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# Spring RTS game engine
For significant contributions to the spring engine or the community,
special gratitude goes to (in alphabetical order):
* bibim (Yann Riou)
* colorblind (Teake Nutma)
* det
* eriatarka
* FLOZi (Craig Lawrence)
* hughperkins (Hugh Perkins <hughperkins@gmail.com>)
* ILMTitan
* initram
* KDR_11k
* Krogothe
* M2
* Nathaniel Smith
* Nicolas Brodu
* rattle
* semi
* quantum
* zenzike (Nicolas Wu)
* zizu
### Notes
NEVER send bug reports, help- and feature-requests directly to the
persons in this list, but visit <https://springrts.com> instead.
Of course you are free to write mails about donating.
For additions/corrections to the list, please post in the community forum.