A tool to work with Amazon ECS. Allows easy deployments and running commands.
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What is it?

ecs-tool can run commands on an ECS cluster. There are some tools available, like official: ecs-cli, awscli, and custom ones like ecs-deploy.

However, they have too many flags to just do one thing: run a command. Also, those tools don't give the command output, and there are different flags or even tools to get it.

So what if there was a project- and environment-specific config with all the settings, so that you can concentrate only on a command you want to run?

There it is

So that's it:

$ecs-tool run -h
Runs the specified command on an ECS cluster, optinally catching its output.

It can modify the container command.

  ecs-tool run [flags]

      --container_name string   Name of the container to modify parameters for
  -h, --help                    help for run
  -l, --log_group string        Name of the log group to get output

Global Flags:
  -c, --cluster string           name of cluster (required)
      --config string            config file to use. Overrides -e/--environment lookup
  -e, --environment string       look up config based on the environment flag. It looks for ecs-$environment.toml config in infra folder.
  -p, --profile string           name of profile to use
  -t, --task_definition string   name of task definition to use (required)

There are a couple of required flags, but they can be set either via enviromental variables or in the config. It is possible to define a specific config by using --config flag, or rely on ecs-tool to look it up based on --environment flag. The tool then will search for infra/ecs-$environment.toml file.

Just try running ecs-tool envs in a project folder to discover available environments.

It is as simple as this (while being in the project folder /Users/user/company/project_name):

$ecs-tool run -e production -- uptime
2018/07/26 09:52:24  info Using config file: /Users/user/company/project_name/infra/ecs-production.toml
2018/07/26 09:52:26  info waiting for the task to finish task_definition=project_name-production-app
 21:52:28 up 16 days, 10:45,  load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00

Even more, it is possible to configure ecs-tool via environmental variables instead of using config. Every flag has to be uppercased and prefixed by ECS_. So that --cluster can be set by ECS_CLUSTER environmental variable, or --task_definition by ECS_TASK_DEFINITION.

Also, ecs-tool exit code is the same as the container exit code.

AWS Authentication

It is handled by aws-sdk-go and supports all standard methods: env vars, ~/.aws/credential and ~/.aws/config.


There are deb and rpm packages and binaries for those who don't use packages. Just head up to the releases page.

For Mac users there is one simple command: brew install springload/tools/ecs-tool.