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/* This file is part of the Spring engine (GPL v2 or later), see LICENSE.html */
#include "aGui/GuiElement.h"
#include "Game/GameController.h"
class ClientSetup;
union SDL_Event;
class SelectionWidget;
class ConnectWindow;
class LobbyConnection;
class SettingsWindow;
class ListSelectWnd;
@brief User prompt for options when no script is given
When no setupscript is given, this will show a menu to select server address (when running in client ("-c")mode).
If in host mode, it will show lists for Map, Game and Script.
When everything is selected, it will generate a gamesetup-script and start CPreGame
class SelectMenu : public CGameController, public agui::GuiElement
SelectMenu(bool server);
bool Draw();
bool Update();
void Single();
void Settings();
void Multi();
void Quit();
void ShowConnectWindow(bool show);
void ShowUpdateWindow(bool show);
void DirectConnect(const std::string& addr);
bool HandleEventSelf(const SDL_Event& ev);
void SelectScript(const std::string& s);
void SelectMap(const std::string& s);
void SelectMod(const std::string& s);
void ShowSettingsWindow(bool show, std::string name);
void ShowSettingsList();
void SelectSetting(std::string);
void CleanWindow();
ClientSetup* mySettings;
ConnectWindow* conWindow;
LobbyConnection* updWindow;
SelectionWidget* selw;
SettingsWindow* settingsWindow;
ListSelectWnd* curSelect;
std::string userSetting;
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