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@thibaudcolas thibaudcolas released this 10 Jan 19:14
· 829 commits to main since this release


  • Add new DraftUtils.getEntitySelection(editorState, entityKey) method, returning the selection corresponding to a given entity. Note: only works if the entity is in the currently selected block.
  • Add DraftUtils.updateBlockEntity method, with workaround for Draft.s 0.10 entity data update bug.
  • Add shortcuts for blockquote and code block to toolbar tooltips.
  • Use alternative keyboard shortcuts for more formats.
  • Add default labels & descriptions for built-in formats (#122).
  • Process, whitelist, blacklist, migrate available blocks, styles and entities when pasting rich text (#50 & #103 thanks to @inostia, see #123 for next steps).
  • Add support for custom text decorators (#121).
  • Add predefined classes for block depth levels above 4, of the format public-DraftStyleDefault-depth${depth}.
  • Add nested-list-item($depth) Sass mixin to generate styles for arbitrary list item nesting.
  • Introduce new Draftail- class namespace for all styles (#63).
  • Expose Sass stylesheets to Draftail users, for extension.


  • Exclude toolbar buttons from default focus navigation flow.
  • Disable ligatures in the editor, to simplify cursor behaviour.
  • Stop bundling the Draft.js styles. They now have to be manually included. The previous approach was prone to version mismatches.
  • Configure text antialiasing for Firefox.
  • Change Icon implementation to use SVG by default. Supports symbol references, SVG path(s), and arbitrary React components (#119).
  • Disable pointer events on all icons by default.
  • Remove toolbar hover styles.
  • Make more of the editor styling overridable.
  • Move Tooltip outside of Draftail package.
  • Refactor tooltip for inline entities to be defined directly in decorators. They should now define their own tooltip (or other control), rather than rely on data-tooltip.
  • Move Portal component outside of Draftail.
  • Add block prop to entityTypes, and move IMAGE and EMBED blocks outside of Draftail (#121).
  • Provide methods for entityTypes' block to edit, remove entity.


  • Remove Save and Cancel buttons from image block, thanks to @allcaps (#102)
  • Remove DraftUtils.getSelectedEntitySelection. It can be replaced by DraftUtils.getEntitySelection(editorState, DraftUtils.getSelectionEntity(editorState)).
  • Remove built-in support for MODEL entities.
  • Remove built-in support for EMBED entities.
  • Remove built-in support for DOCUMENT entities.
  • Remove support for entityTypes' imageFormats.
  • Remove support for custom entityTypes strategy.


  • Update handleNewLine to defer breakout in code-block. Fix #104.
  • Fix toolbar entity edit and remove not working on selection pre first char. Fix #109.
  • Fix block type transformations moving selection to the wrong block.
  • Fix editor scrolling in the wrong position when breaking a big block (facebookarchive/draft-js#304 (comment)).