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Common StreamField blocks for Wagtail
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wagtailcommonblocks PyPI

Common StreamField blocks for Wagtail.

Check out Awesome Wagtail for more awesome packages and resources from the Wagtail community.


Assuming you have a Wagtail project up and running:

pip install wagtailcommonblocks

Add commonblocks to your in the INSTALLED_APPS section, before the core wagtail packages:


Available blocks

  • CommonPageChooserBlock
  • SimpleRichTextBlock
  • CommonImageBlock
  • CommonQuoteBlock
  • CommonHeadingBlock
  • CommonVideoBlock
  • CommonInternalLink
  • CommonExternalLink
  • CommonLinksBlock

You can override the headings of the CommonHeadingBlock block:

    ('h1', 'h1'),
    ('h2', 'h2'),



  • Make a new branch for the release of the new version.
  • Update the CHANGELOG.
  • Update the version number in, following semver.
  • Make a PR and squash merge it.
  • Back on master with the PR merged, use make publish (confirm, and enter your password).
  • Finally, go to GitHub and create a release and a tag for the new version.
  • Done!
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