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@thibaudcolas thibaudcolas released this 15 Jan 03:20
· 778 commits to main since this release


  • Add new Sass constants to make the editor more themable: $draftail-editor-padding, $draftail-editor-text, $draftail-editor-font-family, $draftail-editor-font-size, $draftail-editor-line-height, $draftail-toolbar-radius, $draftail-editor-border, $draftail-toolbar-tooltip-radius, $draftail-toolbar-tooltip-duration, $draftail-toolbar-tooltip-delay.
  • Delay toolbar tooltip opening on hover by 0.5s, animated over 0.1s.
  • Make Markdown-style markers work on non-empty blocks (#53).


  • Switch to rollup for package compilation.
  • Move DraftailEditor from default export of draftail to named export (import { DraftailEditor } from 'draftail';).
  • Wrap propTypes in env check so they only appear in dev build.
  • Rename / namespace all overridable Sass constants.
  • Rename nested-list-item($depth) to draftail-nested-list-item($depth).
  • Stop defining $draftail-tooltip-radius based on $draftail-editor-radius.
  • Simplify DraftUtils.getSelectedBlock() implementation.
  • Rename options prop to entityType for entity sources.
  • Rename onUpdate prop to onComplete for entity sources.
  • Rename entityConfig prop to entityType for entity blocks.
  • Replace normalize API with draftjs-filters (#123).
  • Update toolbar tooltips to show markdown markers for all blocks.


  • Prevent toolbar button labels from being selected.
  • Fix newline block insertion & reset creating 2 entries in undo stack (#105).


  • Remove all unused variables from Sass constants.
  • Remove immutable from peerDependencies.
  • Remove draftjs-utils from dependencies.
  • Remove DraftUtils.createEntity().
  • Remove DraftUtils.getAllBlocks().
  • Remove DraftUtils.getEntityRange().
  • Remove onClose prop for entity sources.