builds
- Fixed crash when sending startpositions of uncontrolled team
- Fixed race condition when taking screenshot
- In 'info' screen, human name instead of archive name is shown
- Reduced input CPU usage
- StartSpectating only has an effect if the player is not already spectating
- Packet resends have higher priority now than new packets
- Print message to infolog when traffic from unknown IP gets dropped
- Fixed vsync for Linux
- Removed OpenGL immediate mode rendering to work around broken ATI drivers
Engine / Simulation:
- Kamikaze distance is now 3D, this fixes mines
- Added new UnitDef tag 'kamikazeUseLOS' (default false)
- Fixed submarine stacking
- Fixed units using smoothMesh unable to land at repair pads near hills
- Fixed COB interpreter incorrect compiler optimizations (fixes e.g. XTA hovercraft)
- Fixed features not taking damage from impactOnly weapons
- Fixed multiple-cons-build failing on structures with open yardmaps
- Fixed maxParalyzeTime when paralyzeOnMaxHealth is enabled
Engine / AI:
- Fixed AI initialization process for games with >1 human player and for Lua AIs
- Fixed NETMSG_AISHARE for message size >32k
- Allow fetching the file path of an AI interface plugin
- Fixed crash on Skirmish AI death
Engine / Lua:
- Spring.MarkerAddPoint now defaults to local
- Spring.CreateFeature heading value is converted to closest-matching facing
Lua Unit Scripts:
- Fixed handling of AimShield return value
- Fixed Sleep/WaitFor not working in Killed
- Slightly improved AimWeapon/AimShield/Killed error messages
- E323AI 3.18.1
- AAI: Doesn't use minkowski metric for retreat distances anymore
- AAI: Fixed some NaNs
- Fixed automatically assigning start position if none is chosen
- Fixed bug in DXT5 loading (caused artifacts with teamcolors)
- Fixed F1 heightmap view
- Fixed playing of demos created in a game in which Spring crashed
- Made spectator drawings white instead of random team color
- Disable recording demos from demos (default, DemoFromDemo in springrc to enable)
- Added a mechanism to register/unregister for messages that are normally not broadcasted to game server
- E323AI 3.14.5:
* support for: partial watermaps (plays land only), group merging,
auto kbot/vehicle lab selection, template configs
* XTA & BA config improvements
* Better lab assisting
- KAIK: do not build MExes on spots used by allies
Engine / Simulation:
- Terrain types and water damage are now taken into account for pathing checksum
(Fixes desyncs on maps with map options which modify terrain types or water damage)
- Changed builder patrol/fight behaviour for Hold Pos and Maneuver movestates
- Being-built units are now visible on radar by default
Engine / Rendering, UI:
- Added speed display
- Improved basic player list
- If OpenGL 1.4 is not available, an error is shown
- Fixed being-built unit rendering
- Placing buildings close together works again
- Fixed canceling of first build item when buildiconsfirst is toggled
Engine / Lua:
- Less strict type checking in VFS.DirList (fixes FBI2Lua converter)
Engine / System:
- Map options fixed
- Menu doesn't crash anymore if no mods/maps found
Engine / Simulation:
- Builders are now smart enough to to reclaim features that block their
buildsite, which weren't there when they started moving to it
- Fixed issues with features with 0 metal and 0 energy
- Fixed crashes / desyncs when using area orders with a large radius
- Hold position doesn't imply "don't turn" anymore, and units with small
firing arcs in general behave a lot better in this case.
- Units on hold position now don't get confused by nearby invalid targets
- Smooth ground mesh for better aircraft behaviour (unit tag: useSmoothMesh)
- Wind fixed to stay in between map boundaries
- Momentum isn't conserved anymore in unit-unit collisions
- Impulses decay every frame instead of every slow update
- Kamikaze units now do a visibility and 3d distance check
- Fixed ships were able to 'climb' cliffs
- Fixed multiple issues with pathmap updates after terraforms
Engine / Rendering, UI:
- Changed default binds of forcestart, singlestep, debug to Alt+f, Alt+o, Alt+b
- Non-reclaimable features show up as red squares now when placing a building
- Out-of-LOS features don't show up anymore when placing a building
- Fixed icons not rendering properly when distance-to-ground method was used
- Better mipmap handling on SMF maps
- Fixed specular lighting calculation on SM3 maps
- Fixed "/shadows" command on SM3 maps
- Fixed SM3 map holes
- Fixed "/wiremap 0|1" (argument was inversed)
- Lots of other drawing fixes
- Far-textures fixed
- Load-screens preserve aspect ratio
- Added checks for insufficent gfx cards
- Added new shadow rendering option ("/shadows 2"): it disables terrain rendering
in the shadow pass, which gives a huge performance increase
- Changed BumpWaterReflection values:
0 = disable; 1 = enable (no terrain); 2 = enable (with terrain - was '1' before)
- Fixed occasional hang when word wrapping text
- S3O transparency is now supported even with AdvUnitShading disabled
Engine / Lua:
- Added AllowFeatureBuildStep call-in to included gadget handler
- Fixed typos in certain featuredefs.lua, weapondefs.lua that mutilated error messages
- Spring.Rehost fixed on Win32 when spaces in install path
- Added support for modifying CTAAirMoveType (gunships)
- Add GetUnitMoveTypeData(unitID) call-in, returns a table
- Fixed Spring.SetFeatureDirection
Engine / System:
- Fixed incorrect startpositions in skirmish games
- Proper handling of mod dependencies
- MAN pages support (Linux)
- Support for external debug symbols (Linux)
- Fixed an issue with using the root of a drive as data directory
- Use less memory when reading from 7z archives
- Improved handling of spectators in case of sim slowdown and desync
- E323AI: CPU performance improvements & bug fixes
- KAIK: better D-Gun handling
- AI: Properly fix Lua AI loading
- AI: Fix crash when Lua AI team dies
- AI: Fixed clean target of ant scripts
- Fixed deadlock in hang detection
- Fixed .desktop file
- Fixed crash on startup on Ubuntu Karmic
- Fixed reflections
- MT: Don't crash if draw callins access features
- Fixed fading features for ATI (atiHacks)
- Fixed crash when parsing certain chatmessage from autohost
- Fixed crash if OSC stats sender is enabled and no network is reachable
- cmake: Fixed 7-zip detection
- AI/cmake: Split system dependent/indepentent install parts (AI_LIBS_DIR, AI_DATA_DIR)
- AI: Debugging is now enabled by default in the ant scripts
- Time profiler cleanup, both code and UI
- Show an AI's shortName + version + nick in tooltips
- fix a bug where empty network packets were spammed (eating bandwith and demo space)
- fix a possible desync in the pathfinder
- fix mouse jumping in windowed mode (windows)
- fixed crash in KAIK
- lots of bugs in the AI interface fixed
- fix some network-related problems and improve behaviour under worse conditions
- large performance increase for units on patrol
- fix some performance problems with the new heatmap pathfinder
- fixed a crash which could occur after an AirBase was destroyed
- joystick support
- some bugs resolved which could lead to crashes when using ogg samples or music
- properly handle dds textures
- fix some mouse-jumping in windows
- lua unit scripts major rework
- some sources of desync fixed
- fix some compiling problems related to boost 1.40
- some fixes for OS X
- fix crash when doing lots of mapdrawing (#1632)
- fix crash when loading certain cursornormal files
- fix drawing of ghosted buildings
- properly initialise SDL timer for dedicated server
- fixed GatherWait cursor
- don't send resign-command when already spectating
- fix units with vlaunch missiles (#1647)
- Spring compiles boost 1.40
- Fix missing tree fog, misc fog fixes
- fix crash in AI pathing
- fix crashes in the Java AI interface
- added VFS.MapArchive
- fix possible crash on exit
- fix crash when loading certain ogg-files
- don't reclaim dragonteeth with area-reclaim
- lua unit script framework respects script tag
- fix direct control unit movement (forwards and backwards)
- don't spam empty directories everywhere
- fix BA crash when doom was installed
- fix desync in pathfinder
- fix music timing
- single units should move in straight lines again
- fix shadows on features
- fix LocalModelPiece::GetPiecePosIter,GetPos,GetEmitDirPos
- fix vertical text aligning of multiple GUI controls
- fix jumping in middle click scrolling (windows)
- massive speedup in Spring.GetVisibleUnits
- added changed font vertical alignment opchars in gl.Text & luaFonts
- fix wreckages sinking in the ground
- add a modinfo featureLOS.featureVisibility tag
- fix BumpWater shorewaves
- make /nocost reversible
- add snapToGround bool param to SetFeaturePosition (default true)
- add SetFeatureAlwaysVisible (analog to SetUnitAlwaysVisible)
- added changed font vertical alignment opchars in gl.Text & luaFonts (baseline renamed to 'd'->'x', and use 'd' for descender)
- unit script: added GetPieceTranslation, GetPieceRotation, GetPiecePosDir
- unit script: SetSpeed/SetDirection/Go changes (see commit
- unit script: removed Create (framework handles it)
- fix creation of DDS textures
- Unbreak transports when loadingRadius <= some magic number
- fix Zlib-compression and decompression for lua
- Added VFS.SubDirs(dir, pattern, modes) callout to LuaParser
- added some more map water configs to Game. table
- don't write spring-files where they don't belong
- some rendering fixes (ATI errors, bumpwater)
- IPs of players not broadcasted
- area reclaim doesn't know of features not in los anymore
- slightly better paralyzeDamage handling
- fixed several issues with ArchiveMover - it now moves files to
My Documents\My Games\Spring and should be more reliable
Engine / Simulation:
- units can now move backwards
- notable speed improvement of feature handling (unit wrecks, tress...)
- LuaCOB: make it possible to make units with Lua instead of bos/cob
- some fixes for sm3 map-format
- pathfinding improvements for close groups of units
- reclaim / ressurection now correctly exported to LuaAI
- make better use of SSE functions for speed improvements
- now compatible with Boost 1.34 again (was 1.35 for spring 0.79)
Engine / GUI, System:
- IPv6 support for all parts of the engine
- caching for 7z archives: speed improvements at high compression levels (solid archives now usable)
- rudimentary menu when starting spring executable directly
- BumpWater got a major speed increase, and shorewaves look better
- various improvements for the sound system (multithreading, fixes for music, ogg-effects...)
- Added /aikill and /aicontrol commands (only works in singleplayer in this version)
- AIs won't crash the game anymore on startup
- some AIs play better now (especially KAIK)
- a lot of minor bugs
Dedicated Server:
- ingame stats exported to the autohost on game end
- always print IPs of players, even if connection fails
- allow password-protecting client slots to prevent name spoofing (needs lobby support)
- fix microlags and increased CPU usage for dedicated server
- fix the game ending when playign with AIs
- various AI-interface and AI-related fixes
- fallback to Lua for unhandled actions
- fixed exploit where spectator could make Team 0 resign
- fix certain soundeffects
- fix crash when a direct-controlled unit dies
- fix watching of demos
- various AI-related fixes
- SetUnitShieldState fixed
- fix an infinite memory allocation loop on startup
- restore acceptable framerate on vey old cards
Major stuff:
- rewritten AI interface in C
- new font renderer
- sound system and music overhaul
-> 2292 files changed, 149700 insertions, 290245 deletions
- fix for game refusing to speed up after a slowdown
- set MaxSpeed to 20 on (test)singleplayer
- fix insta-gameover vs. AIs
- fixed the server to run away from the local player on high gamespeeds
General bugfixes:
- fix crash on gamestart with lots of players
- should fix most of the desyncs
- fix startscript not written in demo header
- units trying to stay in LOS of a target account for mip levels
- fix the no-commander-for-side-Arm problem for local games not based on TA content
- cob: made modelpiece mapping case-insensitive
- initialize relPos in EmitSfx
- fix for a fix in GetEmitDirPos
- fix aircraft not flying back to repair pads when all are reserved
- planes that are being refuelled aren't able to fire anymore
- clamp map position in unitLoader.
- players who didn't choose a start position start in their ally box
- fixed short command line params on windows (mantis #1271)
- don't try to kill dead teams
- add gamemode 3 (no game over) and make it the default in non-AI non-script.txt games
- removed luabind + lua-startscripts
- fixed multithreaded pathing
- removed partial match test for piece mapping
- fixed emitsfx crash (Mantis: #1252,#1238 & #1242)
- stunned planes shouldn't keep repair pads reserved
- always apply a miniscule amount of impulse when a unit is damaged
User Interface:
- fixed AltTab bug on gpus w/o FBO support
- EndGameBox shouldn't render stats if the game hasn't started
- changed minimap_startbox.lua to not show cones in top left (#1272)
- StartPosSelector now unloads itself when game is started without sending start positions.
- fixed refraction=2, disabled endless ocean for maps that don't show any water at the start of the game
- fix #1258 (FBO crash on exit with non-FBO gpus)
- gl.Texture() can now load the textures of s3o features, syntax is gl.Texture('%'..(Game.maxUnits+featureDefID)..(':0' or ':1'))
- added a new (unsynced) callout Spring.SetWaterParams, it needs cheating enabled and allows you to edit the mapwater settings ingame
- fix Luamsg if null-characters where inside
- add an GetUnitTransformMatrix unsynced callout (handy for shadow algs)
- add RAI to installer
- allow the user to close TASClient / downloader during install
- fix Features (wrecks, rocks) not beeing drawn with reflective units
(notice the new version number scheme, its MAJOR (0.78) - MINOR (1))
- fix crash on window resizing
- more groundDecal fixes
- do not force useFPShadows to true unless they are supported (to prevent crashes during map-loading)
- fix UDP buffer overrun
- use %CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA%/springsettings.cfg (e.g. \Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\) to store settings instead of registry
- use SSE instead of X87 for FP-calculations
- if in Choose ingame startposition mode its possible to play a map with more players than startpositions
- fix the aircraft hovering / drifting
- fix random start positions not being random
- fix area-attack for aircraft (#1144 again)
- GenerateTargets no longer has much information that the team requesting targets doesn't have
- fix spikes / lags in hosting demos
- don't allow gunships to drift off the map
- make planes bobble in place gently by default, and make hoverfactor work as intended
- fix unit reply sound
- don't open a (unused) network socket in single player mode
- Don't let static beamlasers overshoot
- Added new collision volume types: sphere, footprint.
- Units/features with no collision volume defined get 'footprint' type by default now, this restores the 0.76b1 behaviour as default
- Gave COB function BlockShotX a third parameter, userTarget, uses the engine's hasUserTarget value, that seems to reflect when unit has an attack order
- fix teamstats in demofile
- don't fail with "network unreachable" instantly, but wait until timeout or connection fix
Spring start / script.txt changes:
- added Game/MyPlayerName (MyPlayerNum is now deprecated and will be removed sometimes)
- send the gamesetup to each client once they join the server
- Player / Team / Mod - options are not needed anymore for clients, they are transfered from the server once ingame
User Interface:
- Argh's ground-decal shader shadow tweak
- enable startboxes by default
- decreased CPU load and increase drawing speed lines
- fix small memleak when resizing the window
- The protection ring shows up for non-stockpile interceptors
- fix detection of units under mouse for spectators
- fix the CTeam statistics tracking
- do not force useFPShadows to true unless they are supported (to prevent crashes during map-loading)
- fix for annoying flickering of the grounddetail texture in CA if some LUPS fx were visible
- fixed a bug with waterplane on centerrock (the terrain is deeper than the water plane was drawn)
- made forcestart a real shortcut, so you can unbind it
- don't draw the terrain if curMaxHeight<0 and voidwater
- fix long commandline options for linux build
- dynamic sky rednerspeed improvements
- added Spring.GetLastMessagePositions() (returns the 10 last message positions)
- moved Spring.GetDrawSelectionInfo() LuaUnsyncedCtrl -> LuaUnsyncedRead
- moved Spring.GetSoundStreamTime() LuaUnsyncedCtrl -> LuaUnsyncedRead
- added a 2nd return value to Spring.GetSoundStreamTime() (total sound stream length in seconds)
- Made it possible to specify start positions in map with LUA .smd file
- Immobile Builders doesn't put factories on patrol and doesn't give a stop order
- Don't crash/abort() on invalid handles, but throw exception instead
- Fix crash bug in unitsync when UnInit/Init was called after an earlier Init which returned error code
- Doesn't leak exceptions anymore over C interface.
- Doesn't just crash by design anymore after something goes wrong.
- Added API GetNextError, can be used to get error queue (currently limited to 1 error)
- added SetSpringConfigFile(char*): reinitialise config handler to use the provided path
- added char* GetSpringConfigFile(): return the currently used path to the config file
- Deprecated APIs:
- GetCurrentList
- AddClient
- RemoveClient
- GetClientDiff
- InstallClientDiff
- IsUnitDisabled
- IsUnitDisabledByClient
- Removed all code supporting those functions.
- These deprecated functions pop up MessageBox once on windows to nag lobby devs.
- Use engine's logOutput, still writes to unitsync.log (overwrites, doesn't append)
- ProcessUnitsNoChecksum is now identical to ProcessUnits.
- ProcessUnits now returns 0 immediately (but should still be called in loop until it returns 0, in case it's changed sometime later)
- Fix groups.ini being overwritten by installer
- removed all maps and mods from the installer
AAI v0.875
- Current amount of land/water within the base is taken into account when selecting factories (e.g. don't order water factories on a land map anymore)
- Improved AAIs behaviour on water maps with start positions on islands/land masses
- Improved metal extractor construction algorithm (spots closer to available builder, faster algorithm, works better if there are land and sea spots available at the same time)
- Continent file version bumped to 0.87
- Fixed a crash on shut down
- check if common unitsync users are running, abort installation if any is found
- don't download and install RiverDale and SmallDivide when the user already has it
- even more preventions of DIV0
User Interface:
- whe watching a demo with a setup locally, overwrite maxspeed with 10
- fix mousehover detection for radar icons
- fixed performance of Lua fontHandler
- make the orbit-controller actually do something on win32
- make the orbit-controller speeds configurable
- rescale fonts on window resize so they don't look ugly
- fixed black border blending of fonts
- ATI drivers lie about not supporting extensions required by shadows. we ignore that extension now
- new fbi tag: bankingAllowed - only affects hoverAttack=1 units; controls if the aircraft can bank.
- fbi tag upright now affects gunships
- fix CAirMoveType using an uninitialized variable (maxSpeed)
- fix Aircraft fuel not working properly on units with multiple weapons
- fix SendLuaMsg
- improve heading table resolution, this makes huge units less jerky
- fix the gamespeed not going back up after it was slowed down
- when ArchiveCache has not been written yet, do not add archive dependencies that are already in the chain (was breaking demos)
- fix factories switching their yardmap to fully-blocked when a unit is present inside (so units don't getstuck inside)
- fixed map defined detailtex
- fix LUA Spring.GetTeamResources does not return "received" for one player on each team
Unitsync / Lobby interface:
- engine now loads many start script options from GAME\ModOptions\ section in start script, instead of just GAME\
- added EngineOptions.lua to springcontent.sdz, this contains the default engine options for backward compatibility
- GetModOptions unitsync call parses both EngineOptions.lua and ModOptions.lua, and returns combined list of options
- lots of fixes to CMake and dedicated server (already released)
- minor KAIK stability fixes
- fixed a crash (on exit) in colormap.cpp
- fixed another division /0
- fix crashes on "/take"
- fix crash when loading units into transporters
User Interface:
- fix tabulator toggling overview mode
- reduce the maxBreaking-is-zero message spam
- fix far textures showing up as gray rectangles
- the error message "no writable directories found" now has a windows version too
- Fix explosion spheres appearing at wrong position
- fix attackorder for radar dots
- fix attacking gaia units
- fix the collision detection for dgun (and other noExplode) projectiles
- Made gunships (and possibly other units too) point their noses at the midPos of their target instead of the pos, the old behaviour could cause trouble with units where midPos and pos differ much.
- added crashDrag tag (float, default 0.005) to fighter/bomber planes, when the plane is crashing it uses this drag instead of the automatically calculated drag it uses when flying. The calculated drag is no longer used when crashing, even if no crashDrag tag is present in the unit fbi
- fix (AirMoveType) aircraft refueling
- fix gameend detected not propperly
- gameslowdown triggers at higher CPU usage and is limited to half the userspeed
User Interface
- added a simple Orbit-Camera controller
META-key + LMB + drag ==> alter elevation, rotation
META-key + MMB + drag ==> pan up/down/left/right
META-key + RMB + drag ==> zoom
- fix transports not killing their transportees when they should
- update installer shortcuts
- when kicking a player, kick only the player and don't disconnect everyone
- fix invalid command spam
- fix some divisions through 0
- fix crash for all players when someone gives away all his units
0.77b1, 0.77b2
User Interface:
- all commands are prefixed with '/' instead of '.' (".cheat" becomes "/cheat", etc.)
- Added /mapmarks [0|1]
- Added /allmapmarks [0|1]
- Added /forcestart command
- Added /ally teamID [0|1] (Ingame alliances)
- Added /commands (shows all registered commands in the console)
- whisper private messages to any other player ingame (excluding spectators) by typing "/w Playername Your secret message"
- Added new camera controller: SmoothCamera
behaves like overview controller, but feels much smoother
- Added possibility to specify files that should be excluded from Spring's
archive checksumming routines ('springignore.txt').
- Added commandline resolution change:
./spring -xresolution 800 -yresolution 600
- Added /unitreplyvolume [0.0-1.0]
- Added /hardwarecursor [0|1]
- Added /minimap drawprojectiles [0|1]
(you can turn off drawing of projectiles on the minimap now)
- Added /grounddecals [0|1]
- Added /movewarnings [0|1]
- Added /globalLOS [0|1] (needs cheats on)
- Added the /luamoduictrl [0|1] command. Enables LuaRules/LuaGaia access
to many LuaUI callins/functions.
- Added ground rendering detail factors:
(GroundLODScaleRefraction unused atm)
- Added TextureLODBias to settings (global mipmapping bias)
- Added CompressTextures to settings (it compress textures on runtime)
- Added UsePBO to settings (enables PixelBufferObject usage for smf texture loading)
- Added CamModeName as an alternate for CamMode
(should still be backwards compatible for settings programs)
- Added SPRING_DATADIR variable on linux
- Added option "AtiHacks" to settings. This fixes an issue with severe
display corruption during building, on ati drivers, where multiple
colored lines criss-cross the screen. It also fixes issues with the
new texture mipmap generation.
- You can now cycle through the last 10 message positions with F3.
Spring Engine:
- multithreaded avi-generator
- new water renderer: bumpwater ("/water 4"), pretty and fast
- the usual speedups and performance improvements
- Font rendering system overhaul
- Functionality of Sensors.tdf and Particles.tdf moved to modrules. removed Sensors.tdf or Particles.tdf
Transfers resources.tdf to resources.lua, and resources_map.tdf to resources_map.lua.
Sidedata.tdf -> sidedata.lua
changed SideData 'commander' tag to 'startUnit'
Replaced 'messages.tdf' with 'messages.lua'
modinfo.tdf --> modinfo.lua
ArchiveCacheV6.txt --> ArchiveCacheV7.lua
- Add 'springcontent.sdz' as the last dependency for all primary mod archives
- Custom collision volumes for Units and Features
- you can ally / unally other teams ingame using the "/ally [teamnumber] [0|1]" command (needs to be activated in lobby)
- Made the groundplate decals follow their parent building's facing.
- Allow modnames (e.g. "OTA Content") in dependX tag (modinfo).
- Removed 50% capture progress after an unit got captured.
- Made units transfer their speed to their wrecks.
- submarines can now travel directly underneath surface vessels and floating obstacles
(and conversely; ships can move across underwater objects), EDIT your mod's MoveInfo
entries so that the classes used by submarine-style units have "subMarine=1;" set if
you want to enable this fully
- Increased weapon limit per unit to 32.
- Added the following new tags to modrules.{lua,tdf}
- repair.energyCostFactor
- capture.energyCostFactor
- resurrect.energyCostFactor
- reclaim.unitEnergyCostFactor
- reclaim.featureEnergyCostFactor
- reclaim.unitMethod
- reclaim.unitEfficiency
- reclaim.allowEnemies
- reclaim.allowAllies
- Allow any key binding to a CMDTYPE_ICON command to use the 'queued' keyword
(except for build and stockpile commands, which already have special handling)
- Keep units in various situations from deciding to attack units they
shouldn't (noChaseCatagory, neutral, under water without water weapons).
Units & Weapons:
- Added canFireControl unitdef tag.
- Fixed the stop-turn-move-stop-turn behavior for ground units (new udef tag, turnInPlace)
- Added maxRepairSpeed tag for builders. Limits the rate a con swarm of any
size can repair a single target.
- Made accuracy, sprayangle and similar tags work for starburst missiles.
The inaccuracy is applied when the missile turns toward its target.
- Added capturable tag.
- Implemented 'y' value for yardmaps which means this square is not blocked.
- Have fighting, patrolling and guarding aircraft and guarding ground units
follow noChaseCatagory.
- Added per-weapon highTrajectory tag (int, default 2). It acts like the unit
tag, 0 is always low trajectory, 1 always high and 2 uses the unit's setting
(whether the unit uses a switch or fixed setting).
- Added impactOnly weapon tag (bool, default false), if set the weapon does damage
by colliding with units instead of causing an explosion (the CEG will still run)
to avoid the shortcomings of small AOEs. It's only implemented for projectile weapons
so far.
- Custom collision volumes:
- collisionVolumeType (either: "ellipsoid","cylT" where 'T' is one of {X, Y, Z}, "box")
- collisionVolumeScales (float3)
- collisionVolumeOffsets (float3)
- collisionVolumeTest (0: per-frame hit detection, 1: raytraced)
- all these tags are the same for Features
- Added shieldRechargeDelay weapon tag (float, default 0). The delay is the number
of seconds the shield won't charge after being hit (kinda like the idle autoheal
for hitpoints)
- Added 'sonarStealth' unitDef tag.
- Added new stockpileTime weapondef tag. It allows seperate reload and stockpile
times for stockpile weapons.
- Allow for square metal extraction areas (use the new extractSquare unitdef tag).
- Added moveState and fixed fireState unitdef tags.
- Added strafeToAttack tag. Moving sideways when in range but not shooting optional
behaviour, the behaviour fails if the unit just takes its time for aiming (or
cannot shoot at all) or has any other reason not to shoot.
- Added avoidNeutral (targetting) and collideNeutral (projectiles) weapon tags.
- Added verticalSpeed (float, default: 3.0) unitDef tag for non-fighter/bomber
planes to define the speed of takeoff and landing (or loading).
- Made missiles obey burnblow=1 (existing tag), the missile will explode in midair
instead of turning away or falling down when its flighttime expires if the tag is set.
- Added the 'customParams' table to both featureDefs and weaponDefs
(accessible via the lua FeatureDefs and WeaponDefs' tables).
- only add ".wav" extension for unitdef sounds if it is missing
- Made MeleeWeapon obey impulseFactor.
- Maps have their own resource_map.lua/resource_map.tdf now.
- converted map config scripts to lua format (LuaParser / MapParser)
- MapOptions.lua is now handed the 'Map' table information as well
(allows one to write a generic MapOptions.lua file that accesses
the SMD/SM3 files to retrieve the defaults)
- the SM3 format is yet to be converted to the lua format
(but its MapInfo information is)
- added SMF height overrides in the SMD file, example:
smf = {
minheight = -100.0f,
maxheight = 200.0f,
(note: these values can be changed by MapOptions)
- new water tags (mostly used by the BumpWater renderer):
- shoreWaves (true)
- forceRendering (false)
- ambientFactor (1.0)
- diffuseFactor (1.0)
- specularFactor (1.0)
- specularPower (20.0)
- diffuseColor float3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
- specularColor float3(light.groundSunColor)
- fresnelMin (0.2)
- fresnelMax (0.8)
- fresnelPower (4.0)
- reflectionDistortion (1.0)
- blurBase (2.0)
- blurExponent (1.5)
- perlinStartFreq (8.0)
- perlinLacunarity (3.0)
- perlinAmplitude (0.9)
- foamTexture
- normalTexture
- numTiles
- caustics (texture table)
- Added new COB get constants MIN (131), MAX(132) and ABS(133).
- Added the SONAR_STEALTH (108) COB get/set parameter
LUA changes:
- Added 'teamcolors.lua' to the installers
- Renamed 'gui.lua' to 'luaui.lua'
- Removed LuaCob, and redirected Cob2Lua calls to LuaRules
- removed the following compatibility defines from luaconf.h
(can break compability with old lua scripts):
- Moved most of the LuaUI call-outs into LuaUnsyncedRead
and LuaUnsyncedCtrl. The LuaUnsyncedCtrl call-outs require
that the modUICtrl variable be enabled for gadget scripts
to use them.
- Moved most of the LuaUI call-ins into LuaCallInHandler and
LuaHandle. The moved call-ins require that the modUICtrl
variable be enabled for gadget scripts to receive them.
- Updated included gadgetHandler
- Removed unwanted/confusing widgets.
- fonts.lua can load fonts from the VFS
(and will create LuaUI/Fonts/ if it does not exist)
- Removed the unused CommandDesc 'hotkey' member
- Renamed CommandDescription's 'onlyKey' to 'hidden'
- lua scripts now get first crack at all mouse events
- Treat SDD file sizes as dynamic, so that lua scripts can
be reloaded while dev'ing without having file size mismatches
(LuaRules, LuaGaia, mod widgets, etc...)
- Added some new constants to the lua Game{} table.
- Added the dynamic HeightMapTexture
- can be accessed by lua scripts using '$heightmap'
- can be disable by clients with 'HeightMapTex=0' (config parameter)
- Added multiple new callins:
- UnitEnteredWater(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)
- UnitEnteredAir(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)
- UnitLeftWater(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)
- UnitLeftAir(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)
- PlayerChanged(playerID) (player changed team or spectating state)
- TeamChanged(teamID) (team changed allyteam, not useful yet)
- UnitCommand(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam, cmdID, cmdOpts, cmdParams) (note that cmdOpts is a number)
- UnitMoveFailed()
- MoveCtrlNotify(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam, data)
- currently called with data = 1 if the unit hits the ground and stops
- return true to disable the unit's MoveCtrl
- ProjectileCreated(projectileID, projectileOwnerID) (arg #2 is -1 if no owner)
- ProjectileDestroyed(projectileID)
- GamePreload() (Called at the end of the loading process)
- GameStart() (Called when the game is about to start)
- TerraformComplete(UnitID, UnitDefID, UnitTeam, BuildUnitID, BuildUnitDefID, BuildUnitTeam)
(it gets called after the terraforming for a construction is complete (once
per terraforming builder), the return value is whether the con should stop
- DrawGenesis()
- called immediately following Update()
- called even when the game window is minimized
- modelview and projection matrices are identities
- can be used to update GPU-side physics simulation
textures and custom per-unit textures
- a real ViewResize() call-in
- Added the unicode values to the lua KeyPress() and KeyRelease() call-ins
- Replaced Spring.GetMouseMiniMapState() with:
Spring.GetMiniMapGeometry() ->
posX, posY, sizeX, sizeY, minimized, maximized, <false | "left" | "right">
- Changed the GetUnitNearestEnemy() lua call-out to:
GetUnitNearestEnemy(number unitID[, number range[, boolean useLos=true]])
- Added geometry shader support to LuaOpenGL
- Added Spring.ValidUnitID(number id) -> boolean
- Added Spring.ValidFeatureID(number id) -> boolean
- Added Spring.GetUnitIsDead()
- Added Spring.GetModUICtrl()
- Added Spring.GetViewGeometry() -> sizeX, sizeY, posX, posY
- Added Spring.GetWindowGeometry() -> sizeX, sizeY, posX, posY
- Added Spring.GetScreenGeometry() -> sizeX, sizeY, posX, posY
- Added Spring.IsAboveMiniMap(x, y) -> boolean
- Added Spring.GetUnitLastAttacker()
- Added Spring.GetUnitFuel()
- Added Spring.SetUnitFuel()
- Added Spring.GetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, <type>)
- Added Spring.SetUnitSensorRadius(unitID, <type>, radius)
- new projectile call-outs:
Spring.GetProjectilePosition(projectileID) -> px, py, pz
Spring.GetProjectileVelocity(projectileID) -> vx, vy, vz
Spring.SetProjectilePosition(projectileID, px, py, pz) -> nil
Spring.SetProjectileVelocity(projectileID, vx, vy, vz) -> nil
Spring.SetProjectileDetonate(projectileID) -> nil
- added the GL evaluator functions to the lua GL interface
(note the gl.EvalEnable() and gl.EvalDisable() can only be
called in a gl.Eval(func) block).
- Added Spring.SetUnitCollisionVolumeData(id, xs, ys, zs, xo, yo, zo, vtype, ptype, paxis)
and Spring.SetFeatureCollisionVolumeData() (same args)
- Added Spring.SetLastMessagePosition(x,y,z)
- Added Spring.SetUnitLosMask(unitID, allyTeamID, number | table) -> nil
and Spring.SetUnitLosState(unitID, allyTeamID, number | table) -> nil
- Added Spring.FixedAllies()
- Reverted the GetPositionLosState() to its original configuration (no air los)
- Added Spring.IsPosInLos()
- Added Spring.IsPosInRadar()
- Added Spring.IsPosInAirLos()
- Added Spring.PauseSoundStream(), Spring.GetSoundStreamTime(),
- Added burst, burstRate and projectiles to Spring.SetUnitWeaponState
- Added Spring.AddUnitIcon(string name, string texture
[, number size[, number distance[, bool radiusAdjust]]])
Spring.FreeUnitIcon(string name)
- Added Spring.SetUnitSonarStealth()
- Added Spring.SpawnCEG(tag, px, py, pz, dx, dy, dz, rad, dmg) synced callout
- Added Spring.SetHeightMapFunc(lua_func,arg1,arg2,..),
Spring.AddHeightMap(x, y, h) -> `final height`
Spring.SetHeightMap(x, y, h [,t]) -> `absolute value changed`
- Added Spring.ExtractModArchiveFile(path) callout
For example, Spring.ExtractModArchiveFile("sounds/boom.wav")
will create a directory "sounds/" and extract "boom.wav" to it.
- Added Spring.GetUnitPiecePosDir(unitID, piece) -> posx,posy,posz, dirx,diry,dirz
- Added Spring.GetUnitVectors(unitID) -> {front_x,front_y,front_z},{up_x,up_y,up_z},{right_x,right_y,right_z}
- Added Spring.GetUnitWeaponVectors(unitID,weaponNum) -> wpos_x,wpos_y,wpos_z, wdir_x,wdir_y,wdir_z
- Added gl.ActiveShader(shaderID, function(), ...) (safe way to set shader uniforms in non-drawing code)
- Added gl.DepthClamp(bool) (not always available)
- Added gl.UnsafeState(number, [bool reverse, ] function, ...)
(glEnable() / glDisable() for unknown states; considered 'unsafe')
- Added Occlusion Queries:
- Added gl.CreateQuery() -> query
- Added gl.DeleteQuery(query)
- Added gl.RunQuery(query, function, ...)
- Added gl.GetQuery(query) -> number
- Added the following unsynced query call-outs:
- Spring.GetUnitLuaDraw()
- Spring.GetUnitNoDraw()
- Spring.GetUnitNoMinimap()
- Spring.GetUnitNoSelect()
- Added the fbo 'readbuffer' parameter
- Added gl.ReadPixels(x, y, w, h [,format])
- Added StencilTests:
NOTES: The engine expects that the stencil buffer be left in a
state of all 0's when a task has finished with it. This
is not enforced by the lua backend.
- Added gl.StencilTest(bool)
- Added gl.StencilMask(bits)
- Added gl.StencilFunc(func, ref, mask)
- Added gl.StencilOp(fail, zfail, zpass)
- Added gl.StencilMaskSeparate()
- Added gl.StencilFuncSeparate()
- Added gl.StencilOpSeparate()
- Added gl.BlendEquation()
- Added gl.BlendEquationSeparate()
- Added gl.BlendFunc() -- redundant
- Added gl.BlendFuncSeparate()
- Added gl.Blending() convenience names:
name blend_src blend_dst enabled
"add" ONE ONE true
"add_alpha" SRC_ALPHA ONE true
"modulate" DST_COLOR ZERO true
- Added Picking support:
- Added gl.Texture($shading) & gl.Texture($grass)
- Allowed to use gl.CopyToTexture with non GL_TEXTURE2D, i.e. GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE
- Modified Spring.GetVisibleUnits() so that the team specifier can
- 'facing' parameters can now use long strings: 'north', 'south', 'east', 'west'
- Spring.UnitCreated() call-out now accepts unitDef names and unitDef IDs
- Spring.SendCommands() can use a bunch of string arguments as well as the old
table format. e.g Spring.SendCommands('echo aoeu', 'info 2', 'specteam 0')
- Fixed Spring.UnitRendering interface to make it possible to emulate the default 3do/s3o shaders
- fixed $shadows texture params (you can now use shadow2DProj() in glsl)
- fixed wrong (!=0) check if uniform locations are set (they begin with 0!)
- added new uniforms: cameraposloc,shadowloc,shadowparamsloc
- added new culling tag, so you can enable s3o backface culling w/o using a displaylist
- auto enable alphatest (+blending in case of cloaked stuff) for luaUnitMaterials
(alphatest: 0.5 for opaque and 0.1 for cloaked stuff)
- Fixed missing return;'s in gl.LoadMatrix() and gl.MulMatrix()
- Fixed WarpMouse() for dual mode (minimap on the left).
- Fixed the 'frame' table value returned by Spring.GetTeamStatsHistory()
(and added the 'time' value, which is in seconds).
- Fixed full-view spectators get all LuaUI RecvLuaMsg() messages now.
- Fixed Spring.SetFeaturePosition().
- Fixed Spring.SetFeatureDirection().
- If Spring.SetDrawSky(false) is set, do not draw the sun.
- Fixed s3o recognition in LuaUnitDefs
- Added new ai value AIVAL_SCRIPT returning start script text.
- Removed ABIC AI stuff that no-one is using.
- Added AIHCGetUnitDefById, AIHCGetWeaponDefById, AIHCGetFeatureDefById
- Added LuaParser API to unitsync.
- Added OpenArchiveType(name, type) to unitsync
(type can be "zip", "7z", "dir", or "hpi").
- Added 'const char* GetSideStartUnit(int side)' to unitsync.
- Added InitDirListVFS(path, pattern, modes) and
InitSubDirsVFS(path, pattern, modes)
- Mod/Map Options : 'section' option type added
- Mod/Map Options : 'style' option added, syntax not defined yet
- Fixed Aircraft units that can't land not stopping when reaching the final waypoint.
- Fixed display of times in the EndGameBox (For example 9:07 displayed as 9: 7)
- Fixed the grey flashing that sometimes happened when making new buildings
- Prevent decay when the builder or factory is waiting (executing a wait command).
- Fixed positions occupied by units with a maxspeed of zero (hubs, etc) being considered
valid build-sites.
- Fixed division by zero if two units are in the exact same spot and collide.
- Fixed negative pings
- Fix a dangling pointer when using ground decals. Could have caused desyncs
and LuaUI bugs.
- Fixed possible out of bounds map reads that could cause crashes
- Fixed /cheat and /skip not working in demo-playback mode
- Fixed /noSpectatorChat
- Fixed /fpshud polarity
- Randomize unitIDs
- Fixed dds mipmapping filter (was GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR).
- Fixed dynamic water with geforce 8x00
- Fixed it so that units using ScriptMoveType can not be pushed
- Fixed an infinite recursion in the LuaUI layout handler
- Fixed the Lua SendToUnsynced() stack check bug
- Fixed ScriptMoveType vs. unit pushing
- Fixed "cloaked units were invisble underwater" with DynWater
- Blocked team changes for dead units
- Fixed beamlaser damage vs shields
- Fixed smoke textures loading from resource.tdf (resources/graphics/smoke/smoke00 .. smoke11).
- Fixed clipping issue with units begin built.
- Don't show two statistic windows after demo watching.
- Always create/update the perlin texture used by shields and not only if shadows are enabled.
- Fixed ctrl+c, it searches now for the iscommander tag instead for the commander category.
- Fixed a wrong rotation in ApplyTransform() (which is used by lua's gl.UnitPieceMultMatrix).
- Fixed black lines on CEGs when AntiAliasing is enabled.
- Add new installer SideBanner, Spring icon and ArchiveMover icon all
contributed by AF.
- Put springcontent.sdz and bitmaps.sdz in upgrading installer.
- Installer greatly improved - all content is downloaded from the internet based
on which mods and maps you choose to install.
- No more updating installer because updating and full one would be nearly
identical (in size and functionality).
- Added the following original content mods to the installer (downloads):
-Kernel Panic
-Spring: 1944
- Added springsettings.exe by koshi.
- Added ArchiveMover by zizu. Automatically moves .sdz and .sd7 files to the
correct place (Spring folder\maps\ or Spring folder\mods\)
- Moved to Satirik's lobby, huge amount of changes.
- Moved shaders into springcontent.sdz
- Replacement Bark, bleaf and foam images.
Spring engine varying changes:
- A lot of networking code was refactored.
- Reintroduced heightMod to TryTarget.
- New aircraft command CMD_IDLEMODE, it switches between landing when idle
and not landing.
- Cache input and output of GetWantedDir to save a lot of expensive calculations
for a little loss of accuracy.
- Tiny speedups in LosAdd and SafeLosAdd.
- Optimized unnecessary sqrt in GuiTraceRay.
- Made the replay format better:
- It has a proper header now with version field instead of the entire file
being just a data blob.
- The header has made the gameSetup script.txt modifications redundant: the
UnixTime and Spring Version are in the header, and the gameSetup script is
stored unmodified now.
- It stores a game ID, this can be used to match replays of the same game together.
- It stores the winning ally team, if any.
- It stores player stats.
- It stores team stats.
- It stores game duration, both in game time and wallclock time.
- Small messages are once again send together in one packet.
- Stop animations when network lags (timeout set to 0.5 sec).
- Added some OGGVorbis sound support.
- Added behavior to mobile units so that they will start chasing when the target
is running away, but before the target exits weapons range, allowing the unit
to fire continuously at the retreating unit, instead of the cycles of firing,
then running to catch up that existed prevously.
- Added client side network traffic tallying (per packet type).
- Lasers no longer use their full texture on shots that hit before their full length.
- Negative damage now allowed.
- Log the version of some of the major libraries (SDL, GL, GLEW, AL)
- Bump the unit-limit to 10000.
Lobby interface (unitsync, game setup):
- Added new start positions mode Choose Before Game. Useful for AIs, you can
select the starting position of players from the client.
- Gap removal in GameSetup, players/teams/allyteams can now be given\
with gaps in the numbering, e.g. PLAYER10 and PLAYER14 in an 1 vs 1.
Ordering does still matter.
- Unitsync Java bindings now have a version number.
- Checksum is now read from 7z/zip archive header instead of checksumming entire
file, making things like map list reloading faster by a huge amount.
- Added GetPrimaryModVersion() to unitsync.
- Bumped to ArchiveCache version to 6 ... ArchiveCacheV6.txt
- Applied patch by tc making Spring's configuration variables available through
- Disabled recursive directory scanning for .sdd and omitted files within
.../hidden/* directories from the scan.
- Added the following unitsync calls:
int GetModValidMapCount()
const char* GetModValidMapCount(int index)
- Valid maps are listed in the mod's "ValidMaps.lua" file.
- A valid map count of 0 means that any map can be used with the mod.
- This can be used in concert with LuaRules to setup multi-player scenarios
and tutorials.
AI interface:
- Exposed unit->maxSpeed to the AI interface.
- Added CallLuaRules() to CAICallback.
- Added 'AIDLL=LuaAI:' -> CTeam::luaAI handling for LuaAI.
- Added AI unloading after team is destroyed.
- Allow GlobalAIs to send a startposition.
User Interface:
- Added the CTRL modifier to area reclaims to allow reclaiming your own wrecks
- Removed some hard-coded key bindings and replaced them with:
- Added some reasonable default keybindings for all/ally/spec chat messaging:
enter -> send to <last send type>
Ctrl+enter -> send to All
Alt+enter -> send to Allies
Shift+enter -> send to Spectators
(Note that the modifier versions can be used to change the send mode ever
while typing the message.)
- Added the CTRL modifier to area reclaims for reclaiming all features.
- /specfullview 3 is the new default for spectating and watching demos.
(can view and select all units)
- Added the ctrlpanel.txt "frontByEnds" option. (let's you use the endpoints to
define a front instead of the midpoint and one of the ends.)
- When a factory is set on repeat, alt+build-click inserts the order as a
no-repeat and right after the currently built unit. Behavior is unchanged
if repeat is off.
- Added water lines while placing unit builds.
- Moved the clock and fps indicators to the upper right hand corner.
(the default setup results in overlaps with the player info text.)
- Modified the LOS view to better show the los-only and radar-only conditions
dark = no los, no radar
white = los + radar
blue = los-only
green = radar-only
red = jammed area
- Disabled shadow generation when using LOS viewmode. (would be better to add
shadows in LOS mode, but might as well avoid the shadow generation overhead
until the shadows are added.)
- Make Fight be able to be given a line command, like move already can be.
- Only add the SelectAI button if the current selection has valid GroupAIs.
- Change default keybinding for createvideo to Ctrl+Shift+F10 (was Any+F10),
so it is less easy to accidentally hit it.
- Change savegame default keybinding from Any+F8 to Ctrl+Shift+F8,
for the same reason as the createvideo keybind change.
- Improved view centering for the Free Camera mode.
- Made nano-particles unsynced. (and respect maxParticles)
- Added '/cross [size]'.
- Added .godmode [0|1] -- allows all players (even specs) to control all units.
- Added a team parameter to .give: .give [amount] <unitName> [team] @x,y,z
- .kick and .kickbynum messages are filtered.
- Changed '/grabinput' to '/grabinput [0|1]', and added state reporting.
- Added the "/grounddecals [0|1]" command.
Modinfo / modrules tags:
- Allow for the modder to define whether the crashing planes (and/or units
running long Killed() scripts) can be fired on via modrules.tdf new section:
The defaults are to disallow both (Spring 0.75 behaviour, both variables set
to 0). Spring 0.74 behaviour (allow both) can be emulated by setting both
variables to 1.
- Added modinfo.tdf 'version', 'mutator', and 'shortName' tags.
- Added the following to modrules.tdf (default values shown):
- Adds [experience] { experienceMult = 1.0; } to modrules.
- Adds [flankingBonus] { defaultMode = 1; } to modrules.
- Replaces the old bonus shield system with flanking bonus
Unit / feature definition tags:
- The TDF tags MetalStorage and EnergyStorage now override the StartMetal and
StartEnergy specified in the startscript, instead of the other way round. If
MetalStorage or EnergyStorage isn't specified the default values for commander
units are StartMetal and StartEnergy. For other units the default remains 0.
- Moved the buildOptions definitions into the unitDef definitions, LuaParser
handles backwards compatibility.
- Changed init_cloaked to initcloaked.
- Add a tag 'pushResistant' to UnitDef. If set to true, a unit will not be
pushed out of the way by another when their footprints overlap, nor will
it respond to BuggerOff directives when the other party has an important
move order. Defaults to false.
- Added a per-soundfile volume control format for unitdefs
sounds = {
ok = 'oksound',
cancel = {
select = {
{ file = 'selsound1', volume = 2.0 },
{ file = 'selsound2', volume = 2.5 },
- Features have new tag "reclaimTime" defining how long they take to reclaim,
default is metal+energy.
- Added tags:
transportUnloadMethod = <integer>; // 0 - land unload, 1 - flyover drop, 2 - land flood
fallSpeed = <float>
unitFallSpeed = <float>
These dictate the speed of units being dropped from the transport.
fallSpeed is used on the transports FBI file, to dictate the speed of all
units it drops, unitFallSpeed is used on each transported unit to override
- Added flighttime functionality to cannons.
- Added flighttime to bombdroppers.
- Added FBI tag cantBeTransported=0|1, if set to 1 no transport can load this unit.
- Added FBI tag minTransportSize=int, determines the smallest size footprint
that the transport can load
- Added FBI tag minTransportMass=float, determines the smallest mass unit that
the transport can load.
- Removed the check for Air movetype for holdSteady FBI tag, so now ground
transports can use it too.
- New FBI tag for transports; float unloadSpread: Controls the spacing between
units in an area unload command, works as a multiple, default is 1.
- Added the 'decloakSpherical' unitDef tag (defaults to true).
- Added optional 3D ranging for all builder operations.
(build, repair, reclaim, etc...) (per-unitdef buildRange3D=true)
- New unitDef parameters:
int flankingBonusMode
float flankingBonusMax
float flankingBonusMin
float flankingBonusMobilityAdd
float3 flankingBonusDir
- Added the "canSelfDestruct = true" unitDef tag.
- Enable CEGs to be tied to pieces of exploding units
(CEG replaces the default smoke if used, but not the miniscule fire-effect)
- Added CEG opcodes y, x, a, p and q. Except for p those operate on a set of 16
buffers that store a float value each.
y# - Yank: Stores the running value in the buffer # and returns 0.
x# - Multiply: Multiplies the value with the contents of buffer #.
a# - Add: Adds the contents of buffer #.
p# - Pow: Returns the #th power of the value.
q# - Buffer Pow: Like Pow but uses the contents of buffer # as the exponent.
- Add a tag "factoryHeadingTakeoff" (on request of the SWS folks to prevent some
clipping issues) which controls the takeoff behavior of TAAirMoveType aircraft.
True (default) means planes start matching their factory's heading right after
taking off from the pad, false means they maintain the heading of the pad
until reaching wantedHeight.
- Added [CONSTRUCTION] section to Modruless.tdf:
constructionDecay (bool, default true): Should constructions decay if noone is working on them?
constructionDecayTime (float, default 6.66): How long until the decay starts?
constructionDecaySpeed (float, default 0.03): The speed of the decay,
whereby buildTime*decaySpeed = time for a total decay so higher = slower decay
- Added unit FBI collide tag (boolean, default: 1), currently affects only planes:
If set to 0 the plane will not collide with any other unit. Most notably this
saves the CPU-heavy collision checks every frame (big performance boost!) and
avoids the damage planes normally take from bumping into each other.
Projectiles will still collide with the units normally.
Weapon definition tags:
- Added heightBoostFactor - a float tag that gives control of cannon height
range boost (more than 1 means increased range, 0 means the cannon has fixed
range regardless of height difference to target. default is a magic value
calculated on weapon init, based on range tag and theoretical max range.)
- Added heightMod tag (height difference is multiplied by this value before
checking range), default 0.8 for Cannon weapon type, 0.2 for everything else
(i.e. stays as it was). Beamlasers have heightmod=1 by default so they use
pure spherical targeting.
- Added GroundBounce, WaterBounce, NumBounce, BounceSlip, BounceRebound, and
bounceExplosionGenerator tags.
- New tags beamttl (default: 0) and beamdecay (default: 1) for the beamlaser.
Beamttl defines the time (in frames) the beam will stay after being fired and
beamdecay defines the speed of the fadeout (each frame the beam's intensity is
multiplied with that value). This applies to the single-frame beams the weapon
emits, if it has a beamtime it will emit one such beam every frame, which is
only useful if the source of the beam moves a lot (gives a cool trail effect).
It's primarily intended for beams with a beamtime of one frame (which often
simulate very fast shots instead of constant streams, e.g. railguns) so they
don't disappear immediately.
- Added fixedLauncher tag (bool) for missiles, starburst missiles and torpedoes,
this makes the projectile spawn with the orientation of the shooting piece
instead of their normal orientation. The weapon will not properly check if
allies are in the way so make sure you align the launchers in a way that
won't hammer right into your own forces and perhaps use collideFriendly=0.
FixedLauncher conflicts with trajectoryHeight and IMO combining them is
pointless anyway so don't use both on a weapon.
- Added projectiles tag (int), each time a weapon fires this many projectiles
are spawned (on the same frame). Make sure you put them on different
trajectories somehow (sprayangle or different firepoints) because otherwise
they'll all be clumped in one shot. Can be set to 0 as well for script trigger
weapons and can be combined with burst.
- Missiles and starburst missiles now obey smoketrail, set it to 0 to disable
the smoke. To get a missile without smoketrail you have to define the weapon
as a missile with WeaponType=MissileLauncher in the tdf.
- Missiles, starburst missiles and torpedoes now use flighttime if present
instead of the hardcoded formula (which is still used if flighttime is not
- Added SubMissile tag (bool) for TorpedoLaunchers, if set to 1 the torpedo will
travel like a missile outside of water. It will not emit a smoketrail, though.
When fired from a plane it will behave the same way but the plane will
probably be considered a fighter, not a bomber.
- Added fireSubmersed tag (bool), defaults to the value of waterweapon. If set
the weapon can fire underwater, if not then not. Use it for weapons that
cannot fire underwater but can hit underwater targets. Works even for
- Starburst missiles now obey turnrate for the turn at the peak of their flight
(if supplied, otherwise the old value is used).
- All weapons (save for the Rifle which noone uses anyway) can now attack
underwater targets if they have waterweapon=1 set.
- Bombs can use manually defined burst and burstrate values instead of
autogenerated ones by using the new manualBombSettings tag (bool). Keep in
mind that (roughly) burst*burstrate defines the area in which the bomber is
willing to drop the bomb so if you make it too small the bomber might miss
the drop area and not drop any bomb.
- Added myGravity tag (float) for ballistic weapons (Cannon and Bomb), it
overrides the map gravity if used. Regular map gravity is around 0.2.
- Bombs now obey Accuracy and SprayAngle.
- Added ShieldStartingPower tag (float) for shields, if set the shield starts
with this much power instead of 0.
- Renamed flareEfficency -> flareEfficiency.
- Added the weaponDef 'cameraShake' tag.
- Added the dance tag for missilelaunchers that makes the missile move around
randomly. Unlike wobble it doesn't rotate the missile and it prevents the
missile from going too far off course so a dancing swarm will remain coherent.
- Beamlasers ignore beamtime if new tag "beamburst" is set. (for emulating
weapons that do damage in bursts)
- New weapon FBI tags:
WaterBounce and GroundBounce: (default: false)
Boolean to allow a projectile to bounce off of a surface.
BounceSlip: (default: 1)
Amount of lateral speed kept by the projectile after it bounces.
BounceRebound: (default: 1)
Amount of vertical speed keeps and reverses.
NumBounce: (default: -1)
The number of bounces a weapon will make. -1 indicates no limit.
- Added the ability to bounce for Torpedos, Missiles, Lasers, Cannons, and Emgs.
- Added bounceExplosionGenerator tag, which defines an explosion generator to
run when a projectile bounces.
- Added the tag "hardStop" (bool, default 0) which, if used, makes the laser not
fade if it doesn't hit before hitting its range limit and instead has the
laser stop immediately and contract, as if it had hit something. This looks
better with really long lasers, especially those that are longer than their range.
- Weapon projectiles can now spawn a CEG at their position every frame using
the cegTag weapon tag.
- ProximityPriority tag - acts as a multiplier for the distance to the target
in the priority calculation. Note that negative values make weapons prefer
distant targets.
- Adds three opcodes to the CEG definitions:
- m (modulo or sawtooth wave) returns the remainder of the running value
divided by m's parameter (100 m24 returns 4),
- s (sine) returns the sine of the running value with the parameter acting as
the amplitude,
- k (discrete) returns the running value floored to an integral multiple of
the parameter.
- All weapon projectiles that have a TTL now supply their remaining ttl-value as
the damage param to their trail CEG (Flame projectiles use curTime instead).
- Added alwaysVisible weapon tag, makes the projectile visible, even without LOS.
- Added the weapon tag leadLimit that limits the maximum distance a unit will
lead a target (default is -1 which means infinite).
- Added the weapon tag leadbonus which is multiplied with the unit's experience
and added to the lead limit.
- Added the weapon tag predictBoost (default 0 for non-burnblow, 0.5 for
burnblow weapons).
- Fixed cannons not able to shoot as far from high ground as they should.
- Fixed infinite lower cylinder when cylindertargetting is active.
- Loaded air transports no longer land on stop command .
- Fixes in glBallisticCircle. (use heightmod also in drawing range circles.)
- Spring now returns 0 when started with -V, -h or -p.
- Fix random start positions. (positions are handed out before gaia team is added)
- CMD_REMOVE also works for idle factories (with move/patrol queues)
- Changed Cannon::GetRange2D so it uses something closer to real-world physics.
- Fixed Melee weapon always aiming west.
- Do not allow commands with out-of-map destinations.
- "Connecting to server" message now does not pop up when starting without startscript.
- Commandline is now parsed before the filesystemhandler starts up (speedup
starting with arguments like -V or -h).
- Fixed builders with area reclaim sometimes going out of their designated circle
- Bombs now obey Accuracy and SprayAngle.
- Fixed lightning weapons having a hardcoded inaccuracy, made it obey accuracy
and sprayangle tag instead.
- Fixed Lightning weapons not doing damage to shields.
- Possible fix for the disappearing healthbars.
- Fixed crashbug when exiting the GroupAI, sharing and quit boxes in an unusual way.
- Fixed starburst missiles so they stop their engines after they travel out of range.
- Fixed a possible load/save bug.
- Fixed crash in DamageArray() copying constructor.
- Don't say 'content error' if modrules.tdf isn't found.
- Improved error reporting in GetTDFName and LoadMap.
- Fixed replays.
- Fixed savefiles on non-Windows OSes.
- Fixed the run-time Spring.MakeFont() call-out.
- Fixed beamlasers so they don't ignore CollideFriendly.
- Fixed both CollideFeature and CollideFriendly for weapontype=Rifle.
- Fixed unloading of aircraft.
- Fixed crash when sharing units with a GroupAI other player doesn't have.
- Fixed .team, .setminspeed and .setmaxspeed when playing a demo locally.
- Fix groundscars turning white after using LOS overlays or enabling shadows.
- Better error reporting in case of global AI version mismatch.
- Fix SM3 when resizing windows.
- Don't profile the water renderer on voidwater maps.
- Weapons now use AimFromWeapon to determine the part to aim from, this prevents
waggling and failing to aim at close ranges. To simulate the old behaviour
make AimFromWeapon return the same piece as QueryWeapon does.
- Melee weapon now reports a proper angle to AimWeapon.
- Made starburst missiles obey startvelocity and weaponacceleration.
- Try to minimize damage caused by LuaUI crashes until cause is found by
disabling LuaUI after several errors happen.
- Hackish fix for units sometimes not going to factory designated rally point
- Install the game/fonts/*.ttf files to fonts/.
- Handle a missing argument to .skip a little better.
- Fix error message for missing font.
- Take screenshot of entire window (rather than left half only) in dual-screen mode.
- Lua stack was changed to fix some segfaults.
- Prohibit spectators (except for the host) from changing the gamespeed unless
cheating is enabled.
- Fix an exploit where partially reclaimed corpses that are turned into wreckage
end up being worth more than the remaining value of the corpse itself.
- Fix weaponAcceleration typo causing major bugs with nukes and vlaunch weapons et al.
- Fix two "unknown net msg" errors in CPreGame when playing certain demos.
- Fixed a crash bug (lastColWarning == NULL) in TAAirMoveType.
- Fixed a crash in AirMoveType.cpp.
- Removed the automatic 'userInputPrefix' tracking for incoming messages
- Fixed the unitsync GetUnitFullName().
- Ignore used writing keypresses (for bindings like: 'bind a+u edit_next_word')
- fixes a bug in LuaUnsyncedRead::TraceScreenRay() when using dualscreen mode
and minimap is on left.
- Unit pieces inherit alpha threshold from owner.
- Fixed jittery falling units.
- Fix timeout while loading / pathing
- CommandFallback was broken wrt return values, fixed.
- Improved dgun responsiveness. (still not perfect, but at least shoots through
features now)
- Construct a proper orthonormal basis for muzzle-flame bitmaps.
- Gracefully handle missing script failure.
- Fixed speed and pause in replay.
- Fix for teleporting units when area-unloading out of map.
- Fix for uadded tracking of PushMatrix and PopMatrix Lua call-ins to reduce
number of gl errors.
- Fix ghosted buildings always being drawn with default facing.
- Fixed weapon TDF 'fireStarter' tag, for all weapon types.
- Units, when they are within range, but unable to hit the target of an attack
command, will move sideways.
- Fixed the bug where laserprojectiles had weird garbage on the front if the
projectile was within lod distance.
- Fixed set HEADING COB variable so it updates unit direction.
- Fixed giving commands while recording a video.
- Fixed bug where after load all moving ground units stops with message
"Can't reach destination".
- Fix for patrolling builders repairing stuff that's being reclaimed
- In the tooltip displayed on mouseover, deconstructing nanoframes didn't show
how much metal they are producing on mouseover.
- Don't set the default shareTeam to a dead team ever.
- Fixed random mod.
- Made glPrintOutlined() almost 50% faster by lowering quality.
- Reclaimers list is now saved.
- Now error messages are broadcast to all clients.
- Paralyzers no longer damage features.
- Fixed the wait/teleport factory bug.
- Fix flying/underground units bug.
- Unhide the gaia team, and colorize by allegiance.
- Made demo not found / demo corrupt / format outdated exceptions instead of logOutput-warnings
- /quit will now quit immediately if you are the only active player.
- Fixed a 'bad team' segv in Spring.CreateUnit().
- Added the ScopedMapLoader helper to unitsync.
- Paralyzers no longer shake the camera.
- Fixed the missile and starburst texture2 only applying to the first segment of
the smoketrail (the segment that's still part of the projectile, not a
CSmokeTrailProjectile). Now the entire trail uses the texture.
- Fix possible segmentation faults after loading a shared object failed.
- Fixed bug where server dont send remaining data (including NETMSG_QUIT) to server
- Set ACTIVATION issues CMD_ONOFF instead of activating/deactivating, fixing
issues with on/off not showing correct state.
- Added a check for weapon 'slavedTo' values (content_error).
- Fixed some bugs in gl.TexEnv / gl.MultiTexEnv / gl.TexGen / gl.MultiTexGen
- Used the decoyDef ghost building models when appropriate.
- Fixed CAirMoveType planes not rotating on factory pads.
- Fixed CTAAirMoveType planes always taking off from labs facing south.
- Fixed missile-gunships from being unable to force-attack ground.
- Fixed CTRL-MOVE group orders causing units to move at snail's pace.
- Fixed mid-air explosions that occur over water triggering a water splash effect.
- Fixed the isAttackCapable() check.
- Prevent CMissileProjectile weapons with trajectoryHeight from over- or
undershooting when firing at targets below or above attack position.
Based the angular correction factor on missile speed.
- Not being able to lock the config file on linux is not a fatal error anymore.
- Remove the (bestDist < radius) bugs.
- Make sure the (paralyzeDamageTime >= 0).
- Added bestDist method for all area searches.
- Added a check for immobile builders that will stop internal.
commands for when the unit has moved out of the build range.
- Fixed FlareProjectile. (flare projectile was always removed after one Update.)
- Allow for "non-decloakable" units.
- CGameHelper::GetClosestEnemyUnitNoLosTest() now includes the target's radius
for spherical tests.
- Stunned factories don't open, build, or close.
- Players from demo once again can't change speed / pause.
- Factored out some glGetDoublev() calls (may be faster on certain GPU architectures)
- Fixed issue that some people can only get sound when hosting.
- Fixed bug in map damage loading from savegame.
- Fixed possible bug in explosions map damage.
- Fixed crash with saving after nuke was intercepted.
- Fixed ground-transports being unable to unload units on certain maps.
- Units that are still inside a non-firebase transport do not destun.
- Fixed units whose state is floating but are not in water taking water-damage.
- Print "spectator <name> left" rather than "player <name> left" if the guy
leaving is a spectator.
- Added serializing for InMapDraw.
- Fixed bug with saving builders that terraform ground.
- Fixed stunned units being unhittable if pushed.
- Made a seperate update thread while the game loads to prevent network timeouts
on slow computers. (thread is joined when loading finished.)
- CCobInstance::RealCall now checks if stack is big enough before getting
arguments from stack.
- made StartBuilding measure the pitch from the center of the unit instead of
the base to deal with units with large vertical offset.
- Put CMinimap always on back so it does not draw over the user interface.
- Moved the QueryNanoPiece COB call into synced code to hopefully fix a desync.
- Fixed the bug where a repair order on a construction whose terraforming is
incomplete will start construction anyway.
- Fixed units terraforming the ground under units being built by factories.
- Added some protection against .wav's whose headers contain a garbage datalen.
(was causing SEGV's with XTA 9.2)
- Change lots of printf calls to logOutput.Print().
- Don't send NETMSG_GAMEOVER when watching a demo with only 1 allyteam left.
- Throw content_error if a mod/map archive can not be found instead of only
printing a warning in the log. This should stop the 'missing default cursor'
message actually meaning 'missing a mod archive'.
- Added minimap ping on game start and set lastMsgPos to something meaningful.
Notably this fixes F3 zooming to top left corner before something interesting
- Fixed crash when singlestep was executed in client mode.
- Spring and ArchiveMover.exe requires administrative privileges now on Windows,
as a workaround until user directories can be specified as data directories.
- "Can't reach destination" message spam should be reduced a bit.
- Added call-in gl.Smoothing(point, line, polygon).
- Added Spring.GetViewSizes() to LuaOpenGL.
- Added the SetLosViewColors() call-in.
- Added the StockpileChanged() call-in.
- Added the DefaultCommand() call-in.
- Added the LuaUI WorldTooltip() call-in.
- Added the LuaUI GameSetup() call-in.
- Added GetUnitHeight() call-out.
- Added GetFeatureHeight() call-out.
- Added GetFeatureRadius() call-out.
- Added GetFeatureResurrect() call-out.
- Added SetTeamColor() call-out.
- Added GetTeamColor() call-out.
- Added GetTeamOrigColor() call-out.
- Added the Spring.SetDrawSky() call-out.
- Added the Spring.SetDrawWater() call-out.
- Added the Spring.SetDrawGroud() call-out.
- Added the gl.UnitMultMatrix() call-out.
- Added the GetLuaAIDesc() call.
- Added the Spring.AddUnitDamage(
number unitID,
number damage,
number paralyzeTime,
number attackerID,
number weaponID,
number impulseX, number impulseXY, number impulseZ) lua call-out.
- Added the gl.UnitPieceMultMatrix() lua call-out.
- Added the gl.EdgeFlag() lua call-out.
- Added the Spring.GetCameraFOV() lua call-out.
- Added the Spring.GetCameraDirection() lua call-out.
- Added unit count protection to Spring.CreateUnit().
- Added the DrawUnit() LuaRules unsynced call-in. (for SetUnitLuaDraw())
- Added the Spring.SetUnitLuaDraw() LuaRules call-out.
- Added the GameFrame() call-in to LuaUI.
- Added the AICallIn() LuaRules unsynced call-in. (for CallLuaRules())
- Added the Spring.GetTeamLuaAI() lua call-out.
- Added LuaUI Spring.GetGatherMode().
- Added LuaUI Spring.GetInvertQueueKey().
- Added Spring.SetUnitLineage(unitID, teamID[, bool isRoot]).
- Added Spring.GetBuildFacing() for LuaUI.
- Added Spring.GetBuildSpacing() for LuaUI.
- Removed the color info from GetTeamInfo().
- Added GetHasLag(), returns true if currently lagging behind host.
- Added PlaySoundStream and StopSoundStream for OggVorbis audio.
- Added the rank parameter to GetPlayerInfo(). (arg 7)
- Added 'autoland' to GetUnitStates().
- Added the UnitCmdDone() call-in.
- Added the UnitCloaked() call-in.
- Added the UnitDecloaked() call-in.
- Adedd the MapDrawCmd() call-in. (only for LuaUI)
- Added the unsynced Spring.GetVisibleUnits([teamID] [,radius] [,useIcons]) call-out
- Added the following to both UnitDefs[] and FeatureDefs[]
height, radius
minx, midx, maxx
miny, midy, maxy
minz, midz, maxz
- Disabled the lua DrawScreen() call-in when the interface is hidden. (note that
the DrawScreenEffects() call-in remains active.)
- The majority of mod files are now loaded via LuaParsers, which can be edited
to load different types of files. The default LuaParsers simply load the
normal style files with improved error checking and speed.
- Game.armorTypes[] was changed to a bidirectional map.
- WeaponDefs[x].damages.damages[] was replaced with WeaponDefs[x].damages[index]
(starts at 0 for the default armorType)
- Added the 'teamcolors.lua' local team recoloring LuaParser script.
- Added the gui_game_setup.lua GameSetup widget.
- Added 'ghostedBuildings' to Game[].
- Changed Game.modName to use the humanName value.
- UnitDef names are always lower case now.
- Added on-the-fly lua font texture / specfile generation.
- Added localization support in the lua tooltips and ctrlpanel.
- Generated local speed-ups for some of the installed widgets.
- Created FeatureDefNames and WeaponDefNames for LuaUI.
- Added Spring.SetUnitNeutral(unitID, bool) and Spring.GetUnitNeutral(unitID).
- Neutral units (mainly for gaia and fake features), will not be attacked.
automatic when the attacker to be has its fireState set to "Fire At Will".
- Added a hidden fourth fireState level (3) that will shoot at neutrals.
- Added SetCustomCommandDrawData.
- Added 'extractorRadius' to the LUA Game table.
- Added Spring.IsGodModeEnabled() to LuaSyncedRead.
- Added the "gamedata/LockLuaUI.txt" check for LuaUI. If this file exists in
the mod, then LuaUI can only load its gui.lua" file from the archive
filesystem, thus putting the mod in full control of what LuaUI can be used
to do (including disabling all user widgets).
- LuaAI is now supported.
- Added custom mod / map options via Lua:
- MapOptions.lua is to be used with LuaGaia, and belongs in the map archive,
- ModOptions.lua is to be used with LuaRules, and belongs in the mod archive.
- Renamed cmdDesc iconname -> texture for LuaUI LayoutButtons() input.
- Renamed cmdDesc mouseicon -> cursor for LuaUI LayoutButtons() input.
- Changed the cmdDesc double texture format to:
(both textures can use either the named textures or '#<unitDefID>' format)
- * Added the Spring.RequestPath() lua call-out
- RequestPath(<number moveID | string moveName>,
startX, startY, startZ, endX, endY, endZ [, goalRadius]) -> nil | path
- it returns a lua userdata or nil
- the userdata has the following calls:
path:Next([currX, currY, currZ[, minDist]]) -> nil | x, y, z
path:GetEstimatedPath() ->
{[1] = {x,y,z}, [2] = {x,y,z}, etc... }, -- waypoints
{[1] = index, [2] = index, etc... } -- resolution start points
- Added Spring.GetUnitEstimatedPath() -- same return as path:GetEstimatedPath()
- Added GetEstimatedPoints() to CPathManager
- Added the NETMSG_LUAMSG net packet type
- Added the following calls to LuaUI:
Spring.SendLuaUIMsg(msg [,mode = ''|'a'|'allies'|'s'|'specs'])
- Added the RecvLuaMsg(msg, playerID) call-in to all lua scripts
- Added the weaponID to the lua UnitDamaged() for fullRead scripts
- Removed imageSizeX and imageSizeY (potential desync). The gl.TextureInfo() call can be used instead
- Made decloakDistance a per-unit property, and made it accessible to
synced lua scripts as the third parameter to SetUnitCloak().
- Added GetModOptions() and GetMapOptions()
- Added UnitSeismicPing() (with a sound)
- Added the ability to set the stockpile percent
- Added the Spring.SetUnitTarget(unitID, targetID | <x,y,z>, bool userTarget) call-out
- Added the Spring.SetExperienceGrade(number) call-out (sets the experience
steps that will trigger the UnitExperience() call-in, based on the
limExperience varible value (exp / (exp + 1)))
- Added the UnitExperience() lua call-in
- Added VFS.UseArchive(filename, function(...) ... end, ...)
- allows for packaged widgets (source, textures, sounds, etc...)
- currently only works for raw filesystem access (limited to LuaUI)
- Added the following lua call-outs to allow unsynced read access to COB global variables:
GetCOBUnitVar(unitID, varID)
GetCOBTeamVar(teamID, varID)
GetCOBAllyTeamVar(allyTeamID, varID)
(varIDs start at 0)
- Added FBO objects to lua GL, with MRT (multiple render targets) capability, and blitting
- Added RBO objects to lua GL, which should allow for depth + stencil format
- Added lua Scream objects, which can call a function when they are garbage collected
- Added VFS.SubDirs(), to get a list of subdirectories
- Spring.SendMessage() and friends can now be used by unsynced lua code
- added Lua SyncedCtrl function Spring.SetUnitMoveGoal(unitID, posX, posY, posZ[, radius[, speed]]),
this makes the unit move closer to the target location, to a distance of <radius> (default 0).
This is mostly for custom commands that should have the unit moving into range,
it doesn't affect the order queue. It's marked as unsafe.
- New Lua call-out (SyncedCtrl): Spring.SetUnitWeaponState(unitID, weaponNum, stateTable)
StateTable is a table containing one or more of reloadstate, reloadtime (this time in seconds),
accuracy, sprayangle, range, projectilespeed. Obviously the values will be assigned to the
variables the keys refer to.
- Added the Spring.GetMapList() call-out to the mod ValidMaps.lua script
- Added the Spring.GetMapInfo() call-out for the ValidMaps.lua script
- Added mapSizeX and mapSizeZ to the lua Game table
- Fix GetCmdDescIndex()
- Added a seventh parameter to AllowCommand, "synced". It's a bool that is true
when the command was sent by either a Spring-internal action or synced Lua and
it's false if the command came from the user or LuaUI. This should facilitate
preventing user commands to a unit while allowing LuaRules commands.
- Removed the third return value of Spring.GetTeamInfo (active) since it was broken.
- Give a COB error instead of crashing for invalid explosion generator indices
or weapon indices in emit-sfx. #
- Added COB call to "ShotX" that happens shortly before weaponX uses
QueryWeaponX, use this for switching firepoints in bursts or when using
multiple projectiles.
- StartBuilding now supplies the pitch as the second parameter to help with
custom build FX.
- Fixed cob bitwise not operator (was logical not.)
- Added a MOD COB opcode for modulo division
- Introduces the COB get/set variable 103, ALPHA_THRESHOLD. It ranges from 0-255
and changes the glAlphaFunc to use that alpha value as its minimum. In
practice this allows disintegration-style effects or the reverse for build animations.
- Transport AI now calls the cob function 'StartUnload' which is called once
when transport starts to lower during land flood method.
- Dropped units call the cob functions 'falling' and 'landed' so that you may
start and stop a parachute animation.
- Added the 'cobID' unitDef tag, and the COB_ID (100) COB GET type
- Added the BlockShot#(unitID, block) COB call-in - set block to non-zero to
block the unit firing at unitID
- Added the cob GET/SET STEALTH command (96)
- Added CRASHING (97) get/set constant to COB. Can be used to get/set whether an
aircraft is crashing. Is ignored for non-CAirMoveType units.
(including CTAAirMoveType aircraft)
- Added global, team, and ally GET/SET variables to COB scripts
1024 - 2047: 1024 global variables
2048 - 2175: 128 variables per team (the COB script unit's team)
2176 - 2303: 128 variables per allyteam (the COB script unit's allyteam)
- Added 8 shared per-unit variables (example: GET UNIT_VAR_START -unitID value)
COB GET codes (used GET because of its extra parameters)
- GET SET_WEAPON_UNIT_TARGET weaponID unitID userTarget
- GET SET_WEAPON_GROUND_TARGET weaponID xzCoord yCoord userTarget
- Added TargetWeightX COB call-in and CHANGE_TARGET cob set var.
COB call-in TargetWeightX(targetID, weight), weight defaults to 65536 which
represents 1.0 and is multiplied with the target's value to determine priorities.
Set CHANGE_TARGET to Y makes weaponY pick a new target.
- Adds the COB set constant CEG_DAMAGE (99), which defines the damage value for
all CEGs triggered by emit-sfx 1024 + x to allow for some variability in the
emitted effects (to e.g. make a charging energy ball grow larger or have smoke
get progressively darker as the unit's HP decreases).
- Added a new get call, PLAY_SOUND, to play a sound that can be heard only by
allies, enemy, in los, etc. GET PLAY_SOUND(sound number, volume,
who hears the sound, where to play the sound) (see r4974 for full docs)
- Get health now allows a unit ID to be passed.
- Added COB and Lua access to some more weapon variables.
New COB constants, all get-only (but not read-only):
WEAPON_RELOADSTATE 125 (frame number of the next shot/burst)
WEAPON_RELOADTIME 126 (in frames)
All of these use the first param (starting at 1) as the weapon index whereby positive
means read and negative means write the second param to the value. In the latter case
the previous value is returned.
FLANK_B_MODE 120 // set or get
FLANK_B_DIR 121 // set or get, set is through get for multiple args
FLANK_B_MOBILITY_ADD 122 // set or get
FLANK_B_MAX_DAMAGE 123 // set or get
FLANK_B_MIN_DAMAGE 124 // set or get
- Fixed possible crash while waiting for connection to the host.
- Fixed unknown net msg in read ahead bugs when large UDP packets were received.
- Fixed a crash when empty network packets where destructed.
- Fixed rapier like units being unable to attack enemy units.
- TargetBorder now takes the correct vertical distance into account.
- ".kick" and ".kickbynum" now just kick the given player instead of kicking
everyone including the host himself.
- Game end condition is now fixed to check allyteams instead of teams.
- Added gui_xray_shader.lua widget
- Added gui_team_platter.lua widget
- Added camera_smooth_move.lua widget
- Added LuaCob, LuaGaia, LuaRules synchronized scripting:
- LuaCob: (mod) provides access to lua functions for COB scripts
- LuaGaia: (map) controls the Gaia team
- LuaRules: (mod) gives full read/ctrl to setup custom mod game rules
- Added LuaRules Spring.UnitRendering (LuaMaterials, unfinished).
- Merged the LuaUI code with the new lua library setup.
- Made LuaUI mod widgets possible.
- Added support for the Gaia team.
- Added SimpleGroundFlash to explosion generator.
- Added 'dds' and 'png' as default buildpic formats.
- Load/save now uses the creg serializer.
- Netcode has been refactored to be more readable.
- Added Load/Save interface for AIs.
- Load/save support for EconomyAI and MexUpgraderAI.
- Added GetStartPos to IAICallback.
- Fixed CCommandQueue in AI interface.
- Added AIVAL_UNITLIMIT enabling AIs to query the maximum number of units.
- Added the ability to unload a specific unit using the UNLOAD_UNIT command
(the unitID should be added as the fourth parameter)
- Added AIVAL_STOCKPILED to query the amount of stockpiled ammo.
- Added AIVAL_STOCKPILE_QUED to query the amount of queued stockpile ammo.
- Allow up to 16 pads per air base.
- Units can not build stuff on top of cloaked stuff anymore.
- Units guarding other units now properly repair the other unit if it's damaged.
- Units guarding factories prioritize repairing the factory instead of building
new units.
- Stunned (and transported) units can not build anymore.
- Units (that are still paralyzed) are not un-stunned anymore during unloading.
- Changed the unit resource updates so that they occur even while stunned.
- Transporters can carry hovers and ships now.
- Transporters now check ground slope before unloading.
- Units on a slope steeper than their max slope will now skid down it.
- Disabled the ground flattening when building mobile units.
- Added paralyzed unit skipping for paralyzers.
(use ALT to disable skipping, same modifier as for permanent area commands)
- Made a unit's ablity to slow itself relative to the angle of the slope.
- Improved aiming of Cannon type weapons. They will no longer over/under shoot
due to large height differences.
- Weapons don't target dead and crashing units anymore.
- Mobile units under hold position in a temporary attack order don't move away
from their patrol route anymore.
- Added ScriptMoveType (incomplete, but functional).
- Commander doesn't randomly D-gun buildings anymore when FPS mode is disabled.
- Missiles now honour SprayAngle weapon TDF tag.
- Removed the maximum 8 sides limit.
- Fixed incorrect searching order in the virtual file system.
- Fixed teamcolor for S3O and 3DO features.
- Fixed cloaked S3O units losing their texture.
- Fixed teamcolor rendering for MissileProjectile and WeaponProjectile.
- Fixed handling of .give so team unitlimit is respected.
- Dynamic and refractive water are now reinitialized after window resize.
- Fixed rendering of shadows of S3O models with transparency.
- Fixed rendering of underwater grass.
- Made LuaUI compatible with VFS access.
- Fixed SM3 shader for ATI x1* series.
- Fixed incorrect cancelling of rotated buildings build orders.
- And many more
Chat commands:
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the pause command.
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the showHealthBars command.
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the updatefov command.
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the drawtrees command.
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the dynamicsky command.
- Added an optional [0|1] parameter to the hideinterface command.
- Added ".editdefs [0|1]" to allow lua based UnitDef editing.
- Added ".reloadcob <unitName>" to reload cob scripts.
- Added ".skip <[+|f]seconds>" for in-game and replay fast-forwarding.
- Added "/safegl [0|1]" command for testing lua rendering overhead.
- Added "/buffertext <text>", copies text into the console history.
- Added dynamic "/vsync" control.
- Added the "/fpshud [0|1]" action.
- Added "endgraph [0|1]" action.
- Changed ".take" so that cheating must be enabled for spectators to use it.
- Added the ability to give features using ".give"
(only if the unit name doesn't match, player's team is used)
- Added input text editing
- backspace & delete
- home & end (or ALT+{left|right})
- CTRL+{left|right} for word skipping
- Added the '//' -> '/' command prefix conversion syntax
- Added the following LuaUI widget handler commands:
"/luaui togglewidget <widgetname>"
"/luaui enablewidget <widgetname>"
"/luaui disablewidget <widgetname>"
- Added the '/lodscale [shadow|reflection|refraction] <scale>' command.
- HitByWeaponId(z,x,id,damage) will be called instead of HitByWeapon if it exist
in script.
- Implemented COB get/set constant STANDINGMOVEORDER (2)
- Implemented COB get/set constant STANDINGFIREORDER (3)
- Added a new COB query call, "QueryLandingPadCount".
- if not defined, Spring will assume 16 as the maximum number of pads
- it takes one argument, which is initially set to 16, the number
returned in arg0 will be used as the maximum number of pads.
- Fixed logical XOR,AND,OR (they were implemented as binary XOR,AND,OR)
- Added COB get/set constant UPRIGHT (79)
- Added COB get constant POW (80) with 2 arguments x and y: it returns x^y.
- Added COB get constant PRINT (81) which prints it's 4 arguments to infolog.
- Added COB get constant HEADING (82)
- Added COB get constant TARGET_ID (83)
- Added COB get constant LAST_ATTACKER_ID (84)
- Added COB get/set constant LOS_RADIUS (85)
- Added COB get/set constant AIR_LOS_RADIUS (86)
- Added COB get/set constant RADAR_RADIUS (87)
- Added COB get/set constant JAMMER_RADIUS (88)
- Added COB get/set constant SONAR_RADIUS (89)
- Added COB get/set constant SONAR_JAM_RADIUS (90)
- Added COB get/set constant SEISMIC_RADIUS (91)
- Added COB get constant DO_SEISMIC_PING (92)
- Added COB get/set constant CURRENT_FUEL (93)
- Added COB get constant TRANSPORT_ID (94)
- Added COB get/set constant SHIELD_POWER (95)
- Added COB get/set constants LUA0-LUA9 (110-119)
- Added "SMFTexAniso" config parameter (default = 0, disabled)
(application controlled anisotropic texture filtering for SMF maps)
- Removed "SM3MaxTextureStages", it's confusing and the fallback mode isnt
really useful (still slow).
- Added config parameter MaximumTransmissionUnit. This can be used to control
the maximum UDP packet size Spring uses. The default is 512, which should keep
all UDP packets below the required minimum MTU of 576 bytes (512 payload).
If the hypothese that many player drops are because of too big UDP packets is
correct, then this may solve it.
Feature TDF tags:
- Added boolean feature TDF tag NoSelect. (default: 0)
Fixed exploits:
- Fixed exploit: UnitRestricted could be circumvented by making multiple
factories and starting a build of the restricted unit in all factories at
the same time.
- Fixed exploit: CanAssist could be circumvented if multiple builders were
ordered an identical build at the same time out of their immediate range.
- Fixed exploit: Aircraft can not cross map boundaries anymore in FPS mode.
Game Setup:
- Added 'lineage' game mode (2). If the commander dies, all units directly or
indirectly built by him die, regardless of the current owner of the unit.
- Added player 'CountryCode' tag for the gameSetup script.
- Added game setup script parameter 'Savefile'.
- SaveGame can also be loaded by command line: 'spring QuickSave.ssf' or
'spring C:\Spring\Saves\QuickSave.ssf'
- Added NoHelperAIs tag: determines whether helper AIs are allowed.
- Added LuaGaia tag: is LuaGaia enabled this game?
- Added LuaRules tag: is LuaRules enabled this game?
- Added land at 80% for aircraft.
- Better handling and display of widgets which are enabled, but not active.
- Disable unit tracking when using middle mouse button scrolling.
- Disable unit tracking when the viewport is set via the minimap.
- New unit selection filter "in hotkey group".
- Units being transported can not be selected anymore unless the transporter
- Mobile units can be loaded onto a transport by clicking on the transport with
the mobile unit selected.
- Added Free camera mode (to help make better videos). It's primarily intended
to be used with keyboard input (CTRL/ALT/SHIFT/META behave differently then
the normal camera modes). It's is not in the toggle list by default.
- Added CTRL+F5 default keybinding for free camera mode.
- Added text coloring for ally and spec message input.
- Changed unit sharing so that allied units do not clear their command
queue, and cleaned up some more state for enemy transfers.
- Allowed build command descriptions to use text in the 4 corners of a button
(0 = SW, 1 = NE, 2 = NW, 3 = SE)
- Added the "hotspot" command for the *.txt mouse cursor spec file
- Added side preference prefix for start pictures.
- Allow "allside_" start pictures to always be used (regardless of side).
- FPS mode now shows weapon names instead of numbers.
- Area build now builds every second row in the opposite direction.
- Perimeter build now builds everything in clockwise or counterclockwise order.
- Circle build now builds everything in clockwise or counterclockwise order.
- Circle build now works correctly when trying to use non-square buildings for
circling anything.
- Improved QuitBox player selection visibility.
- Gunships and air builders now have a repair level switch.
- New ocean.jpg (public domain) comes from golgotha texture set and tiles better
then original ocean.jpg.
- Changed default repeat settings so the new texture fits better (wrt. scale)
- Added "MAP\WATER\WaterRepeatX" and "MAP\WATER\WaterRepeatY" SMD tags, defining
the amount of times the water texture should be repeated in X and Y direction.
- Aspect ratio of water texture is taken into account now.
- Added 'gamedata/resources_map.tdf' for gaia unit projectile textures.
Unit FBI tags:
- Added boolean FBI tag AirStrafe. Only effective if HoverAttack=1.
If AirStrafe=1, gunships and construction aircraft will strafe in a circle
around the target. If AirStrafe=0, they will not strafe, they will sit
stationary in the air firing their weapons. If set to 0 they sit at one place.
- Added string FBI tag Gaia.
- Added string FBI tag DecoyFor: the name of the unit this one is a decoy for.
- Added boolean FBI tag CanBeAssisted. (default: 1)
- Disabling assists to factories should work well.
- Builders have to die to release their hold on a unit being built,
and once the unit is released, multiple builders can repair the unit.
- Added boolean FBI tag CanSelfRepair. (default: 0)
- Added boolean FBI tag TransportByEnemy. (default: 1)
- Added boolean FBI tag HoldSteady, causes transports to hold units such that
their updirs are always aligned.
- Added boolean FBI tag ReleaseHeld for transports. When set to 1, the units
carried by the transport will survive the destruction of the transport itself.
- Added float FBI tag SlideTolerance, multiplies the the max slope for
determining when skidding should begin, due to slope. Values less than 1 will
cause the unit to never start skidding due to slope. (default: 0)
- Added float FBI tag MinCollisionSpeed, indicating the minimum net impact speed
that will cause damage to a unit.
- Added vector FBI tag CollisionSphereOffset
- Added float FBI tag LoadingRadius
- Added boolean FBI tag FullHealthFactory, controls whether or not a unit can
leave the factory if it is not at full health. (default: 0)
- Added float FBI tag RepairSpeed (default: WorkerTime)
- Added float FBI tag ReclaimSpeed (default: WorkerTime)
- Added float FBI tag ResurrectSpeed (default: WorkerTime)
- Added float FBI tag CaptureSpeed (default: WorkerTime)
- Added float FBI tag TerraformSpeed (default: WorkerTime)
- Added boolean FBI tag DecloakOnFire (default: 1)
- Up to 8 ok, select and arrived sounds can now be defined.
(use tags ok1, ok2, etc.)
- Added float FBI tag CollisionSphereScale, this is a scaling factor for the
unit's collision sphere. (default: 0.5 for aircraft, 1 for other units)
Weapon TDF tags:
- Added weapon tdf command SweepFire, if 1 (default 0) it will make the weapon
continue firing while it aims for a new target. Only works on continous beam
lasers currently.
- Added boolean weapon TDF tag CanAttackGround. (default: 1)
- Added float weapon TDF tag float TargetBorder: if nonzero, targetting units
will TryTarget at the edge of collision sphere (radius*tag_value, [-1;1])
instead of its centre. Defaults to 1 for Melee type weapons, 0 otherwise.
- Added float weapon TDF tag CylinderTargetting: if greater than 0, range will
be checked in a cylinder (half height=unitradius*cylinderTargetting) instead
of a sphere. Defaults to 1 for Melee type weapons, 0 otherwise.
- Added float weapon TDF tag MinIntensity: for beamlasers - always hit with some
minimum intensity (a damage coeffcient normally dependent on distance).
- Added float weapon TDF tag SizeDecay: how much a plasma particle is smaller
than the previous within the same plasma shot. (default: 0)
- Added float weapon TDF tag AlphaDecay: how much a plasma particle is more
transparent than the previous particle. (default: 1)
- Added float weapon TDF tag Separation: distance between each plasma particle.
(default: 1)
- Added int weapon TDF tag Stages: number of particles used in one plasma shot.
(default: 5)
- Added boolean weapon TDF tag NoGap: if set to 1, the distance between plasma
particles is proportional to the size of the two particles. If set to 0, the
distance between plasma particles will be proportional to the size of the
first particle. (default: 1)
- Added the weapons TDF tag 'visibleShieldHitFrames' (defaults to 0 frames)
- can be used along with 'visibleShieldHit'
- the alpha value fades after the hit
- Added colormap for ballistic ('cannon' type) weapons.
- Added boolean weapon TDF tag AvoidFeature, this makes the weapon avoid
features while targetting. (default: 1)
- Added float weapon TDF tag FallOffRate: rate at which the beamweapon fades out
after it goes past its maximum range. 0 is never fade out, 1 is finish fading
out exactly at max range, the default 0.5 is the previous behaviour.
- Added float weapon TDF tag LodDistance: minimum camera distance at which the
default beamweapon projectile is simplified to rectangle. (default: 1000)
- Added float weapon TDF tag DynDamageExp: exponent of the damage formula, 0
(the default) disables dynamic damage. 1 means linear scaling.
- Added float weapon TDF tag DynDamageMin: minimum damage value. (default: 0)
- Added boolean weapon TDF tag DynDamageInverted: inverts the damage curve.
- Added float weapon TDF tag DynDamageRange: if set it will use this value
instead of the range value from the weapon in the calculation.
New projectile handler textures:
- sbtrailtexture - default first section of starburst missile trail texture
- missiletrailtexture - default first section of missile trail texture
- muzzleflametexture - default muzzle flame texture
- repulsetexture - texture of impact on repulsor
- dguntexture - dgun texture
- flareprojectiletexture - texture used by flares that trick missiles
- sbflaretexture - default first section of starburst missile trail texture
- missileflaretexture - default first section of missile trail texture
- beamlaserflaretexture - default beam laser flare texture
- bubbletexture - torpedo trail texture
- gfxtexture - nanospray texture
- projectiletexture - appears to be unused
- repulsegfxtexture - used by repulsor
- sphereparttexture - sphere explosion texture
- wrecktexture - smoking explosion part texture
- plasmatexture - default plasma texture
Scons build system:
- Added debugdefines configure option: true by default, if it's set to false
(debugdefines=no) then a debug build will be made with release preprocessor
defines. This can be used to generate debugging symbols for release builds.
- Added dc_allowed configure option to enable/disable direct control.
- Added GetSpringVersion() function to unitsync. This returns the Spring version.
- Deprecated InitArchiveScanner() unitsync function.
- Added java bindings to unitsync.
- Unitsync is now installed to libdir on Linux. It can be assumed this is
either /usr/local/lib/spring/ or /usr/lib/spring/
- Added LuaUI v0.1 (with widget management code, somewhat experimental)
(requires the LuaUI setting to be on to be autoloaded,
"/luaui disable" to disable in-game
"/luaui reload" to load in-game
"/luaui reload fresh" to load in-game, but with fresh state)
- Renamed docs/lua_ui_interface.txt to LuaUI/API.txt
- Added "/minimap slavemode [0|1]" and "/minimap draw" for use with LuaUI
- Added "/specfullview 2" spectator mode, where you can both view and select all units
- Added "/volume <fraction>" command (0.0 to 1.0 range)
- Added "group <int> [ "set" | "add" | "selectadd" | "selectclear" | "selecttoggle" ]"
action as an alternative to the group[0|9] commands (note that the key modifiers can
be setup differently from the default)
- Fixed FBI tag floater for planes,
- Added FBI tag canSubmerge for planes. The following rules apply:
1) If a plane only has the 'floater' tag set to 1, it will land on the ocean surface.
2) If a plane only has the 'canSubmerge' tag set to 1, it will land on the ocean floor.
3) If a plane has both tags set to 1, it will obey rule 2.
- Fixed the factory cancelled-build delay bug.
- Fixed units get stuck while guarding factories bug.
- Fixed planes can't find landing pad on large maps bug.
- Fixed in game video creation (default binding F10).
- Fixed a bug causing much metal/energy to be lost instead of shared to allies.
- Smoothed LOS / Radar view.
- Planes can land on water surface if FBI tag floater is set to true.
- Added GROUND_WATER_HEIGHT (78) to get in cob script.
Same as GROUND_HEIGHT (16) but in water it returns negative water depth instead of 0.
- Units don't slowdown on intermediate waypoints anymore.
- Added mingw compatible crashhandler.
- Fixed sharebox and quitbox for 16 players.
- Fixed FPS mode aiming to the northwest.
- Fixed FPU control word assertion that made spring unplayable with some sound drivers.
- Added sorting options to "/info", you can use names or numbers:
0 - "off", disable display
1 - "ally", allies (you, your team, your allyteam, your enemies, then spectators)
2 - "team", player team id
3 - "name", player name alphabetic sort
4 - "cpu", player cpu usage
5 - "ping", player ping time
- Added the "maxparticles <value>" action
- Added the "minimap simplecolors [0|1]" action
- Added the "specfullview [0|1]" action
(setting it to 0 gives the same minimap and viewport visibility as the selected team)
- Added "OverheadTiltSpeed" config parameter
- Fixed the unit-limit vs. sharing bug
- Shadow mapping works for SM3
- Linux vs Windows is now synced if binaries are built using gcc 4.0 or higher.
- Games with more then 10 players now work properly.
- Several improvements and fixes for autohosting, including a .kickbynum command.
- Added minimap commands (two modes, see the MiniMapFullProxy config param)
- Added "MiniMapGeometry" config parameter
- Added "TooltipGeometry" config parameter
- Added "TooltipOutlineFont" config parameter
- Added "InfoConsoleGeometry" config parameter
- Added "/resbar [0|1]" action
- Added "/tooltip [0|1]" action
- Added "/specteam <number>" action (sets the spectator team)
- Added "newAttackMode" and friends to "ctrlpanel.txt"
- Added animated line stippling for queue rendering (see cmdcolors.txt)
- Cursors can now use TGA and PNG file formats
- Added an optional cursor control file for easier timing/frame control
- Renamed the /layout command to /luaui
- Renamed the "ctrlpanel.lua" file to "gui.lua"
- Added "timewait [seconds] ["queued"]" action
- Added "deathwait ["queued"]" action
- Added "squadwait [count] ["queued"]" action
- Added "gatherwait" action
- Added "gathermode [0|1]" action
- Added a number of features to the LuaUI
(see Documentation/lua_ui_interface.txt)
- Improved the outline font rendering speed
- numbers in .info list are now team numbers, so they match with '.team X' commands.
- names are now prefixed with 's:' 'a:' or 'e:' for respectively spectators, allies and enemies.
- if spectating, an arrow is displayed in front of the team you are currently watching.
- added Shift and Alt/Meta group selection modifier features
(Shift adds members to current selection, Alt/Meta toggles them)
- added the "viewsave <name>" and "viewload <name>" actions
- added GetCameraState() and SetCameraState() to the lua GUI interface
- added "selectcycle [restore]" action
- fixed queue build rendering (GL_DEPTH_TEST)
- added GetUnitHealth(), GetTeamResources(), and GetCommandQueue() to the lua GUI interface
- enabled loading the "ctrlpanel.lua" file from the VFS
- added "wait queued" and "selfd queued" to the default key bindings
- fixed WAIT behaviour for factories
- enabled queuing of Self Destruction commands
- added a pathetic SELFD cursor
- added "alwaysDrawQueue" and "buildBoxesOnShift" to cmdcolors.txt
- added the "invqueuekey [0|1]" action, and [InvertQueueKey=0] config parameter
- added mouse rocker gestures for immediate mode access when using inverted queue keying
- AIs can query a unit current fuelstorage via GetProperty() with property AIVAL_CURRENT_FUEL (2).
- AIs receive seismic pings via HandleEvent() function with message AI_EVENT_SEISMIC_PING (5).
- The icontype of enemy units is remembered if they are under continuous radar coverage.
- Ghosted buildings under continuous radar coverage don't have an error vector in their position anymore.
- Ghosted buildings also turn into unit icons when far away.
- Improved clickability of unit icons.
- Calling emit-sfx 2048 from a script will now allways fire the weapon. Emit-sfx 4096 will now take over the previous behavior of detonating the weapon at the piece position.
- Added unit FBI tag UnitRestricted to limit the number of a unit type allowed in a game.
- Added CLOAKED (76) and WANT_CLOAK (77) to get/set in cob script.
- added the ability to layout the control panel widget layout with a LUA script
(uses a file called "ctrlpanel.lua")
- added the "/layout" command for direct interaction with the layout lua script
- Map packs (ie. multiple maps in one archive) are officially unsupported now because of technical reasons.
- Added keyword "dir" to explosiongenerator, this is a vector and can be diferent depending on what created the explosion.
If created at a weapon impac it is the direction of the impact.
- Added the abillity to call explosiongenerators and weaponfire from within script via emit-sfx command.
Explosiongenerators to be called via script are defined in the unit TDF file in a section called SFXTypes, with tags explosiongenerator+n=some_explosion
and then called via emit-sfx 1024+n.
Weaponfire are called via emit-sfx 2048+weapon_to_fire.
- added "ctrlpanel.txt" configuration file to control how the Control Panel
is rendered (x/y icons counts, sizes, positions, prev/next menu icon
locations, etc...)
- added an option in "ctrlpanel.txt" to render some of the screen text with
an outlined font. This is a hack, and can cause FPS decreases on slower
computers (main factor is blended fill-rate)
- added an outline around the minimap
- fixed reclaim exploit where extra metal was gained if you destroyed the building just before it would finish reclaiming.
- added "cmdcolors.txt" settings file to configure control indicator rendering
(this includes command queue lines and ranges, highlighted unit ranges, the
mouse selection box, and the selected unit boxes)
- added line width specification for items in "cmdcolors.txt"
- added blending mode specification for items in "cmdcolors.txt"
- removed "NoSound" config parameter in favour of "MaxSounds=0"
- passthru to the NullSound driver if there is a sound driver error
- added a page number to the control panel
- added "buildiconsfirst" command to toggle the order of control panel icons
(also set the control panel page number to the cmdcolors.txt build color
when the build icons are being placed first)
- added build range circles for immobile builders when holding shift over them
- added the techLevel variable to UserDef, with automatic detection of the
tech levels in a mod based on the information in the sidedata.tdf file
- added the "techlevels" action, to save the tech levels to techlevels.txt
(as well as sending them to stdout)
- display a unit's TechLevel in the tooltip window when cheats are enabled
- key commands now work while the GUI interface is hidden, and the default
command cursor icon is updated as well
- change the control panel page when a key command accesses an off-page icon
- change the tooltip to reflect the unit being built rather then the builder
while selecting the build position
- added cycling for command actions when more then one is available
- added "iconpos <#>" action, for positional access to control panel icons
- added "firstmenu" action (resets the control panel to its first page)
- added "keyset" command for named keysets
- added "keysym" command for custom key symbols
- added "fakemeta" key binding command to provide another modifier
- added SmoothLines and SmoothPoints config parameters (anti-aliasing)
(0 = off, 1 = fastest, 2 = don't care, 3 = nicest)
- changed GameInfo so that it always displays map name and mod name
- group AI code now permits multiple AIs per dll/so. This is handled by
identifying group AIs by a new datatype, 'AIKey', rather than using just
the dll name. Group AI dlls should now implement GetAiNameList to return an
array of available AI names in string (const char*) form, terminated by NULL.
The existing group AI interface functions GetNewAi, ReleaseAi, and
IsUnitSuited now take an unsigned aiNumber as their first parameter: this
is a zero-based AI index, matching the array returned by GetAiNameList.
- improved default command selection
- added "/water [0-3]" to control water rendering in-game
(the optional number is the mode; without the number, it cycles through the modes)
- added "/shadows [0-1]" to control shadow rendering in-game
(the optional number means off/on; without the number, it toggles)
- Fix mouse-drag-move to make units spread across the front if it's big enough, also somewhat take into account unit sizes. Added CTRL-Move, CTRL-Mouse-Drag(front) move to make units move at the speed of slowest unit.
- [bugfix] Resource expendature now shows correct pull when economy is stalling.
- - Added transparency suport from texture2 in s3o drawing, requires advanced shading.
- added DualScreenMode and DualScreenMiniMapOnLeft configuration flags.
This causes the game view width to be one half of the screen width, so the minimap can take the other half.
You will need to spread your spring window across the 2 screens.
Specifying DualScreenMiniMapOnLeft will place the minimap on the left hand screen, rather than the right (the default)
- geothermal vents with a geothermal unit on top will not create smoke.
- Added the following Unit FBI tags:
canPatrol=1; Can the unit go on patrol
canGuard=1; Can the unit guard things
canAttack=1; Can the unit attack other units
Reclaimable=1; Determines if a unit can be reclaimed by other units
noAutoFire=0; (if set to 1, unit will fire once then switch to next target, and needs to be told to fire manually)
canBuild (can the unit start new construction projects)
canRepair (can the unit repair other things)
canRestore (can the unit restore deformed ground)
canReclaim (can the unit reclaim other things)
canAssist (can the unit assist construction projects already started)
- added support for teamcolored nanospray (user option). Can be forced off by modder using gamedata/particles.tdf.
- new fbi tag shownanoframe: set to 0 to disable nanoframe while the unit is being built.
- new fbi tag shownanospray: set to 0 to disable nanospray.
- new fbi tag nanocolor: color of the nanospray and the nanoframe in red green blue format (white = 1 1 1).
(These three fbi tags apply to the unit itself; not to the unit it's building.)
- linux vs linux is now synced, independently of the distribution & gcc version
- if host finishes loading before client executable is started spring no longer loses connection
- added the "say" action (does work with the .give command)
- changed .clock and .info to local commands (/clock and /info now work as well)
- replaced key binding code with a more flexible solution:
* can specify key for almost all commands (including unit builds)
* can specify modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Meta, Shift)
* can bind the same key to more then one action
(first available action is used, handy for build orders)
- added internal default bindings (see rts/Game/UI/KeyBindings.cpp)
- added "unbindall" command
- added "unbindKeyset <keyset>" command
- added "unbindAction <action>" command
- added "unbind <keyset> <action>" command
- added "bindbuildtype ..." command (aka: auto-binder)
- added "hotbind" action for the control panel icons (Ctrl+insert)
- added "hotunbind" action for the control panel icons (Ctrl+delete)
- added /keysave and /keyload commands
(keysave saves to "uikeys.tmp", not "uikeys.txt")
- added /keyprint, /keydebug, /keysyms, and /keycodes commands
(these commands send information to stdout)
- added ability to specify item in icon mode buttons via its binding
(ex: "firestate 0" binding will set firestate to hold fire)
- added ability to specify item in combo box buttons via its binding
(ex: "aiselect Radar AI" binding will assign the selected units to the Radar AI)
- pseudo mouse actions now discard key repeats
- added command queue icons
- added build command queue directional lines
- added AreaAttack command queue area display
- added game info panel (with "gameinfo" and "gameinfoclose" actions) (i)
- versionned the "archivecache.txt" filename (ex: "ArchiveCacheV4.txt")
- Quit and Share menus close when they receive ESC
- added "drawlabel" action (avoid the double-click, and key repeats)
- added "screenshot png" action
- added "chatAll" action
- added "chatSwitchAll" action
- added "chatAlly" action
- added "chatSwitchAlly" action
- added "chatSpec" action
- added "chatSwitchSpec" action
- added tracked unit rotation
- added Average and Extents tracking modes
- added "trackoff" action
- added "trackmode" action
- added "viewfps" action (Ctrl+f1)
- added "viewta" action (Ctrl+f2)
- added "viewtw" action (Ctrl+f3)
- added "viewrot" action (Ctrl+f4)
- added "firestate" action
- added "movestate" action
- added "prevmenu" action (,)
- added "nextmenu" action (.)
- added "buildunit_<name>" action
- added "deselect" action
- added "select <selection criteria>" action (redundant)
- added new water rendering mode, refracting+reflecting but without the heavy dynamic simulation.
- Added '--quit=T', '/quit T' commandline option to auto-quit spring on game over or after T seconds.
- Added '--minimise', '/minimise' commandline option to start spring minimised.
- added gradual feature reclaiming, see mantis #262
- support for rotating buildings by 90 degrees, bind to "incbuildfacing" and "decbuildfacing" (bound to ']' and '[' by default)
- modified the ground attack command for queued attack and area attack patterns
(the last queued attack position is repeated for backwards compatibility)
- removed the height factor from AirCAI ground attack command drawing
- added word completion, with dot commands, player names, and unit names
(does partial match reporting, and the unit names are only active for .give commands)
-> "/<tab>" will show local commands
-> ".<tab>" will show remote commands
- added console input history buffer
- added [DoubleClickTime=200] config parameter
- added [WindowEdgeMove=1], for folks who run windowed with fullscreen size
(ex: good with X11/icewm to allow moving between virtual screens,
and to avoid display lockups during crashes)
- disabled rendering while inactive (minimized)
- added a null sound driver [NoSound=1]
- merged global synced/unsynced "drawdebug" variables
- added vsync for GLX
- windows users can use [VSync=-1] to use system default
- allow selection of vsync rate
- [feature] A new group AI, "MexUpgrader AI" has been added. See for more info.
- [feature] Custom unit icons are supported. See for more info.
- [bugfix] 'Quit and Resign' dialog now also appears when you're hosting, and stays hidden when the game is over.
- [bugfix] Commands on enemy units (attack, reclaim) get canceled automatically when the unit leaves LOS / radar.
- [change] 'Quit and Resign' dialog now only gives everything to allies (and not enemies) if they are still alive.
- [change] The LOS drawing mode is remembered when you switch back and forth to others (e.g. metalmap, heightmap).
- [change] Radar and jammer range is shown by default if you press 'L'.
- [change] Radar and jammer toggle ';' happens instantly.
- New weapon tdf tag ColorMap, used for some weapon to define the color shift during their lifetime
Used in flamethrower.
Tag specify either a bitmap file, ex: "colormap = mycolormap.tga;"
or defines the color directly in the weapon file in rgba order where 1 is full brightnes,
ex: "colormap=1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1" start with red color and shift to black at the end.
- New weapon tdf tag rgbcolor2, used to make laser weapon have different color at the center, defaults to white.
- New weapon tdf tag corethickness, how thick the inner color of a laser is, this is a percentage value, default is 0.25
- New weapon tdf tag laserflaresize, size of the flare for laser weapons, multiplier for thickness, default 15.
- New weapon tdf tag LargeBeamLaser, if set to 1 a beamlaser uses an alternate graphics effect.
New tags usable for a LargeBeamLaser is:
tilelength: defines the length before the texture used is repeated (tiled).
scrollspeed: how fast the beam apears to be moving towards it target.
pulseSpeed: how fast the pulsating effect at the beam start is.
- Texture tag added to the explosiongenerator for HeatCloud and Dirt
- New weapon FBI tags, texture1, texture2, texture3, texture4, the texture must be defined in resources.tdf in the projectile section.
MissileProjectile (standar rockets and guided missiles):
texture1 = flare
texture2 = smoke
texture1 = laserbeam
texture2 = Start and end of the beam (half of the texture used at either end.)
texture1 = laserbeam
texture2 = Start and end of the beam (half of the texture used at either end.)
texture3 = muzzle flare
texture1 = laserbeam
texture2 = Start and end of the beam (half of the texture used at either end.)
texture3 = Extra graphical effect at the start of the beam.
texture4 = muzzle flare
StarBurstProjectile (starburst weaponry, like nukes):
texture1 = flare
texture2 = smoke
texture3 = flame
texture1 = texture for the projectile
texture1 = texture for the lightning
ExplosiveProjectile (used in most plasma cannons)
texture1 = texture of the projectile, will be blended multiple times.
- tdf tag duration is used for laser weapons.
- tdf tag rgbcolor is used for EmgProjectile and ExplosiveProjectile.
- tdf tag intensity is used for EmgProjectile and ExplosiveProjectile.
- New weapon tdf tag soundstartvolume and soundhitvolume.
- New weapon tdf tag size, defines the visible size of projectiles.
- New weapon tdf tag CollisionSize, defines the physical size of projectiles, percentage of size for flamethrower and absolute value emg, plasma and laser.
- New weapon tdf tag sizegrowth, defines how fast flame projectiles will grow in size.
- New weapon tdf tag flamegfxtime, this makes the flame projectile stay alive as a graphical effect (doesnt do any damage) after it has reached maxrange.
Default is 1.2 which makes it stay alive 20% beyond maxrange.
- New weapon tdf tag AvoidFriendly, if set to 0 units will not try to avoid friendly units in their line of fire.
- New weapon tdf tag CollideFriendly, if set to 0 this weapon will not hit friendly units.
- New weapon tdf tag ExplosionSpeed
- edgeEffectivness added for weapons
- Added limited fuel settings for units (only work for aircrafts so far, need a good mechanism for refueling other stuff)
- New fbi tag MaxFuel, max fuel in seconds that the unit can carry, default 0 = unlimited
- New fbi tag RefuelTime, how long time it takes to fully refuel the unit, default 5
- New fbi tag MinAirBasePower, minimum build power an airbase unit must have for the aircraft to land on it, default 0
- New fbi tag WeaponFuelUsage<1-16>, how much fuel in seconds that firing the weapon takes from the owning unit, default 0
- New fbi tag SeismicDistance, give the unit a seismic sensor for detecting movement through the ground.
- New fbi tag SeismicSignature, The magnitude of seismic disturbance when this unit is moving, default sqrt(mass/100).
- New COB "get"/"set" constant: 75 MAX_SPEED get/sets the max speed of the unit (multiplied with 64k)
- New archive format (for map/mod development): *.sdd. It is a directory, but it is treated as an archive just like *.sdz and *.sd7.
- New map format SM3, currently supported for testing purposes.
- Bos/Cob script for units can now animate the death of the unit. Just have the Kill function return after a while instead of directly and return wreck level in return value instead of in function argument.
- Fixed the com dies, game ends exploit: sharing your com now kills you
- Fixed a bug causing clients not to quit when server quits
- Fixed crash bug normally resulting in dialog with "no rtti data"
- ".give" cheat command doesn't desync the game anymore
- Made "Team0() is no more" message customizable by modders (see XTA for an example).
- Added weapontag "paralyzetime", controls how long a unit can maximaly be paralyzed after being hit by this weapon, default 10
- Adds some new options in the settings program for scroll speeds
- Added new fbi tag "levelground" set this to 0 to prevent a building from leveling ground beneth it. Make sure that the model continue some way below ground so that they dont look like they float in air.
- Fixed torpedo aircrafts not being able to attack subs
- Added support for decals on ground below buildings
- New fbi tag UseBuildingGroundDecal, set to 1 to enable decals for building
- New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalType, name of a bitmap in unittextures folder
- New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalSizeX,BuildingGroundDecalSizeY, size of decal (same scale as footprint for unit)
- New fbi tag BuildingGroundDecalDecaySpeed, how fast the decal will fade out after the building has died, default 0.1 (fades out in 10s)
- New fbi tag ShowPlayerName, if set to 1 the tooltip shows the player name instead of the unit description
- Fbi tag HideDamage now actually works: set it to 1 to hide most details in the unit's tooltip from enemies
- New weapon tag "rgbcolor", overrides the old color1 and color2 tags if it exists, gives the color in red green blue format (1 1 1 = white).
- Removed old plasmarepulser system and replaced it with a more generalized shield system
- New weapon tdf tag IsShield, if 1 mean the weapon is a shield and now a weapon
- New weapon tdf tag shieldrepulser, 0=destroy projectile,1=repulse (bounce) projectile
- New weapon tdf tag smartshield, 1=shield doesnt affect allies weapons
- New weapon tdf tag exteriorshield, 1=shield doesnt affect weapons fired from within shield
- New weapon tdf tag visibleshield, 1=see a visible shell representing the shield
- New weapon tdf tag visibleshieldrepulse, 1=see a beam showing when shield repulses something
- New weapon tdf tag shieldenergyuse, how much energy the shield use when repulsing/destroying something
- New weapon tdf tag shieldforce, how hard shield can accelerate some sort of projectiles away
- New weapon tdf tag shieldradius, size of shield effect
- New weapon tdf tag shieldmaxspeed, maximum speed the shield can push some sort of projectiles away
- New weapon tdf tag shieldpower, how much power the shield can store, power is drained by the affected weapons damage, 0=infinite
- New weapon tdf tag shieldpowerregen, how fast the shield regenerates power
- New weapon tdf tag shieldpowerregenenergy, how much energy the shield uses when regenerating power
- New weapon tdf tag shieldintercepttype, which types of weapon the shield can affect (bitfield)
- New weapon tdf tag interceptedbyshieldtype, which types of shields can affect this weapon, if (shieldInterceptType & interceptedByShieldType) is not zero the shield can affect the weapon, default 1 for plasma, 2 for laser, 4 for missiles, 0 for other
- New weapon tdf tag shieldgoodcolor, color of shield when power is full
- New weapon tdf tag shieldbadcolor, color of shield when power is empty
- New weapon tdf tag shieldalpha, how visible the shield shell is with visibleshield=1
- Added auto zooming using scroll + Left ALT key (patch from colorblind)
- Added simplified LOS drawing (patch from colorblind)
- Fixed mouse speed problems in windows with holding shift.
- Demo filenames with spaces in them work again.
- Changed non-positional sound behavior: only selected units give non-positional sound
- Missile weapons no longer tracks to exact position of non flying units (make missile units weaker against radar targets)
- Stun damage units now receives 1/10 of normal experience and no experience for attacking already stunned units
- Units no longer receive experience for "overkill" damage
- Adds support for using arbitary team colors, teamcolor textures for 3do need to be slightly changed to accomendate this (see the base texture archive to see how its done)
- Increased max camera zoom out (zooming to far can cause slowdowns/graphical glitches)
- Added Radar group AI from colorblind: It notifies the player of incoming enemy units.
- Added custom explosion generator: It can be enabled using "explosiongenerator=custom:SomeExplosionGeneratorName" in the weapon TDF. See the wiki page for more info.
- Tab will now bring zoom out to show all map in any camera mode, tab again zooms back to the mouse cursor.
- Added GetGravity(), GetUnitDefHeight() and GetUnitDefRadius() to AI interface
- Mod can now be selected in the single player menu.
- Checksums of the map and mod are checked on game start.
- Mod can be selected when starting the spring exe directly.
- Various other small changes.
- Added new water renderer
- Fixed lasers firing two projectiles at once, efficiently doing double damage.
- Fixed several exploits with FPS mode.
- Added new fbi variable CanLoopbackAttack, only affects fighter aircrafts, if 1 this will enable the player to set the aircraft to do an immelman turn after firing instead of overflying the target.
- Changed so units in maneuver mode will abort anything that moves them further than a certain distance from the patrol path
- Added statistics to the end game dialog
- Units with S3O models can explode into pieces.
- Added a " all" option to .give to give all units in loaded mod
- Fixed autoheal being about 4x to fast (or measuring heal per 0.25s depending on how one sees it)
- Improved exception handling and crashreport handling in windows.
- Added DateTime to the [VERSION] block in the demo recorder file
- Removes los from units being transported
- To disable terrain deformation:
Mapmakers: Put 'NotDeformable=1' in the .smd.
script.txt: Put 'DisableMapDamage=1' in with the other properties.
- VSync can be disabled with the settings application.
- Several other smaller fixes and improvements.
- Unit reply sounds are non-positional and have a seperate volume setting in the config application. Their volume is also affected by the global volume.
- Shift/ctrl do not change rotation speed in rotating camera mode anymore.
- Submarines work again.
- Fixed attack claxxon.
- Fixed units getting stuck in buildings.
- Added possibility to bind mouse1, mouse2 and mouse3 to keyboard.
- Fixed shift+letter bug.
- Fixed Pathing Map (F2 view) bug.
- Fixed some (debug) message colors.
- Fixed keyboard layout problems.
- Fixed repeat orders/high trajectory etc not indicating their current state correctly
- Fixed problem with reading hpi archives
- Added custom SDL.dll (1.2.9) with refresh rate patch from SDL CVS, should help with the 60hz issue
- Fixed right shift/ctrl while scrolling.
- Fixed shift/ctrl while middle click drag scrolling.
- Fixed map loading by less strict tdf parser.
- Don't crash on parse errors, but show an error message instead.
- First use of crossplatform code! This required a lot of bugfixing and changes, which are not mentioned here.
Among these changes are switches to using boost, SDL, freetype, instead of Win32 SDK + DirectX. For a full list of changes, see the subversion log.
- XTA Pimped Edition Version 3, a version of XTA with high detail models, is used as the default mod now.
- Binding for mouse button 4/5 added (defaults to Z and X), so you can set build spacing.
- You can enable advanced unit rendering without enabling shadow mapping (in the settings app).
- Various resource files are now read from gamedata/resources.tdf instead of hardcoded into the game exe.
- Added "dontland" unit tag, to specify aircraft that should not land. Don't use this on transport units!
- std::sort related bug fixed in projectile handler
- Fixed flipped features, they are now rendered exactly the same as units.
- A few new COB "get" constants:
70 MAX_ID returns maximum number of units - 1
71 MY_ID returns ID of current unit
72 UNIT_TEAM returns team of unit given with parameter
73 UNIT_BUILD_PERCENT_LEFT basically BUILD_PERCENT_LEFT, but comes with a unit parameter
74 UNIT_ALLIED is unit given with parameter allied to the unit of the current COB script. 1=allied, 0=not allied
- Fixed login packets being sent every frame instead of once a second when trying to connect
- Fixed ghosted buildings option.
- Fixed isairbase=1 unit tag.
-AI dll's can be used with startscripts again
-Fixed black map bug
-Impulsefactor now affects ground damage
-- Lobby changes
- battle hosts can now use /ring <username> command on players participating in their battles
- fixed problem with notification dialog switching focus back to application
- added /rename command which will rename your account (so that people who wish to add clan tags
in front of their names don't have to reregister and lose their ranks). Player names may now also
contain "[" and "]" characters.
- fixed small bug in demo script parser
- added /mute, /unmute and /mutelist commands for admins/mods
- clients behind same NAT now get local IPs instead of external one (from the server).
Note that some issues still exist with currently implemented nat traversal method,
so players hosting battles are advised to forward their port nonetheless.
-Catching AI exceptions can be disabled with the settings app.
-Fixed access-violation bug when creating sky.
-Fixed numerous division by zero bugs.
-Fixed default cursor for indestructible features.
-Beamlaser uses thickness value.
-COB support for Getting/Setting veteran level and unit speed.
The returned veteran level is unit experience multiplied by 100
Unit speed can be set to something nonzero only when the current speed is nonzero, it can always be set to zero.
-Overhead camera can be tilted with control key + mousewheel now.
-Debug message verbose level can now be set with the settings application. (Modified update by Alantai)
This will only affect AI console messages.
-Ghosted buildings can now be disabled by the lobby. They are enabled by default.
-Fixed transport units being able to load themself.
-Fixed gunship like aircraft always having the same altitude
-Fixed torpedo aircrafts now being able to attack underwater targets
-Support for upright, flammable and indestructible feature tags
-Fixed division-by-zero bug in bomb-dropper.
-Fixed access-violation bug in pathfinder.
-Added new s3o unit format
-Added new tags to .fbi file
autoHeal - health per second that a unit allways will be autohealed for (default 0)
idleAutoHeal - health per second that a unit will be autohealed for whenever its idling (default 10)
idleTime - time in ticks without any action before a unit is considered idling (default 600)
-Added new tags to weaponfile file
NoSelfDamage - Units take no splash damage from its own weapon
impulsefactor - Explosion impulse will be multiplied by this
-Added read access to the virtual filesystem for the AI
-Further AI interface updates will now be backwards compatible (old AI's will not break on a new spring release)
-Added user input functions from Alik to the AI interface
-The global AI will now be notified if a unit changes team.
-UnitDestroyed/EnemyDestroyed get the attacker unit id if any (by submarine)
-Fixed crash with factories closing at the moment they die
-Fixed sync error on water maps
-Increased max players/teams to 32/16
-Added support for selecting which globalai-dll to use when starting spring.exe directly
-Added support for having more than one lua startscript. Put them in subfolder "startscripts".
-Added UnitMoveFailed to global AI interface. Called when ground units fail to move to their destination.
-Fixed crash bug involving radars on non square maps
-Fixed crash bug involving gunships landing on repairpads that get destroyed
-Fixed crash bug involving large units exploding
-Fixed resurrected building not having a footprint
-Increased time to reclaim wreckages
-Fixed acceleration for units not being correctly set from fbi file
-Fixed slope of map not getting updated properly for craters
-Fixed sonar jamming
-Can now switch viewed team when spectating using keys 1-9
-Added faster reload speed for experienced units
-Added support for multiplayer replays where several players can watch a reply at once
-Added option for minimap to show colors only based on owned(green),ally(blue),enemy(red)
-Added new FBI tag TransportMass, this is the maximum weight a tranporter can transport, default 100000
-Added new FBI tag Mass, this is the weight of the unit, default is metalcost of unit
-Added new FBI tags to set the control variables for aircrafts
-Added new FBI tag OnlyTargetCategory<weaponnum>, sort of like badtargetcategory but the weapon can only target units with these categories,toairweapon in weaponfile is the same as OnlyTargetCategory=VTOL; default is all categories
-Added bindings for creating startscripts in lua. See testscript.lua for an example. Note that you can only have one script (must be called testscript.lua), and that it is possible that the interface will change.
-Fixed bugs in the AI interface GetMetal* and GetEnergy* functions, they returned the values of the human player.
-Moved shared functions in the GroupAI callback and GlobalAI callback to a new AICallback interface. For AI developers: This means a small adjustment of your current code will be required to get it compiled again.
-Solved troublesome crash bug involving several pointers to a single object
-Fixed crash when calls such as get PIECE_XZ were used in the Create function of a unit
-SetSfxOccupy now updates correctly when unit is being transported
-Added support for aircrafts auto landing to repair when health gets low
-Removed autorepair while unit is flying
-When a unit has finished firing a burst the script function EndBurst<weaponnum> will now be called, use this instead of Fire<weaponnum> to switch pod/barrel etc to fire from to lessen friendly fire incidents
-Removed warning message when using transports
-New map smd tag map/voidwater, creates a void where there would normally be water, this is a purely graphical effect,default 0
-New command .give, .give <num> <unitname> gives you num units of type unitname, requires cheats to be on, only use in singleplayer
-Added support for aircrafts auto landing to repair when health gets low
-Added command .kick <playername> that server can use to kick out players from game
-Updated global AI interface with GetNumUnitDefs() and GetUnitDefList()
-Fixed crash when using new formation move commands
-Script interpreter now warns about incorrect piecenames in scripts instead of crashing
-Fixed multi delete error in LosHandler
-Fixed crash with features defined in mapfile
-Fixed problem with having more than one map in the same archive
-Pathmap display (F2) can now also show where selected building can be built (slow though, esp with large maps and buildings)
-Spring now remember the last a: etc prefix used in chat msgs
-Resurrecting a unit now cost half the energy of building it
-Changed so spring can keep several different path precalcs on disk for a single map, this will save recalculations for ppl switching mods a lot
-Added CMD_WAIT command to have units wait for a transport. Can be issued with the W key, can also be used to que up stuff and then releasing the unit to do it.
-Added tag "LIGHT\\SpecularSunColor" to smd file, modifies the color of the specular highlights on units, defaults to LIGHT\\UnitSunColor
-Added tag "isAirBase" to unit FBI file, sets if the units that are being transported will be stunned or not, defaults to 0.
-Spring can now use up to 16 weapons, use Weapon<1-16> and BadTargetCategory<1-16> in fbi file and QueryWeapon<1-16> AimWeapon<1-16> AimFromWeapon<1-16> FireWeapon<1-16> functions in scripts. Primary,secondary etc is aliased to weapon 1-3 but try not to mix old and new names in the same unit.
-Added new fbi tag WeaponSlaveTo<x>=y, this will force the weapon x to use the same target as weapon y (y must be a lower numbered weapon than x). Might be usefull for say a mech like unit with many different weapons that should target in the same direction.
-Added new fbi tags WeaponMainDir<1-16> and MaxAngleDif<1-16>. WeaponMainDir is a vector and defines the center direction of a cone in which the weapon can aim while MaxAngleDif defines how broad the cone is. Default WeaponMainDir = 0 0 1; (forward) and MaxAngleDif=360; (can fire everywhere)
-Added support for loading TA:K COB files and implemented the TA:K-specific opcode play-sound.
-Added some simple formation handling to the standard groups, hold alt on move to make them form an aproximate square and drag mouse to make them form up behind a front
-Added missile tdf tag wobble, this is in the same as turnrate except that it will turn in random directions instead of toward the target,default 0
-Added missile tdf tag trajectoryHeight, this sets in how high an arc the missile will move toward the target,0 = straight, 1=45 degree above, can be anything>=0, default 0
-New start file tag LimitDgun, if 1 it restricts dgunning to a radius around your startpos, size depending on mapsize, default 0
-New start file tags AllyTeam<x>/StartRect<Top.Bottom,Left,Right>, allows host to define where different allyteams might start on the map, given in the range 0-1 and scaled with map size
-Fixed crash when units exploded
-Mines no longer block terrain and can be overun (and if you are crazy built on top of :) ), removed ability for mines to hold fire since they would be completly undetectable.
-Heightmap view (F1) now updates correctly when terrain changes
-Pathcost view (F2) now works in non cheating mode but will then only show terrain modifiers
-Fixed gunships being able to fly below ground when comming in on step slopes
-Auto sharing now starts at 99% instead of 100% at startup meaning that there is less chance of the team losing resources because someone forgets to set it
-Installer associates .sdf files with spring.exe
-Spring.exe now accepts a demo filename on the commandline and starts playing it directly
-Added tag "MAP\\DetailTex" to smd file to specifiy map specific detail texture, default is bitmap\detailtex2.bmp, map specific textures should be placed in maps directory.
-Added possibility for surface of units to be shiny/reflective by using the alpha channel of the textures
-Addded command .take, will take the units from all teams allied with you that is missing a player (due to disconnect etc) and transfer them to your team
-Added tag "WATER\\WaterTexture" to smd file to specify another texture for the map than the default ocean.jpg (mapspecific water textures should be in the maps directory)
-Added tag "WATER\\WaterSurfaceColor" to smd file, changes the surface color of the water when using reflective water (default is 0.75 0.8 0.85 ).
-Fixed error msg while loading certain jpeg files
-Fixed spawn.txt not being readable from archives
-Fixed problem with reading large files from sd7 archives (such as skyboxes)
-Fixed crash in weapon aiming
-Fixed some other crashes
-Fixes some memory errors
-Fixed aircrafts landing outside map
-Fixed infinitly rotating starburst missiles
-Fixed different tracks getting superimposed on each other
-Plasma cannons should now detect mountains in the fire path better
-The generated path information for maps is now stored zipped in the subdirectory "paths"
-Added scar marks on map to explosions
-Can now control spacing when rowbuilding using the forward/back buttons (xButtons) on mouse
-Spring now attempts to find bmp or jpg files in bitmaps\loadpictures to use as background while loading
-Some messages now show their location on the minimap
-Moved spawn.txt into xta archive by default to allow replacements by other mods, and replaced it with "Storm Easy AI v1.0"
-New weapon tdf value, TargetMoveError, makes the weapon worse at hitting moving targets, default 0
-New weapon tdf value, MovingAccuracy, replaces the normal accuracy value while the unit is moving, defaults to normal accuracy of weapon
-New weapon tdf value, thickness, controls the thickensess of lasers, default 2
-New weapon tdf value, intensity, controls the alpha value of lasers, default 0.9
-New smd terraintype value, receivetracks, if this is 0 there wont be any tracks from units on this terrain type, default 1
-Added tag SmoothAnim=0/1 to the fbi. If it is 1, unis will use animation interpolation
-Added MAP\\WATER\\WaterPlaneColor tag to maps to set the color of the waterplane beneath the ground
-Added MAP\\ATMOSPHERE\\SkyBox tag to maps to use a dds cubemap as a sky instead of the cloud rendering
-Added an optional BuildPic tag to the units so they can use other than pcx buildpics
-Fixed crash when unit closed in on their destination
-Slopes are now calculated differently
-Random start order should now be more random
-Fixed commiting delayed animations before using getunitval
-Radar now jams everyones radar including your own. We will see how this turns out.
-New map format, adds ability to read texture from external (shared) files and a new terrain type overlay map
-Made ballistic weapons range somewhat more dependent on relative height of weapon and target
-Paralyzer tag for weapons now work
-CanCapture tag for units now works
-HighTrajectory now requires a HighTrajectory tag in the unit file (0=only low, 1=only high,2=choose)
-Ground under DT/FW get same kind of protection as under buildings, we will see how it works out
-"Slow" explosions, stuff far away from big explosions will have their damage delayed a bit
-Added globalai interface and changed groupai interface a bit
-Added resurrection capability
-Added support for regular zip archives. Using extension "sdz" to avoid confusion.
-Added support for 7zip archives. ( Using extension "sd7" to avoid confusion. Note that it is probably not a good idea to use solid archives since Spring does not access the files sequentially.
-Added beamlaser type weapon
-Added possibility of units leaving tracks on map
-Added some new options to the game start file
-Added new camera mode rotatable overhead camera
-Added Flare capability to units to decoy incoming missiles
-Added boot option for battleroom host
-Hopefully fixed unit sync and some other bugs in battleroom
-Fixed a cob animation related crash
-Fixed crash using "simple formation ai"
-Fixed auto resource sharing, could share to enemies or not at all before
-Floating features now works
-Con air now stay within radius of build object better
-Spectators can no longer select start pos
-Yet more pathfinding/movement fixes
-Fixed timeout when host calculating paths
-New ingame command for host .nopause , prevents player from pausing game. Also harder to spam log with changespeed msgs now.
-Changed targeting calculations, now switch from badtargetcategory targets faster and never switch to them from other sort of targets even if those go out of los/radar
-Changed so several units cant reclaim a feature at once
-Flakker like units can now target fast units better
-Changed default DamageModifier to be 1 instead of 0
-Fixed so units no longer can dip slightly into lava and explode
-Adds a random enemies script for those that really want to test in single player. The enemies are read from spawn.txt (frame/enemyname pairs) and spawns at startpos 1-3 randomly
-Added support for set/get of unit variable ACTIVATION (allowing solars to close under attack for example)
-Added call to cob function SetMaxReloadTime for better ta unit compatibility
-Added stack boundary checking to cob interpreter
-Fixed buffer overrun problems in the sunparser
-Fixed threads contending over single global netbuf (hopefully no more netmsg errors)
-Now connects from the same udp port as connecting to (semi random before)
-Units can no longer move over infinite sloops
-Improved the pathfinder/movesystem
-Contruction units can no longer repair themselves
-Repair/Build/Reclaim now turn of cloak
-Unit paths are now only visible when cheats are enabled in debug mode
-F2 now shows the map from a pathfinding perspective if cheats are enabled
-Fixed grass not being drawn
-Previously visible buildings now stays on the map in a ghost state
-Added support for larger maps
-Added some more range circles
-Added keyboard bindings for mousewheel (pageup/down as default)
-Added guard order to aircrafts
-New .smd command MAP/WATER/WaterDamage. Indicates the amount of damage per second units take for being in "water". Make it >1000 to prevent ground units from entering water entirely, >10000 prevents hovers from moving over water.
-New in game commands for host .setmaxspeed .setminspeed sets the maximum and minimum game speeds
-Removed log spam with Use of GetPieceDir..
-Fixed "Error looking up server from ip" errors when trying to connect
-Fixed zero size units bug
-Can no longer overflow network buffer with large build orders
-Non square maps no longer crash
-Fixed some random crash bugs
-Added more filtering to the server and clients to filter out invalid net msgs
-Host can now force start the game with ctrl+return if not everyone show up
-Fixed repeat order for factories
-Units can no longer move onto terrain they cant move off (boats on land etc)
-Units can no longer die due to getting outside map
-Changed the alignment on buildings, fixes two buildings qued beside each other ending up blocking each other
-Buildings no longer decay when builder has slow animation
-Radar/jammer units now correctly updated when changing team
-New .smd value, MAP/AutoShowMetal. Set it to 0 if you dont want players to switch to metalmap view when selecting an extractor. (because you have created visible metal deposits on the map)
-New .smd value, MAP/MapHardness. Set how hard it is to create craters in map, default 100.
-Made it slightly easier to build buildings on slopes
-Made it somewhat harder to dig deep holes
-- Lobby changes
-Added extended ascii support in chatrooms. Can now use accent characters
-Added test button to battle host menu. It will tell the server to try and conncet to you on the port you specified, letting you know if others will be able to as well.
-Now can tell which battles are in progress, and which are still open
-Fixed bug that allowed more than the max number of players into a room
-Added ability to launch a browser when links are sent in a chatroom
-Added unit syncing. Now if users have different units, the differences are disabled
-Fixed a bug that allowed invalid log in names to be submitted
First public release
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