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.github correct spelling, fix typos Jul 2, 2017
buildSrc Use Guava 20.0 throughout the project Sep 15, 2017
config Updated the method comparison to not be naive May 29, 2016
docs Added a contract test for explicitly specifying group Mar 19, 2018
gradle Added tests to verify another nested/recursive defenition Mar 9, 2018
springfox-bean-validators Added a list of annotated elements to search annotations from Mar 11, 2018
springfox-core Fix NPE when controller is null Mar 19, 2018
springfox-data-rest Documented AlternateTypeRuleConvention Jan 13, 2018
springfox-petstore Moved the petstore docket configuration to its own module Dec 5, 2017
springfox-schema Reduced logging chatter related to instantiating jackson 2.6 types Mar 19, 2018
springfox-spi Refactored model parameter accessor to work with either fields or acc… Mar 11, 2018
springfox-spring-config Fix several typos in the documentation Mar 15, 2018
springfox-spring-web Changed the url for the `different` endpoint Mar 19, 2018
springfox-swagger-common Fixed formatting Mar 19, 2018
springfox-swagger-ui Fixed the build target dependencies Mar 19, 2018
springfox-swagger1 Formatting Mar 11, 2018
springfox-swagger2 Fixed regression that renders allowEmptyValues in model properties Mar 6, 2018
swagger-contract-tests Changed the url for the `different` endpoint Mar 19, 2018
.gitignore Added target browsers, removed dist file Feb 4, 2018
.java-version Fixed the license header Feb 15, 2016
.version Preparing for next iteration Jan 14, 2018 Create Jan 4, 2018
LICENSE Adding apache 2 license Apr 11, 2015 Fix markdown Sep 5, 2017
build.gradle Reverted upgrade of asciidoctor plugin for java 6 compat Jan 14, 2018
circle.yml Updated gradle version and changed java opts Mar 19, 2017
codecov.yml Added config project to coverage-ignorable Feb 26, 2017 Upgrade to gradle 2.8 Oct 24, 2015
gradlew Upgraded gradle Jan 14, 2018
gradlew.bat Upgraded gradle to 3.1 Sep 25, 2016
settings.gradle Removed static docs from the project Feb 24, 2017


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Transitioning to 2.x

Here is some preliminary documentation to help transition to 2.x


Copyright 2015 Marty Pitt - @martypitt, Dilip Krishnan - @dilipkrish, Adrian Kelly - @adrianbk,

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