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.circleci Added gradle directory to the caches and ignored gh-pages Aug 12, 2018
.github correct spelling, fix typos Jul 2, 2017
buildSrc Fixed gradle deprecation warnings Sep 16, 2018
config Updated the method comparison to not be naive May 29, 2016
docs fix typo Sep 7, 2018
gradle Changed to use https endpoint and configured GRGIT_USER/PASS Sep 16, 2018
springfox-bean-validators Fixed unchecked generics warnings Jun 30, 2018
springfox-core Removed deprecated api in PathProvider Aug 18, 2018
springfox-data-rest Made WebMvcRequestHandler account for context path Aug 18, 2018
springfox-petstore-webflux Fix code quality issues. Aug 9, 2018
springfox-petstore Fix dependencies and exclusions. Aug 4, 2018
springfox-schema Merge fix Jul 6, 2018
springfox-spi Added tests for Defaults Aug 12, 2018
springfox-spring-config Merge branch 'master' of git:// into fe… Jul 30, 2018
springfox-spring-web Removed the PathProviderFactory abstraction Aug 18, 2018
springfox-spring-webflux Removed the PathProviderFactory abstraction Aug 18, 2018
springfox-spring-webmvc Removed the PathProviderFactory abstraction Aug 18, 2018
springfox-swagger-common Removed the PathProviderFactory abstraction Aug 18, 2018
springfox-swagger-ui Fix lodash CVE version Sep 16, 2018
springfox-swagger1 Fix compiler warnings Sep 16, 2018
springfox-swagger2 Fix compiler warnings Sep 16, 2018
swagger-contract-tests-webflux Fix compiler warnings Sep 16, 2018
swagger-contract-tests Fix compiler warnings Sep 16, 2018
.gitignore Added ignore for node modules and package lock Jun 24, 2018
.java-version Upgrading compiler to java 8 May 3, 2018
.version Upgrade to java 8 Jun 27, 2018 Create Jan 4, 2018
LICENSE Adding apache 2 license Apr 11, 2015 Restore original Aug 4, 2018
build.gradle Fixed gradle deprecation warnings Sep 16, 2018
codecov.yml Updated the report for code coverage Aug 13, 2018 Upgrade to gradle 2.8 Oct 24, 2015
gradlew Upgraded gradle Jan 14, 2018
gradlew.bat Upgraded gradle to 3.1 Sep 25, 2016
settings.gradle Fixed gradle deprecations Sep 16, 2018


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Transitioning to 2.x

Here is some preliminary documentation to help transition to 2.x


Copyright 2015 Marty Pitt - @martypitt, Dilip Krishnan - @dilipkrish, Adrian Kelly - @adrianbk,

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