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// Property keys are case insensitive
// == IP Support ==
// IP properties accept:
// - IP v4 addresses like or
// - IP v6 addresses like 2001:0db8:85a3:8a2e:: or fe80::1
// - IP v4 any addresses (allows incomming connections on all local IPv4 IPs)
// - IP v6 any addresses :: (allows incomming connections on all local IPv6 IPs)
// - NO host-names
// A minimal client example
// If spring is started as client, it needs the following information to work properly
{; // which IP the server is hosting on. see "IP Support" at the start of this document.
HostPort=xxx; // (optional) default is 8452
SourcePort=0; // (optional) default is 0. set this if you want a different source port (as client), 0 means OS-select and should be preferred.
IsHost=0; // tell the engine this is a client
// A host example
// note that the same values for clients also need to be set here
MapName=; // with .smf extension
GameType=Balanced Annihilation V6.81; // the primary mod NAME (archive works too, but name is prefered)
GameStartDelay=4; // optional, in seconds (unsigned int), default: 4
// The number of seconds till the game starts,
// counting from the moment when all players are connected and ready.
StartPosType=x; // 0 fixed, 1 random, 2 choose in game, 3 choose before game (see StartPosX)
DemoFile=demo.sdf; // if set this game is a multiplayer demo replay
SaveFile=save.ssf; // if set this game is a continuation of a saved game; // (optional) which IP to host on. omit or use an empty value to host on any local IP. see "IP Support" at the start of this document.
HostPort=xxx; // (optional) default is 8452. where clients are going to connect to.
SourcePort=0; // no effect for host; // communicate with spring, specify which IP the autohost is listening on. see "IP Support" at the start of this document.
AutohostPort=X; // communicate with spring, specify the port you are listening (as host)
MyPlayerName=somename; // our ingame-name (needs to match one players Name= field)
IsHost=1; // 0: no server will be started in this instance
// 1: start a server
NumPlayers=x; // not mandatory, but can be used for debugging purposes
NumTeams=y; // same here, set this to check if the script is right
NumAllyTeams=z; // see above
// A player (controlls a team, player 0 is the host only if IsHost is not set)
Name=name; // pure info, eg. the account name from the lobby server
Password=secretpassword; // player can only connect if he set MyPasswd accordingly
Team=number; // the team this player controlls
IsFromDemo=0; // use only in combination with Demofile (see above)
CountryCode=; // country of the player, if known (nl/de/it etc.)
// more players
// A skirmish AI (controlls a team)
Name=name; // [optional] pure info, eg. the name set in the lobby
// the name actually used in game will be:
// "${Name} (owner: ${player.Name})"
ShortName=RAI; // shortName of the Skirmish AI library or name of the
// LUA AI that controlls this team.
// see spring.exe --list-skirmish-ais for possible values
Team=number; // the team this AI controlls
Host=number; // the player whichs computer this AI runs on
// eg. for [PLAYER0] above, this would be 0
Version=0.1; // [optional] version of this Skirmish AI
[OPTIONS] // [optional] contains AI specific options
// more skirmish AIs
// players in this will share the same units (start with one commander etc.)
TeamLeader=x; // player number that is the "leader"
// if this is an AI controlled team, TeamLeader is the
// player number of the AI controlling team
// see AI.Host
RgbColor=red green blue; // red green blue in range [0-1]
Side=Arm/Core; // other sides possible with user mods i suppose
Handicap=0; // DEPRECATED, see Advantage (below). Advantage as percentage, common: [-100, 100], valid: [-100, FLOAT_MAX]
Advantage=0; // Advantage factor (meta value). Currently only affects IncomeMultiplier (below), common: [-1.0, 1.0], valid: [-1.0, FLOAT_MAX]
IncomeMultiplier=1; // multiplication factor for collected resources, common: [0.0, 2.0], valid: [0.0, FLOAT_MAX]
StartPosX=0; // Use these in combination with StartPosType=3
StartPosZ=0; // range is in map coordinates as returned by unitsync (NOT like StartRectTop et al)
LuaAI=name; // name of the LUA AI that controlls this team
// Either a [PLAYER] or an [AI] is controlling this team, or LuaAI is set.
// DEPRECATED: The TeamLeader field indicates which computer the Skirmish AI will run on.
//more teams
// teams in ally team share los etc and cant break alliance, every team must be in exactly one ally team
Ally0=(AllyTeam number); // means that this team is allied with the other, not necesarily the reverse
StartRectTop=0; // Use these in combination with StartPosType=2
StartRectLeft=0; // (ie. select in map)
StartRectBottom=1; // range is 0-1: 0 is left or top edge,
StartRectRight=1; // 1 is right or bottom edge
// more ally teams
// something for selecting which unit files to disable or restrict
Limit0=0; // use 0 for all units that should be completely disabled
Limit1=50; // >0 can be used for limiting, like build restrictions in TA
[MODOPTIONS] // values for the options defined in ModOptions.lua
MaxUnits=500; // per team
GameMode=x; // 0 cmdr dead->game continues, 1 cmdr dead->game ends, 2 lineage, 3 openend
LimitDGun=0; // limit dgun to fixed radius around startpos?
DisableMapDamage=0; // disable map craters?
GhostedBuildings=1; // ghost enemy buildings after losing los on them
NoHelperAIs=0; // are GroupAIs and other helper AIs allowed?
LuaGaia=1; // Use LuaGaia?
LuaRules=1; // Use LuaRules?
FixedAllies=1; // Are ingame alliances allowed?
MaxSpeed=3; // speed limits at game start
[MAPOPTIONS] // values for the options defined in MapOptions.lua
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