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fix travis compile

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abma committed Sep 7, 2019
1 parent 04c2014 commit 621da58905f7a663aced955c55c3ec0843f62c2e
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ env:
# you have to test using a branch in the main repo
- secure: "QSZUdSH72Y+X73FBy6cDdhlMH3ppMewbU/LquXe/sIUdJE0LmcCFHnPayI91TTRgS8r6YXKh3DIhE9XTs1OUxmV+RUL84z85byAtotb+ukHSzlSLSGGZfrqey+/vrCXbYykfaxhazlVDfk5vx63lRYiD5lp5KLL24+PIdK6Qd5E="
- TARGET="AAI CppTestAI E323AI HughAI KAIK NullAI NullJavaAI NullOOJavaAI RAI CircuitAI demotool engine-dedicated"
- TARGET="CppTestAI HughAI KAIK NullAI NullJavaAI NullOOJavaAI CircuitAI demotool engine-dedicated"
- TARGET="tests engine-headless check"
fast_finish: true

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