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Known issues with Draftail, Draft.js, contenteditable, and other dependencies #138

thibaudcolas opened this issue Jan 24, 2018 · 0 comments
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thibaudcolas commented Jan 24, 2018

Draftail is based on Draft.js, and most of the editor's behavior (and bugs) comes from the framework. In the interest of tracking potential problems with the end product, here are Draft.js issues known to affect Draftail according to my testing.

When reporting an issue on Draftail, hopefully this issue will stand out and the work of tracking down the cause is simpler.


Have a look at the issue tracker.


  • Pasting in from Google Docs - copying and pasting a horizontal rule/line does not work. Start an empty Google Doc, Insert > Horizontal Line, select al, copy, paste into draftail - nothing appears.


In order not to spam the Draft.js issue tracker, the links are kept in a code snippet instead of being rendered.


* Rich text pasting creates an empty block at the beginning of the pasted content
* Pasting `<pre><code>` should not add the CODE inline style
* Copy pasting from one code block to another removes line breaks

Text drag and drop

* Select and drag text in the editor is broken, can recreate this on
* Drag/drop of text does not work in IE11 and Edge,,
* Dragging text ahead on the same line does not place the text in the right place,,
* Drag and drop of text breaks select all → backspace
* Internal drag/drop of text silently fails in IE
* Mouse dragging all text into non-Draft input throws lots of errors
* After drag-n-drop onChange will be broken
* Bug: Cannot read property 'getCharacterList' of undefined
* After redo drag, the selection is wrong

Nested blocks (list indentation)

* List item nesting not preserved on dedent,
* Allow indentation beyond one level deeper than block above.
* Indenting list block of one type inside the other
* ordered-list-item doesn't preserve ordering when nesting unordered-list-item


iOS issues:

* Holding backspace on iOS should delete words
* Jumping on focus iOS
* Text gets lost on mobile devices
* Safari on ios11 ignores contenteditable="false" inside contenteditable="true"
* iOS backspace and enter keystrokes not registering correctly with autocorrect


Android issues:

* Android Web has Known Issues [Compilation of other issues]
* Autocomplete behavior is broken on Android Chrome
* Fix for input bug on Android - space or a special char clears the input,
* auto-correct creates bad state in Android 5.0
* Deleting composition and starting new one results in extra character appearing
* Backspacing and deletion of immutable/segmented entities handled incorrectly with some Android keyboards
* Wrong editorState after deleting
(no longer supported) MS Edge and IE11

MS Edge and IE11

* Edge copy and paste issue (and IE11)
* Copying text in IE adds extra new lines,
* Cannot paste HTML in IE
* Caret focus position incorrect after pasting text in IE10/11
* Cannot paste text with angle brackets in IE
* Styles/colors don't paste in IE/Edge
* Choosing a spelling correction in Edge confuses Draft
* Issues with autocorrect in MS Edge
* Typing after insertSoftNewline results in extra new lines in Microsoft Edge
* Pressing Enter Immediately Reverts IE
* Buggy 'undo' history in Edge
* Selection and deleting bug in IE
* Select all bug in IE
* Firefox and Edge cursor overflow
* onFocus is not called when using focus (IE11)


* Editor scrolls to bottom when pressing enter in the middle of a big paragraph
* Focus race condition,,
* Lost position of the cursor when editing,,,,
* Ctrl-K (Mac) should delete to newline, not block end,
* Cursor isn't scrolled into view on backspace, delete,
* Mutable entity can be broke into multiple lines. May cause bugs
* Down arrow stops working after inserting link in Firefox
* Accepting a spell check correction in chrome on a decorated entity causes an unexpected DOM change
* Some emoji gets partially deleted when pressing backspace
* Issue with undo on custom block components
* Minor bug - incorrect calcing of currentlySelectedChars at editOnBeforeInput
* Bug: ordered list items have margin that looks inconsistent between browsers

Other dependencies

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@thibaudcolas thibaudcolas changed the title Known issues with Draftail, Draft.js, and other dependencies Known issues with Draftail, Draft.js, contenteditable, and other dependencies Jul 26, 2018
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