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wagtailembedder PyPI

Snippets embedder for Wagtail RichTextField.

Check out Awesome Wagtail for more awesome packages and resources from the Wagtail community.

Wagtailembedder scnreenshot


Install the package with

pip install wagtailembedder

Add wagtailembedder to your in the INSTALLED_APPS section:


For each models registered as a wagtail.wagtailsnippets create an html file to render the template inside a RichText field.

  • Templates names will match snippets models names replacing capital letters with underscores, Wagtail style. For the SocialMediaLink snippet in the core app, it will look for the following template core/templates/snippets/socialmedialink.html.
  • The variable containing the snippet instance in the template is snippet.

If no template is defined then an exception will be raised in the frontend when rendering a RichTextField with the embedded snippet in it. Make sure you write some templates for your snippets before start to embedding them.


If the snippet meta has a description field, it will show up next to the snippet name in the admin interface.

from django.db import models
import django.db.models.options as options

options.DEFAULT_NAMES = options.DEFAULT_NAMES + ('description',)

class MySnippet(models.Model):
    # fields definition

    class Meta:
        description = "My Snippet Description"



  • Make a new branch for the release of the new version.
  • Update the CHANGELOG.
  • Update the version number in, following semver.
  • Make a PR and squash merge it.
  • Back on master with the PR merged, use make publish (confirm, and enter your password).
  • Finally, go to GitHub and create a release and a tag for the new version.
  • Done!