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  • Creates a webjar containing the swagger-ui static content.
  • Adds a JSON endpoint /swagger-resources which lists all of the swagger resources and versions configured for a given application.

Prior versions of this library included sdoc.jsp which caused all kinds of problems on spring boot. This latest version now bundles a html (swagger-ui.html) instead.

The swagger ui version is specified in ./build.gradle where swaggerUiVersion is a git tag on the [swagger-ui repo] (

  • All content is served from a webjar convention, relative url taking the following form: webjars/${}/${project.version} e.g: /webjars/springfox-swagger-ui/<YOUR-SPRINGFOX-VERSION>/swagger-ui.html

By default Spring Boot has sensible defaults for serving content from webjars. To configure vanilla spring web mvc apps to serve webjar content see the [webjar documentation] (

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