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@thibaudcolas thibaudcolas released this 17 Dec 09:01


  • Make hr availability configurable with enableHorizontalRule. #25.
  • Add br support, availability configurable with enableLineBreak.
  • Prevent soft line breaks from keyboard shortcut if disabled.
  • Add editor CSS to published package. #17
  • Add common keyboard shortcuts (inspired by Google Docs, see documentation for the full list).
  • Add support for "autolist" behavior (lines starting with -, *, 1. are automatically converted to list items).


  • Max nested list level is now 1.
  • Max nested list level is now configurable via a prop.
  • Save interval is now configurable via a prop.
  • Change hr representation to use atomic block and entity instead of custom block type. #1
  • mediaControls, dialogControls and modelPickerOptions are now a single entityTypes array. #26
  • sources and decorators are now declared directly in the entityTypes array items.
  • INLINE_STYLES property is now inlineStyles.
  • BLOCK_TYPES property is now blockTypes.
  • Inline styles and block types now use the type attribute instead of style.
  • imageFormats are now assigned directly on the IMAGE entity type. #33
  • All options are now direct props of DraftailEditor instead of attributes of the options prop. #21


  • Fix erratic behavior of list nesting changes with tab and shift+tab shortcuts. #34
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts giving access to unallowed formatting. #32
  • Fix tooltip not opening when clicking decorator icon. #5


  • draftail no longer depends on jQuery.
  • draftail no longer depends on the Wagtail font icon.